Aries Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Aries – March 2018

You’re in the cosmic hotseat this week Aries, with Mercury going out of phase in your sign April 23 – April 15 throwing your world into chaos in many ways (Murphy’s Law is in full effect when Mercury is out of phase). With half of the heaven’s making their way through fire and air signs this month, you will be sorely tempted to do whatever comes naturally to you – more than likely causing havoc Aries!

Mercury retrograde gives you an opportunity to say what’s on your mind Aries. Have you been holding back? If there is something you really want to say, then say it. Just brace yourself for the possible response. People might not like hearing what you have to say Aries – especially if you say it in a way that is harmful or unnecessarily harsh. Hold your tongue with higher ups at work or people who have some sort of power over you – you don’t want to burn your bridges after all.

Mercury turning retrograde in your sign later this month spells disaster but also a wonderful learning curve for many of you. Mercury is the god of communication and navigations, so you can most definitely expect car, traffic and or travel problems to create a hitch in your plans. As impatient as you are, use your navigation system to get places – even if you’ve visited them a hundred times before.

Your solar 8th house of intimacy and joint resources will play host to a major astrological event when Jupiter stops in his tracks to give you a second shot at the title in the department of loans, investments and joint financial dealings. Jupiter the planet of think big and good luck remains there through July 10 in retrograde mode. This Means that previous financial wheelings and dealings that didn’t come through for you the last time could very well appear again and this time be a sure success. Once Mercury moves direct if you’re determined to find financing for something you believe in, get busy. It will happen. Maybe not just yet, but it will happen.

Your special days: 7, 11, 19 & 27

Your not so special days: 4, 10, 29 & 37

Friend: Leo

Foe: Capricorn

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