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Pythagoras mathematician Numerology is the study of numbers and their influences on us.

The Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras (569-470BC) was one of the first scholars to explore the hidden capabilities of numbers. He laid the foundation of what we know now as numerology. Today, numerology is a delicate integration of different systems: Babylonian, Hebrew, Chinese, Egyptian, Indian Vedas, and many others.

With your birth date, using basic techniques, it is possible to determine what type of person you are and what paths you might take in your lifetime.

Also, every letter of the alphabet has a numeric value. By adding up the numbers which correspond to the letter in your name, you can:

  • Determine your Life Path Number and Destiny Number , your Lucky Number, and other crucial numbers in your life.
  • Learn what challenges you may have to overcome.
  • Identify peak moments in your life.
  • Explore your special talents and skills and how to use them wisely.
  • Discover your hidden innate abilities. 
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For a detailed reading ...

that will analyse and reveal your Life Path, Life Destiny, Soul, Lucky Number, Birthday, Personality and Maturity PLUS your Foundation Letter, End Letter and your 4 Challenges and much more, order your Personalised Numerology Report.

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