Taurus Monhtly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Taurus – March 2018

The Sun will spend most of the month in woozy dreamy Pisces, the sign that’s the personal property of Neptune, who also happens to be on duty in Pisces. Now,this is the ultimate water sign, so no matter what’s ailing you – and even if everything is hunky dory – getting outside to Mother nature and digging your feet in the sand will do you the world of good bulls.

Arguments over money are quite possible towards the end of the month when Venus and Pluto will get into a square – which is basically an astrological shouting match. Now Venus is your ruler and she’s in charge of finances, so if you’re doing battle with someone over money matters, you’llproably win. Just be sure you don’t lose anything more important in the process.

Jupiter will come to a grinding halt in Scorpio this month through mid-July – your one on one relationship zone. Your relationships will be challenged by this planetary play but for some of you, things will only get better. Jupiter is famous for being excessive, so if you’re not attached make sure you read my MARCH LOVESCOPES to find out what it could mean for you! Same goes for attached Scorpios.

Your special days: 1, 4, 8 & 31

Your not so special days: 11, 13, 23, & 25

Friend: Scorpio

Foe: Leo

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