Libra Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Libra – March 2018

The Sun, Mercury and Venus will join dreamy, woozy Neptune in your solar 6th house of work for the first week of October – which is your 6th house of hard work and service to others. It’s important that you work as hard as possible – and then you can schedule some time off later on in the month when things calm down.

Silly disagreements about money could pop up around the 5th & 7th but if you keep a cool head and you’re dealing with someone reasonable, you’ll be able to work things out nicely – and quickly too. However no gloating once you’ve gotten your way Librans. It’s bad for your karma and it’s not an attractive quality whatsoever.

Mercury will station on the 22nd Librans in your opposite sign of Aries your one-on-one relationship zone. Prepared to have more than one wrench thrown into your plans for the next few weeks and remember, Mercury retrograde is a time when you shouldn’t try to start anything new. Murphy’s Law of ‘whatever can go wrong will go wrong’ is in full effect and through mid-April all sort of unexpected delays and detours will halt your progress. Even the best laid plans and being patient won’t work – it’s all about waiting until Mercury moves direct and things will open up.

Your special days: 9, 13, 30 & 33

Your not so special days: 2, 28, 31 & 40

Friend: Aquarius

Foe: Scorpio

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