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Monthly Libra Horoscope
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November 2018

Libra (September 24 – October 23)


Talk about a good time Librans!  Jupiter – the biggest planet in the zodiac, the planet of good luck and opportunity finally returns to his home base of Sagittarius November 9 where he stays for a full year.  Shining brightly on your 3rd house of communication and clear thinking, this makes it the perfect time for you to travel, take new courses and have some much needed deep and meaningful conversations with the people in your life.  You can expect to meet a variety of new acquaintances, some of whom may be fabulous travel buddies for you in 2019.


The Sun shines in your solar 2nd house of finances will get into an easy sextile aspect with intense Pluto on the 11th, giving you a great opportunity to take another shot at solving a financial issue and finally getting to the bottom of those money matters that are bothering you.  If you’re not quite sure what to do financially, this is the time to consult someone that knows what they are talking about – a financial whiz you either know or someone you hire. Don’t make any money-oriented changes between the 14th & 19th however with Venus the Goddess of love and money moving direct on the 16th in your sign where she stays through December 3.  PLUS Mercury the clear thinking planet going out of phase for the final time in 2018 in Sagittarius – November 16 – December 6. Spinning backwards in your 3rd house of clear thinking and communication, Mercury retrograde is sure to throw more than a few cosmic spanners in the works for those of you who are thinking of traveling for the holidays. Hopefully you are all booked and organized and ready to go Librans!  


The 16th is the date to really dance around this month.  Both Venus your ruler and Mercury the communicator will stop dead in their tracks to change direction.  It could seem impossible to get anything done – at least not the first time around. Don’t be angry if other people are late or absent.  Delays and roadblocks will be everywhere. Likewise, don’t be mad at yourself if you’re waylaid by unexpected circumstances. You’re good at going with the flow Librans.  Use that energy wisely this month.


Your Lucky days in November – 4, 22, 27 & 28

Your not so Lucky days in November – 15, 16, 19 & 30

Friend – Aquarius

Foe – Cancer





October 2018


Birthday boys & Girls Libra (September 24 – October 23)


Venus, your ruler, the Goddess of love and beauty goes out of phase for 6 weeks, starting October 5 – November 16.  Retrograding in your 2nd house of money and self-worth, this is sure to impact you financially. Many of you will need to rethink a financial commitment this month.  If you are thinking about buying/selling/renting your home, it’s a good idea to hold off on that line of thought until late next month when the cosmic coast is clear.  Same applies to those of you thinking about making a major purchase – such as a car/overseas vacation/bank loan etc. If you do buy something pricey, hold onto your receipts and do be on top of your bank statements and credit cards charges.  The time to be frugal is here! Not easy for you generous Librans.


Meanwhile, red hot Mars continues his journey though Aquarius, your fellow air sign and 5th house of romance, creativity and self-fulfillment.  Which will definitely clash with Venus out of phase this month. Your New Moon on the 8th is definitely a cosmic olive branch and for those of you who know you need to strike out on a new and exciting adventure/project, the cosmos is giving you the green light to do so.  Plus with Mercury the communications expert in your sign through October 11, you will find it much easier to express the things that you want and need.


Mars in your romance zone is also good for your love life too (obviously).  Make sure you read up on your sizzling love life prospects for October in my October LoveScopes!  


This month’s Full Moon on the 24th highlights your 8th house of joint resources and projects – which once again gets back to the money aspect of your life.  Monies shared between you and your other half or with a business partner or family member will all be under the cosmic spotlight this month. Just don’t make any sudden moves.  Mercury is also going to be in your 2nd house of money October 11 – October 31, making this once again a time to be on top of your financial situation.


While your birthday month seems to be rather business/financially based, keep in mind that the Sun, your annual New Moon on the 8th and Mercury in your sign through the 11th are all wonderful planetary gifts that will help you enjoy your birthday time.  On the 12th, the Sun and intense Pluto will square off – the stuff that serious and long-lasting disagreements are often made of. If someone close to you seems to be holding out on you or hiding something, don’t be afraid to question/interrogate them. As much as you prefer to avoid confrontations, sometimes it’s just not possible.  Cut straight to the heart of the matter and don’t back down simply to keep the peace. Stand up for yourself!


Your birthday best days: 4, 8, 10 & 22

Your birthday not so best days:11, 20, 27 & 31

Friend: Aquarius

Frenemy: Taurus






September 2018

Libra (September 24 – October 23)


Making new friends is never easy, especially when you get older Librans.  A lovely sextile between loving Venus and Mercury in adventurous Leo on the 3rd will turn your attention toward a certain person who always makes you feel good about yourself – even special like a rock star or movie star!  If you don’t normally hang out with them that much or are only acquaintances, September is a time to explore this budding friendship further. It might be time for you to try something new – not stick to your band of regulars and branch out, especially mid-month when motivator Mars moves into Aquarius, your fellow air sign and 5th house of creativity and fun.


Your sign bids adieu to Venus on the 9th and for the next month or so she focuses her attention on your 2nd house of money and self-worth.  This will force you to look at bank accounts, credit card statements, loans and those ever pesky credit card obligations, fees and interest payments.  September could be an excellent time to think about refinancing, consolidating or shopping around for a better deal, like a 0% interest credit card or lowering your mortgage rates.  Seek out the help of a professional around the 12th to get the best perspective you can get on your financial life.


The Sun and life lessons planet Saturn square off September 25, bringing along a true test of sorts.  Is your relationship with a higher up, elder or authority figure where you need it to be at this time Librans?  You will find out soon enough. In the meantime, be sure to follow through on the promises you’ve made – no fair cutting corners, making elaborate excuses or putting off certain responsibilities.  The Sun and Saturn don’t play! Especially Saturn who is in your domestic zone and making sure you are on time and present for anything and everything.


Your Lucky September days: 3, 12, 16 & 27

Your not so Lucky September days: 8, 17, 24 & 25

Friend: Sagittarius
Foe:  Pisces

August 2018

Libra (September 24 – October 23)


This is going to be a great month for you Librans, with Venus your ruler setting up her beauty and design shop in your sign on the 7th.  Venus remains in your sign through September 9 so this really is something to celebrate and look forward too! This is a great time to try something new cosmetically.  Perhaps a new haircut? A makeover or makeunder? Get your teeth whitened? Try going blonde and seeing if the saying ‘blondes have more fun’ is true!


The one fly in the cosmic ointment with Venus in your sign is that you can often be too generous and giving.  Other people will instantly pick up on this fact and could ask you for money -whether as a loan or a straight out payment/gift.  Do what you can to help out Librans, but don’t overdo the help and end up out of pocket yourself or having a ton of IOU’s lying around which you know deep down you will never see repaid.


The Solar Eclipse/New Moon August 11 shines brightly in Leo, your 11th house of hopes, wishes and friendship, making this the perfect time for you to set up something fun with a friend or group of friends.  Maybe take in a show? See a movie? Go to the beach and have some fun in the Sun? Go snowboarding? Whatever you do and wherever you do it, it will be much more stimulating being with good, solid friends. People you can trust through thick and thin Librans.


Some rather salacious gossip could hit your ears around the 28th of the month, when chatty Mercury will square off with Jupiter in secretive Scorpio.  As much as you may want to pass on the gossip, leave it be for a day or two. You might just find that the gossip was an outright lie or that it was based on facts that had been put together rather hastily and weren’t as on point as they could or should have been.  On the flip side, if you’re sure someone you care for will be upset if they’re not told about the gossip, it might be time to take charge. Sit them down and have a serious chat with them and sort things out.


Your most rewarding August days: 7, 3, 15 & 25

Your most unrewarding August days: 4, 10, 22 & 29





July 2018


Libra (September 24 – October 23)


Get out there and have some fun with your friend this month Librans.  Three planets – Mercury, Venus and the Sun all hang out in your friendship zone during various parts of July.  Being out and about could also introduce you to new acquaintances who could end up becoming a very important part of your life Librans.  You excel in social situations and mixing and mingling with all different types of people, and with a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, your fun zone on the 27th, the socialization continues throughout the month.


Something fabulous that you weren’t expecting could come your way around the 11th or the 22nd Libra.  Maybe a promotion is in your stars or that pay increase you’ve been asking for finally gets approved? Whatever you do, don’t let the extra money entice you into spending up big or taking on yet another monthly payment.  Try setting aside a little something for your nest egg.


The reason behind this work related upswing is the Solar Eclipse/New Moon which is occuring in your 10th house of career and reputation July 12.  It really will be the catalyst which helps to push you to ask for what you rightly deserve and what you have worked so hard to achieve. If a family or personal emergency is seemingly dragging you away from your job, be sure to let higher ups know what’s going on, so as not to damage your hard-earned work reputions.


Your lucky days in July:4, 8, 17 & 22

Your unlucky days in July:12, 16, 19 & 25
Friend: Aquarius


June 2018

A rather startling conjunction between the emotional Moon and Uranus the planet of the unexpected and unusual will happen on the 9th and since they will both line up in your 8th house of shared and joint resources, any financial wheeling and dealings you’re working on might turn out to be problematic Librans. That’s not to say that things won’t work out. Just that they may turn out be much tougher and much more work than you previously thought they would be. Make sure you don’t get ripped off along the way either Librans. Sometimes you’re simply too nice and willing to let others take advantage of you.

The Sun and Mercury in Gemini through the middle of the month as well as a New Moon in Gemini on the 13th will move through your 9th house of overseas travel and higher education Librans. This could have some of you in the mood to hit the road in search of adventure. While it might only be a long weekend, it will be just the breath of fresh air that you need.

You might find it tricky to do what you want to do around the 19th with Venus your ruler and Saturn the disciplinarian making things more difficult than they should be. Whether it’s relationship oriented or work oriented or more of a financial matter – you might have to adjust to circumstances beyond your control the last half of the month.

Your best days:2, 20, 22 & 26
Your worst days:5, 11, 21 & 30
Friend: Aquarius

Last Month’s Horoscope for Libra

The New Moon on the 15th occurs in Taurus and your 8th house of shared resources and joint finances – which bodes well for you in regards of investments and investment opportunities. This new Moon will present you with ample opportunities to make some extra cash on the side and with thoughtful Mercury and startling Uranus set to move into Taurus as well within days of the New Moon, it’s important that you look over all financial offers carefully. Isn’t that a great thing to hear Librans?

Uranus the planet of the unexpected departs your relationship zone on the 15th after holding court there for the past 7 years. Make sure you read my LOVESCOPE article to see what that means for you. Just know that there are definitely some surprises and even shock revelations coming your way (or coming from you)

Mercury the communicator remains in fiery Aries through the 13th, your one on one relationship zone and along with startling Uranus in the same part of your chart, it’s all about the way you deal with the people in your life right now Librans. If you’ve got something surprising or unexpected to announce, and you’ve been waiting for the right time to do it, wait no longer. The Universe is asking you to announce whatever it is. Exciting times Librans.

BEST DAYS:6, 11, 19 & 25
WORST DAYS: 5, 12, 16 & 28
FOE : Pisces

Also see monthly LOVE horoscope for Libra.

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