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   Numerology 2012
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By Laila 032

As 2012 (MMXII) according to the Gregorian calendar, will begin on a Sunday. 2012 will also be a Leap year which means we will have 29 days in February 2012.

The year 2012 decreases to a 5 and shall be most attention-grabbing and be particularly noteworthy to those also experiencing a Personal Year 5. This will be potentially significant as your belief of self-determination and lack of restrictions will be felt powerfully in you during this time.

It must be said that 2012 will be a most congenial year for all people regardless of personal year numbers. This change is something we should all welcome and incorporate into our daily lives, for being united in this will create change and freedom for all.

The predictions that have been wildly announcing the end of the world, according to the Mayan calendar, are merely speculation and if you look at the records of the many times this finality to all humankind has been forecast throughout the thousands of years of times gone by, then sensibly we must see them merely as ‘predictions’ since logically we know it hasn’t happened yet.

Numerology will help prepare you for the year ahead emotionally, spiritually, mentally and may be used to facilitate and alleviate any future concerns by using, to great effect, the understanding in challenging your expectations and opportunities face on. Nevertheless, positivity, confidence and focusing on good things rather than bad will always produce good attitudes and innately beneficial results.


How to Calculate Your Own Personal Year

When we add the day, month and year of your last birthday, we find your personal year. This number exposes influences and outcomes that you are under in the present year, helping you to understand procedures and concentrate efforts for your Personal year. Make sure you calculate correctly and discover the energies that have been around you this year and the next when you can recalculate your New Personal Year Number for 2012/13. Add the day, month, and year of your birthday together, and keep adding the digits together until you either have one digit between 1 and 9, or the master numbers 11 and 22.


For May 1, 2011, we add as follows:

5+1+2+1+1 = 10, Reduce 10 to 1 (This client is in a 1 personal year until their next birthday, May 1, 2012)

When this personal has their next birthday they will also have a New Personal Year which will influence them through 2012/13 until their next birthday May 1, 2013.

For February 21, 2011, we add as follows:

2+2+1+2+1+1 = 9, (This client is in a 9 personal year until their next birthday, February 21, 2012)

When this personal has their next birthday they will also have a New Personal Year which will influence them through 2012/13 until their next birthday February 21, 2013.



A personal year 1 in numerology has the following meanings: Planting Seeds, Rebirth, Beginning of an Era, a New Beginning In Your Life, An Active Year of Improvement.

What a great time for you; you are entering a new cycle of experience and this is the beginning of a new nine year cycle. Take advantage of all the opportunities which may come your way and be willing to change for your betterment. You will find that incidents which have concerned you for the past decade no longer matter. It is all in the past; in fact you may find your priorities have altered completely. Frustrations, setbacks and regrets from the past simply won’t matter any longer. Any project that you begin during this year sets the tone and foundation for the next nine, so this is the time to decide on your future goals and act upon them. Personal year one often produces renewed energy and physical strength and shows all the signs of being an exciting new adventure, with life taking on new challenges. You must be willing to change and make any progress in your life that appears necessary now, or your prospects may be postponed until the next cycle begins in nine years. Enjoy this major change in your life, forget the past and leave the way open for many fresh challenges.

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A personal year 2 has the following meanings: Nurturing, Development, Waiting For the Right Moment, Spiritual Growth and a Year of Sharing.

A personal year two is a short pause and a time when you will be contemplating, accumulating and collecting. This will be a year where you will find yourself in the developing environment. Not a good time for major change and definitely not a time to push any matters and issues to thrust yourself forward. Collaboration and cultivating relationships with friends and colleagues will benefit you in the future; this is not a year for forcefulness as this will cause problems now. Be prepared for delays, deviation and problems which will necessitate your being patient. This year will be one where you must practice self-discipline and emotional understanding. Improve your ability to work with others in a constructive way, though this may be difficult for you if you have mostly worked without help in the past. You must learn to keep relaxed, composed, and jovial. It will be natural that you may experience a measure of anxious tension during this time as the two year may have a tendency to bring on great emotional extremes. Deep, enduring relationships (including marriage) may be more likely to occur during a two year. If you are married, be prepared for feelings to intensify and strengthen. Many people find the year two challenging and demanding, but by the end any tribulation you experience will justly refine your best qualities. Year two is a time of contribution, helping, and giving time and energy to promote a colleague’s or friend’s work. This isn’t a time of doom and gloom though; it is a time to test the necessary qualities to deal with all situations.

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A personal year 3 has the following meanings and interpretation: Blossoming, Expansion, Personal and Business Success, Mental Activity Reaching a High point.

For you it will be a joyful, social, fortunate year and radiates positive and lively ambience. Your horizons are growing wider and this is a year when you want to check up on distant friends and widen your social circle to include interesting new people. Relationships, romance and new love affairs will develop and flourish. You may want to break free of all responsibility and enjoy a full life, even if you have to deal with the consequences at a later date. You may even take on too many social events and toss your energies around and tiring yourself at the same time. Resist the enticement to give in to good times; keep your goals whole and strive to achieve and expand personal resourceful talents, especially those related to verbal skills and artistic endeavours. Acknowledgment in this respect is likely to occur this year and even though this may be. While this can be a cheerful year as far as personal representation and deeds are concerned, it may be a luckless year in business. This is due to a negligent attitude which could cause impulsive results and unworkable, fragmentary plans. Not a worthy year for finances but your next year will be intended to balance these consequences. So the problems are lifted off your shoulders but the negative aspect of this year is that it offers so many splendid prospects that you might be persuaded to take too much.

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A personal year 4 has the following meanings and interpretations: Maintenance, Work, Self Control and Responsibility, Consolidation, Changes for the Better.

This is a year of hard work and effort for you. You’ll have to concentrate on keeping your life in harmonious balance and stick to the plans you will make for the future. This is going to be a year when you must re-establish self-control, strength of mind and will. In many ways it will be a frustrating year, when significant endeavour fails to create remarkable results. The preceding years light-heartedness will now be over and done and the facts of life will clearly signify a new work ethic. Work does not mean that you will have to make plans for back breaking labour, but you will rebel against the old and become involved in a reconstruction period in your life. This is an organizational phase and you must look at your current and past performance in a very hard light and perhaps you may even be inclined to think you are going one step forward and two back some of the time. Health, good nutrition and some exercise must be carefully evaluated this year, since physical resistance may be lower than normal and you may be more at risk to illness. It’s time to take charge by coming back down to Earth. You may even find a year four to be very frustrating as responsibilities increase and you might find it difficult struggling to keep up with all the promises you made yourself during year three. This is also a year of tidying up and putting all dealings, whether business or emotional in order, while you coordinate and get ready for a very busy year ahead. There may be times you might look as if you are not making much progress but, the whole purpose of a year four is to create and build firm foundations which will sustain the establishment of necessary life goals for the next two of years. Remember that from now on there will be demanding work which will result in deliberate, solid improvement.

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A personal year 5 has the following interpretations and meanings: Independence, Freedom, Connecting to Others, Development of Artistic Skills, Material Progress.

This is a year of major change. Your horizons are unlimited and your growth is not hindered. You are likely to increase your circle of friends and you will enjoy being introduced to many more through new connections as social activities are increased. A number five year will bring stimulation and enthusiasm into your life and with it greater freedom than you may have experienced in the past few years. Now is a time to break free, feeling loose and liberated; challenging old routines and conventions in a practical and beneficial way. If you became overwhelmed during the past year, it is now in your interest to seek new directions and guidance. There is a tendency to scatter energies in a year five, so it is essential to prepare yourself for a new direction spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Five is an ‘open-minded’ year which is likely to result in major changes to your life; your career, your family circumstances and most of all, your residence or location of dwelling. Many positive opportunities may present themselves and whatever happens, many of the obstacles and complications from previous years seem to drift away. You are rewarded with more personal freedom, an end from conditional routines and you may feel that travel, exciting activities and/or additional education might be part of the complete general feeling. This year is excellent for pursuing new employment or career opportunities. Just feel loose and free and enjoy.

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A personal year 6 has the following meaning: Finding a New Love, Family and Home, Settling Down, Permanence, Harmony, Domesticity, Security and Good Choices.

This year six may necessitate increasing responsibilities and an intensified connection with family, loved ones and close friends. It may be a year when you are called upon to make some adjustments in your life or sacrifices for those in your family, close circle of friends and perhaps even colleagues. This is not a favourable year for major accomplishments, but rather a time to deal with those modifications to your plans that may be essential for finalising projects which you commenced earlier. This year will give the impression that activities are moving very slowly and because of the leisurely pace you should expect to have a very good year so far as family, household, and romantic matters are concerned. Your emotional connections with those who are dear to you ought to be paramount during this particular year. The important thing is to be willing to accept a slower pace and be sure to enjoy the peace and harmony that the personal year six will bring. Perhaps you may feel you have strengthening feelings in present relationships and make it possible to make new stimulating connections. Many people find their true love during this phase and you are likely to get engaged or married during this agreeable year. While this may be a great experience it can also be serious because you may need to make a commitment. Time spent with family and cherished friends may be more to your liking also. A person whom you encounter during this cycle is likely to become a friend for life.

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A personal year 7 has the following meaning: Reflection, Learning, Self Analysis, Inner Change, Consolidation, Spiritual Protection, Inner Focus, Using Time Wisely.

A very contemplative year, a period of hesitation and reflection between incredibly dynamic years in your life. During this passive year you will have time to attain some remarkable understanding of yourself thus finding that time in contemplation and meditation will be of definite benefit to you. Free from external responsibilities you might wish to use this time alone in peaceful activities. Reflect on the past and try to retreat from business demands while planning for the future. Seven will not be a year of action, but rather a year of waiting for the future and eventful happenings. Compelling activities during a personal year seven may be study, writing, and learning, a capacity to think clearly, examine and integrate your thoughts. Your power of exploration and perceptiveness is at its highest. To others it may appear that you are detached but you will know that it is best for you to focus your mind on your abilities to enhance them. People see you as an extrovert but you may find yourself wanting to be alone. Restlessness may have you discovering a way of escaping from unnecessary business pressures. This is a time for analysis, understanding and a shelter for the psyche, in which you will attempt to cast off actions, connections or arrangements that are thwarting personal growth.

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A personal year 8 has the following meaning: Health, Wealth and Abundance, Independence, Recognition, Action, Wisdom, Breaking Away from the Past, Endings.

A powerful year for you; a cycle where you will make critical improvements in your life. This is a year of substantial pronouncements and major success. Very much engrossed and occupied, activity is your primary goal. Opportunities for growth and credit for past and work in progress is to be expected for the duration of this year. You start feeling rousing ambitions particularly after a slow and contemplative episode during personal year seven. Take advantage and expand professionally. Show self-assurance and certainty, because colleagues shall be quick to respond to your guidance and influence. During year eight many of your peers shall see you as attractive and charismatic while you are becoming a driving force with authority influence. This is a prosperous cycle where you will be able to seek status and become focussed on money making ventures. This is a compelling year which promises and inspires your career and capital gains. This is an advantageous year to buy a new investment property including a new family home, new career move or set a business plan into action.

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A personal year 9 can have the following meanings for you: Death, Taking Personal Inventory, End of an Era, Forgiveness, Compassion, Completion, Release, Tolerance.

Many of the situations that you have been striving for should come to pass and you will be mentally sharp, discerning and eager for the beginning of a new nine year cycle. The number nine year is one of conclusion and triumph which marks the beginning of the close to all you have managed to accomplish during the last decade. However, if you are unwilling to unshackle yourself of the past you may find yourself in circumstances which may force you to change. Thus it is so important that you reap what you sow and not allow any changes befall you that are not of your creation. This may also be a time when you shall validate many characteristics of your life, specifically over the past decade, some of which you are no doubt proud and components that you want to modify. You are likely to re-evaluate past values, principles, and data you believed were significant. Rather than being self consumed occupy some time giving back to your family, friends, colleagues and others. A number nine year can be uncomfortable for some and this may include you, especially if you are feeling vulnerable to further change, however new desires and communing with nature may be the ideal manner of escapism you need at this time.

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A personal year 11 has the following meaning: Working Diligently, Enlightenment, Clarification, Revelation, Grasp Opportunities which Arise, Choose the Right Path.

Eleven is logical and better grounded but you must think clearly that this is your year of decision; a time to experience a growth in your psyche. You will be asked to commit your time, skills and a clear perception of some things in your life. You may find yourself becoming more spiritually perceptive and even pursue some psychic undertaking. Build your reputation and allow your intuition to discover conscious awakenings. Allegiance, integrity, diligence ideas, visualizations and expertise will bring a sense of balance this year. This is a very fortunate year for you and you shall have a lot of success driven by your insights. Be very aware of all events going on around you; don't lose focus, stay alert because clearly if you attend to things at hand you will enhance finances this year. Your choices, whether they are risky or otherwise must be taken to introduce constructive and restorative changes into your life. These choices must be entirely for your own betterment and not others. Remember that changes chosen to accelerate your prosperity will transform and enrich your life. Perhaps you may find yourself in the limelight and in a complimentary situation to commence a new idea or concept in business. Thinking originally and insightfully will carry with it the opportunities to acquire status.

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A personal year 22 has the following meaning: Power, Decisions, Focus, Opportunities, Inspiration, Creativity, and Quality of Life, Change for Betterment, Wealth.

This year is likely revolutionize your thoughts and become focussed directed on furthering career options and anything to do with new enterprises, vocation, and continuing security. Make vital ties with others, network and build foundations for a bright and successful future. This may even be a hard year where challenges and ordeals are placed in your course to find out whether you have the command to defeat difficulty and remain enthusiastic. Organizational skills, due diligence, self-discipline and practical information prior to making big decisions will result in prosperity this year. This is a very powerful time in your life though expenses might be sizeable but if your intention is for the beneficial of others, all will be realized. Projects must be of advantage to many and be of lasting usefulness besides being financially rewarding year for you. You might find yourself becoming interested to mystical imagination but because this is your year of triumph you will want to alter and strengthen your life to a new level of completion; indeed you will use every means to guarantee success.

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