Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Gemini – March 2018

4 planets will make their way through your solar 11th house this month, all done up in fiery spontaneous ARies. Needless to say after dealing with the added responsibilities Saturn in Capricorn has brought over the past few months, you’re due for some serious fun. Fortunately you have a nice long list of friends who want to join you. Get on the phone and make some exciting plans!

Getting what you want around the 13th – both financially and with regard to possessions – maybe a lot tougher than it initially seems, even if all systems seem to be a go and you feel ready to sign on the dotted line. You might want to hold back on that just for now with Mercury getting ready to go out of phase on the 23rd. You’re ruled by Mercury so you and Virgos who are also ruled by Mercury understand just how destructive Mercury retrograde can be. Prepare yourself for the possibility of temporary disappointment but don’t worry. This too shall pass twins.

The Full Moon in partner – oriented Libra on the 31st will illuminate your solar 5th house of lovers and playmates Geminis urging you to figure out what will make you and yours happiest – and then take steps to make it happen. We’re not necessarily talking about a long term solution to an ongoing problem – although that would be ideal and if the possibility arises – you should definitely jump on it. For now though the short term focus is having a relaxing weekend.

Your special days: 3,16, 27 & 31

Your not so special days: 11, 13, 24 & 29

Friend: Libra

Foe: Pisces

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