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Universal Year 8
2015 – UNIVERSAL YEAR 8 By Talia (131)

Talia (131)

The 'Universal Year' number is calculated by adding the individual numbers of the year.

For 2015, add 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8

The Universal Year number influences us at a collective level, globally and locally. The number 8 is considered to be the number of money and power. However, the essence of the 8, is primarily balance. Like all symbols its shape tells you much about its nature -- the 8 stays upright only when it is in balance.

Following on from the Universal Year 7, which was about asking us to join together in connecting with the divine spirit, this is really a year of bringing back the balance. In our society it appears that there is lack of balance and understanding between people; economically, religiously, racially, academically, socially... the list can go on. The Universal Year number 8 will require us to restore the balance where this is needed. Let's all contribute to this divine task.

Needless to mention that before we even try to do this for our society, we need to regain balance on a personal level.

There are some lovely words in the quote below that seem to reflect the spirit that is the number 8 -

"Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony."

By Thomas Merton

"The major work of the world is not done by geniuses. It is done by ordinary people, with balance in their lives, who have learned to work in an extraordinary manner."

By Gordon B. Hinckley

Number 8 and the Tarot

Two Tarot cards are associated with the number 8. They are The Star and Strength. The Star is about hope for the future. It is an augury of promise in the midst of difficulties.

The Strength card is about killing the ego (of the royal lion) within and mastering its power. It is imperative to contain the powerful and savage beast within us, while still preserving those animal qualities which are creative and vital.


The Universal Year number applies to us as a collective and talks of what we as a whole will be experiencing in the coming year. Your Personal Year number talks of what you as an individual will be experiencing in the coming year. We experience the Personal Years in nine year cycles.

The personal year is calculated by adding your birth day and month to the universal year.

For example, if your birthday is 25 July, you would add 2 + 5 + 0 + 7 = 14. When 14 is reduced to a single digit, it is 5. You then add 5 to the Universal Year which for 2015 is 8. 5 + 8 = 13, reduce this to a single digit 1 + 3 = 4. This means that if your birthday is 25th of July, you are running in a personal year number 4 during 2015.

PERSONAL YEAR 1 - New beginnings, new ideas, putting things into action, taking the initiative ....

A new cycle of experience - a year for new beginnings, new starts, new ideas and new directions. New people enter your life. You are entering a new cycle of experiences and a lot of what you do now determines your next nine years. Think seriously about changing old habits and improving your personal lifestyle. It is also a year for financial improvement and for dealing with real estate matters.

This is the year to have courage, to make plans and to avoid indecisions. Your previous year was a number nine year, which may have brought you some difficulties or sadness, but all of this had a purpose which will unfold over the next few years, so be totally positive about the changes and participate in them.

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PERSONAL YEAR 2 - Balance and diplomacy through working in association with others ....

Your success and happiness will depend to a great extent upon your ability to manifest your qualities of patience, diplomacy and tact, especially when things don't seem to be running smoothly for you.

You may be at the crossroads and results may seem very slow in coming. There will still be a need to be very organised and systematic to get anywhere, but pushing too hard or forcing issues will only cause stress, disappointment or loss. This is definitely a year to be patient and let things flow along quietly. Be willing to wait, co-operate and give things a bit more time. Continue to take care of your health in the meantime, making sure that you are getting plenty of rest. You should also make an effort to take a more constructive attitude to your life, because new opportunities are likely to present. Try to manifest your energies in a positive way this year by working to counsel and help others.

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PERSONAL YEAR 3 - Mental activity, creative self-expression ....

Personal number 3 can indicate a period of potential "joy" in your nine year cycle. Your horizons are growing wider. It is basically a year when mental activity reaches a high point. Under this number your mind and powers of observation are attuned to an acute peak of alertness. In such a year, there is a lot to be said and a lot to be clarified. However you must be careful not to give too much of yourself in a year such as this - allow some time and resources to treat yourself.

You are seeing and experiencing more, but you may feel quite vulnerable at times - you might have periods of self-doubt, but at least you can see where you're headed. All you have to do is nurture the new growth that is now appearing. It is one of those times in your life when you really should do something about expressing yourself creatively, or promoting yourself in some way. However be careful not to scatter your energies through trying to do too much at once. Also it is important to keep things to yourself as much as you can and avoid gossip, because at such a time slips of the tongue could get you into a lot of trouble.

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PERSONAL YEAR 4 - Professional commitment, routine and discipline ....

Basically this is a work year. You have much to do and it is far better to get on with it in a systematic way rather than chop and change, or allow yourself to become "frozen" with panic. You may have to tread water or float along so that you can relax and re-charge your batteries. Make sure that you keep things in harmonious balance, especially where dealings with others is concerned. It is a year to keep things on a steady keel and not press ahead with major changes unless you are sure these changes are for your betterment.

Allow time to commune with the earth and soothe the nerves. You cannot afford to neglect financial, physical or emotional affairs either - if you do, something will backfire on you.

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PERSONAL YEAR 5 - Freedom through change and action ...

It is a year which is likely to be fast and tricky. You may feel nervous and tense, but there's a prospect of excitement in the air and a new quest for personal freedom, so it's a time of opportunity, of many options and choices and also for celebration. You may feel the urge to shake free of restrictions, travel or to move your home base. Such changes should be made in a constructive and co-operative spirit and with a great deal of thought; otherwise you may later regret them. It's not really a year to take on a large financial commitment, though. You are now prepared for the challenge of change, so you will look forward to meeting new people and going to new places. You are open to creating or receiving new ideas to do with business and money-making, nonetheless it is still a year to exercise a degree of restraint and caution.

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PERSONAL YEAR 6 - Service, responsibility, creating harmony with others ....

This is a year for settling down. The pace of the past two years may well have been hectic, so now is the time when you are meant to relax a bit and settle down. It is a time to establish or strengthen your foundations. Your mind will be on security and increased stability. Think about patching up past difficulties and letting go of resentments.

This year carries "home" and "family" vibrations, so you may find yourself placing a lot of emphasis on home, responsibility, "duty", loved ones, relationships and friends. It is often a year when friendships are firmed up or a decision dealing with long term commitment such as marriage, is made. In any case, this kind of thing will be happening around you. You are likely to meet some interesting people. You must allow yourself to grow creatively this year, otherwise you are likely to become lop-sided and find that the year turns out to be a heavy one, in which you feel stressed or drained.

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PERSONAL YEAR 7 - A time for reflection and contemplation ....

This is a year for retreat, reflection, learning and inner change rather than a year of major progress. It is also a year of consolidation when no major change should be undertaken - it is a time to take it easier and to think things out. If you don't slow down, overwork and strain will surely catch up with you, or you will make your worst mistakes.

This is a difficult sort of year to define, because it has to be experienced. It is a time for compassion, gratitude and assistance to others and time when you may choose to be on your own and to ask questions about the meaning of life. It is more of a "waiting" year than a "doing" year and you will find that things can be overcome through keeping your balance and having faith in yourself and your future. Deep thinking is the order of the day and this could well turn out to be a therapeutic year. Others may need your assistance this year. You may also find yourself taking care of other people, or visiting them in institutions, such as hospitals. You are also likely to encounter the sadness of others, and also to see a few secrets come to the surface. Even if you encounter difficult events this year, it is all meant to be part of your learning and understanding process. You may well feel restless and want to escape in some way. You are also likely to attract people with problems or a dependency situation.

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PERSONAL YEAR 8 - Authority, power, justice balanced with good judgment....

This is a peak year for you and you should find it quite a prosperous one. This is a time for things to happen - a year of rewards if any are due. It is also the year of responsibility, karma and justice. Everything that happens to you this year is meant to happen. Ambition will be stirring this year. It is a year for new opportunities which should also flow through into next year, but it is also a time to exercise good judgement and not rely too much on sentiment or emotion.

You will have a feeling of independence and increased power, which should come from deep within. Now is the time for you to place more emphasis on living (doing things) rather than existing (reacting to events which were not created by you). However don't push too hard, as you could upset your health. Even in love affairs, be subtle not dominant, otherwise you are likely to be misunderstood. Act with smoothness to improve your position. Be co-operative and helpful to others so that your ability and good intentions will be recognised.

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PERSONAL YEAR 9 - Completions, endings, time to make way for new things to come into your life ....

In a general sense, this is a year of reward for past efforts, as well as a year of quiet reflection, changes, endings, completion, or letting go. In this regard, it is important to recognise that change is an inherent part of life and we cannot have new beginnings or regeneration without change. The golden rule in a number nine Personal Year is to make the changes, before the changes make you. When you heed and act upon this rule, the Universe works for you, never against you. Whatever you do this year, do it with great love and understanding towards others and give a little extra time to those around you who could benefit from a little support, encouragement or material assistance.

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Talia (131)

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