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2016 Numerology Forecast - Universal Year 9
2016 – UNIVERSAL YEAR 9 By Molly (101)

To calculate the 'Universal Year' number just add together the individual numbers of the year, as follow –

For 2016 add 2 + 1 + 6 = 9 2016

Everything in numerology runs in a 9 year cycle and 2016 is the final year of the current nine year cycle. This makes it a very important year for the world as a whole and for each of us individually. The 9 year is about endings and letting go of things in our lives that are no longer working or are standing in the way of our spiritual path in life. Should you be going through difficult times of having to let go of things or people in your life do not try and stop this from happening but rather accept that it is happening for a reason and that karma is at work.

There may be a lot of endings in the world as a whole and we may see this in political and world events. There may be a lot of spiritual growth this year with more and more people looking for meaning in a world that is becoming ever more complex and fragile.

People will be looking to a higher power to give them the inner knowing and wisdom that they seek. In turn this will be felt in the Universe as a whole and the people of the world will become stronger in their common desire - that exists despite their differences - for a peaceful and harmonious world. 2016 is preparing the world for the new beginning that will come with the 1 year in 2017.

It is a time to look forward with anticipation, joy and confidence.

Number 9 and the Tarot

The number 9 is symbolized in the Tarot by The Hermit. This is a card that personifies wisdom and knowledge that has been attained by traversing the challenges that one has encountered on life's path.

The figure of The Hermit is looking downward and inward not out into the world. It is about the comfort and knowing that comes from the hard-earned knowledge that all that we need and all that we are lies within ourselves. Once we understand that and no longer seek acknowledgement, recognition and approval from the external world we find that peace that we always sought.

The knowledge and wisdom – the consciousness – is represented in The Hermit card by the light that he is holding. This is so fitting with the Number 9 in numerology, the number of completion.

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