Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio – March 2018

Socially the weekend of the 9th looks to be a busy one for you Scorpios, especially if you’re organizing something for family and or friends, however if you are in charge, things won’t be easy. It’s always so much more work than you think it’s going to be isn’t it? However once your efforts are underway and you see just how much joy your efforts have made it all come together, you will feel alot better and happier.

Jupiter, the planet of good luck and fortune stops in his tracks in your sign on the 9th – your first house of personality and ego Scorpios. This can work out well for those of you waiting for something financial to come together. If you’re just now trying to get a business off the ground or you’re looking to transfer at work or even looking for a new position right now the timing is off.

Jupiter is out of phase through July 10 and will give you a chance to redo anything that has needed redoing for some time. Jupiter in your sign tends to make a lot of fun and interesting things happen but sometimes you need to sit still and stop moving for a moment to sort things out. This is that moment you’ve been waiting for.

Venus will square off with Saturn on the 13th Scorpios, and when these two are at odds, disappointment is often on the agenda. Now that’s not set in stone for everything but you should prepare yourself just in case – especially if you’ve felt that something wasn’t going to work out the way you wanted it to work out. Let those fabulous instincts of yours guide you and don’t let anyone talk you into or out of something you want to do.

Your special days: 6, 10, 19 & 31

Your not so special days: 8, 13, 20 & 25

Friend: Cancer

Foe: Sagittarius

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