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November 2018


Pisces (February 20 – March 20)


The New Moon November 7 shines in Scorpio, your fellow water sign and solar 9th house of higher education, spirituality and overseas travel.  Now is the perfect time for you to return to school or sign up for a certificate program that with beef up your resume and or your mind and stimulate your need to learn more about something that interests you. For those of you who have been thinking about putting in for an overseas transfer or moving across the country or world, this is a great time for more thorough investigation or even a field trip.


The 2 personal planets, Venus and Mercury who affect us all on  daily basis change direction November 16. Venus moves direct in Libra, your 8th house of joint resources and projects on the 16th – December 3 while Mercury the communicator retrogrades in Sagittarius, your 10th house of career and ambition November 16 – December 6.  Keep in mind that with Mercury out of phase through November 16 – December 6 in your career zone, now is not the time for you to many any career related demands or decisions. Plus mid-month is definitely not a good time for you to make any major decisions or purchases you’re not absolutely sure you can back up and fully support or afford Pisces.


Lastly a Full Moon on the 23rd (ThanksGiving for those of you in the US) will bring together the Sun in Sagittarius and the Full Moon in Gemini, two of the most playful signs in the zodiac assures you that no matter what else is going on in your life, there is fun to be had!  The Full Moon transits your 4th house of domesticity,home and family affairs and for those of you looking to spruce up your home and surroundings, this is the ideal time for that.


Your Lucky days in November – 8, 14, 22 & 27

Your not so Lucky days in November – 3, 16, 19 & 30

Friend – Virgo

Foe – Gemini






October 2018



Pisces (February 20 – March 20)


The New Moon October 8 occurs in sociable Libra, urging you to get out there and mingle with friends.  Once the Sun moves into Scorpio October 24, you will have 4 planets lined up in your fellow water sign of Scorpio and your 9th house of overseas travel, higher education and spirituality.  Keep in mind that Venus the Goddess of money and love is out of phase in that part of your chart so the people you make your travel plans might not be the people you actually travel with! So make sure  you have options when it comes to travel buddies Pisces!


Some of you might be traveling to attend a course of some kind and if it’s a spiritually based class or course, it will be extra special for you Pisces.  If you can travel with a Scorpio, all the better. You might even find a way to mix business with pleasure. Get your job to pay for the flight and accommodation and you get to do something fun on the side.


The Full Moon on the 24th in Taurus is famous for making money.  In fact, for being a money magnet. If you’ve been thinking of getting involved with a new business venture, now’s the time – particularly if you’ve already done your homework and feel sure that you have investigated the situation and opportunities carefully.  Now is a terrific time to approach the powers that be about that raise, bonus and or promotion. Just keep in mind that with Venus out of phase through mid-November, you might not hear anything until the end of November. Sit tight and don’t pester anyone!


The weekend of the 20th will play host to the emotional Moon in your sign Pisces.  This Moon will be making contact with a number of planets. Your feelings will be running on high and luckily you will have plenty of opportunities and outlets to express those feelings.  If you have secrets or information you aren’t ready to share yet, don’t slip up and tell all to someone you think you can trust. Be super careful that you don’t hurt someone else’s feelings either Pisces.  


Your best October days are: 4, 12, 22 & 27

Your challenging October days are: 2, 9, 15 & 26

Friend: Cancer

Frenemy: Sagittarius



September 2018


Pisces (February 20 – March 20)


The emotionally driven Moon will be in touch with no less than 6 different planets on the 1st, all of them perfectly ready to provide you with plenty of astrological reasons to kick back and enjoy the company of the ones you love.  Since its the weekend, you really have other choice but to at least try to obey what the feminine Moon says. Resisting her commands is futile Pisces. And why would you want to go against a planet telling you to take it easy anyway?


A New Moon in Virgo, your one on one relationship zone on the 9th will help to plant a seed of new beginnings in your solar 7th house of relationships – but remember – endings often need to come about in order to make way for new beginnings.  If you’ve been trying to cut ties between someone, it’s time to get out the scissors and cut them Pisces. The longer you put it off the harder it will be after all.


The Aries Full Moon highlights your 2nd house of money and self-worth September 24, turning up the urge to make more money and be much more independent financially.  If you’ve been dependent on your parents or your partner more than you would like, this is a month for you strike out on your own and be more reliant on you. Especially if an opportunity to do so presents itself around the timing of the Full Moon.  Don’t be nervous to look into jumping ship and taking a job with another firm or going on interviews and checking out LinkedIn to see what’s on offer. As much as you want to be loyal to your current employers, you also have to be true to you. September could be a good time for you to become self-employed, be your own boss and handle the day to day on your own versus being micro managed in everything you do.  



Your Lucky September days: 3, 7, 11 & 27

Your not so Lucky September days: 5, 12, 18 & 23

Friend: Virgo
Foe:  SagittariusAugust 2018


Pisces (February 20 -March 20)


Around August 9, Venus the pleasure seeker will square off with planet of focus Saturn – a tricky square if ever there was one.  On the one hand, Venus will encourage you to splurge, have fun and throw caution to the wind, whilst strict Saturn will be on your back reminding you that you owe money here, there and everywhere.  You have to find a way to have your cake and eat it too early August, keeping in mind that Mercury the planet of clear thinking is out of phase through the 19th.


In your 6th house of hard work, health and wellbeing, the Solar Eclipse August 11 could make it tough for some of you to relax Pisces.  You might feel as if you have a lot to do all at the one time and even get overwhelmed at the sheer velocity of your workload. You need to take it one day at a time and not force yourself to do things you really don’t have the time or stamina to do.  


Keep in mind that Mercury the planet of clear thinking is out of phase in your same part of your chart through August 19.  This is not going to help matters either. The more you try to do, the more kickback from the Universe you will receive. It’s a time to sit tight and work on the things that need redoing, refinishing and refining Pisces.  If you do try to embark on a new project or cause, it more than likely won’t get off the ground the way you want or need it to.


Another planet that has been in retrograde mode is Mars, who backs up further into retrograde mode into Capricorn August 12, your 11th house of hopes, wishes and friendship.  If you and your friends are at odds over something right now, this will be a huge help to unravel whatever situation you’ve gotten yourself into and make it easier to sort things out.  Someone has to step up and lead the ‘troops’ into higher ground right now Pisces. It might as well be you right?


As I have told every other sign, the 25th really is the best day of the month, with a Grand Earth Trine bringing some good luck and much needed stability into the cosmic mix.  Wait until the 25th to make any major decisions Pisces.


Your most rewarding August days: 15, 21, 22 & 27

Your most unrewarding August days: 3, 11, 15 & 20




July 2018



Pisces (February 20 – March 20)


July is one of those months when you may not feel like working very much but playing hard instead Pisces.  You’ve been working hard enough lately so you probably deserve some time away from the daily grind anyway. Just don’t feel guilty about taking time off – and be on the lookout for some tried and true to join you along the way.  Maybe grab a long weekend at an Air BNB the first weekend of the month?


Been spending too much money on entertainment lately?  As much as you may want to cut back on that, it might not be possible with Venus the planet of love and money in your one on one relationship zone for the next few weeks.  You will want to shower the people you love with unexpected dinners and lunches and even little gifts hear and there Pisces. July is actually the right time to put yourself on a strict budget and if you feel someone is always looking at you to pick up the tab it might be time for you to stop that in its tracks!  You don’t have to feel guilty about it either. You’ve been more than generous Pisces.


Mars the planet of energy and motivation will spend yet another month in quirky Aquarius, urging you to take stock of what really matters and unceremoniously ditching what isn’t working, regardless of what others have to say about your choices.  Mars will be in your self-renewal and time out zone through mid-August, so this is a great time for you to rethink pretty much everything and work out what will work best for you. Don’t back down. This is your chance to change those things which aren’t working and be the Captain of your own ship.  


Your lucky days in July:11, 13, 22 & 27

Your unlucky days in July:2, 12, 23 & 25
Friend: Virgo

June 2018


The 3 planets that mean the most to use on a personal level take turns passing through domesticated Cancer in June. In your 5th house of fun and laughter, you will want to surround yourself with the people you love and like spending time with the most. Don’t waste time on those people who simply don’t appreciate you this month Pisces and instead love the ones you love more intensely than usual.

If you’re involved in complicated business transactions this month, do your best to unravel them before the 19th, when Neptune your ruler goes out of phase in your sign. The next few months could be challenging for many of you and a time when people won’t be in sync and arguments could break out over the strangest things. What you do need to do Pisces is to try to see other people’s point of view and not get stuck in your own vortex. It will make thing a lot easier around the Full Moon on the 28th in your hopes, wishes and friendship zone.

Money matters are definitely the theme of the month in June Pisces and you mustn’t rush into anything blindly without thinking things through or getting some expert advice. As long as you can be happy with the decisions you make you’ll be alright. On the flip side you might be short for a while. You can handle that right?

Your best days:9, 12, 22 & 30
Your worst days:1, 7, 26 & 28

Last Month’s Horoscope for Pisces

Venus the planet of love and money spends time in fun loving Gemini this month – your domestic and family zone. Hosting parties at home for friends and family will definitely be something on your ‘to do’ list in May and you might even spend time renovating the backyard or your home to make it more inviting for visitors. You might even decide it’s time to get a roommate.

However speaking of renovations, try not to buy anything of an electronic nature until after the New Moon mid-month. Mercury and Uranus who rule over gadgets and electronics will be transiting fiery Aries, your 2nd house of money and self-esteem. You might feel impatient to purchase that new refrigerator or sound system etc but you are much better off waiting until the sales or make sure you hunt around in order to find the best deal.

Once again your solar house of home and family members is activated on May 29 by restless Mercury and a Full Moon on the 29th will transit your 10th house of career. You may be torn between doing what’s right for your family versus what’s right for you workwise at this time Pisces. Something you will have to sort out on your own this time around. Try to be fair to both sides.

BEST DAYS: 4, 15, 18 & 20
WORST DAYS: 5, 9, 13 & 28

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