Overview of American Shaman CBD Horse Chews and Similar Products


CBD benefits people and horses in different ways. Horse owners can allow their horses to benefit from CBD by administering CBD for horses. The US market has many players manufacturing CBD horse products, with American Shaman being one of the best-known brands.

This post examines American Shaman’s horse treats and similar products from other industry players to unveil their benefits for your horse. Stay on this page to discover more and give your horse its fair CBD share.

What Are American Shaman CBD Horse Chews?

Let’s start by defining American Shaman CBD horse chews. American Shaman’s CBD horse chewsare apple chewsblended with high-qualityhemp oil. The manufacturer uses hemp grown in the USA. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural element in cannabis. This component is one of the many naturally occurring cannabis components. The CBD oil in these chews has many health benefits your horse can enjoy.

Benefits of Horse CBD Chews

So, what benefits does your horse derive from these chews and similar products? This section explores these advantages in depth.

Healthy Intestinal Tract

Your horse’s health starts with healthy food. Food is its first line of defense against sicknesses. However, even the healthiest food won’t help your horse much if its digestive system is sick. Colic is one of the top illnesses affecting horse health.

An affected horse manifests signs like lethargy, flank watching, rolling, and restlessness. Moreover, some colic types can be fatal. The good news is that CBD helps with colic symptoms. It produces a calming and relaxing effect that extends to a horse’s digestive system. The CBD oil in these bites reduces intestinal inflammation, improves gastric motility, and relieves colic pain.

Pain Support

Your horse can also benefit from CBD through pain management and relief. CBD interacts with the horse’s ECS receptors in the nervous system to control pain sensation. Oklahoma State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine examined CBD’s potential benefits for pain and inflammation to establish its effectiveness. Its results found that CBD’s anti-inflammation power is promising and suggested further studies.

A Healthy Sleep Cycle

A horse that sleeps well is healthy. CBD’s interaction with the ECS affects the sleep hormone in people and animals. These pellets can promote your horse’s sleep patterns, making it refresh itself mentally and physically after a tiring day. Remember, poor sleep causes many other health challenges because the body and mind don’t get enough time to refresh.

Management of Daily Stressors and Anxiety

Horses experience stress and anxiety just like humans. A stressed and anxious horse paces or weaves in its stall, trembles, and cribs. While these signs might seem mild, increased stall walking can excessively strain horse joints and ligaments. Moreover, cribbing can cause dental challenges in horses.

Therefore, we recommend treating your horse’s early symptoms on time before spiraling out of control. This early intervention benefits your horse’s well-being and you. Using CBD bites calms your horse and alleviates these symptoms.

Healthy Mobility and Joint Function

CBD boosts your horse’s mobility and joint function. Many horses suffer from arthritis, causing them stiff and painful joints. The challenge with arthritis is that it doesn’t clearly manifest itself for early detection. For instance, you might notice that a horse doesn’t want to perform familiar duties and mistake it for stubbornness. A horse suffering from arthritis might manifest warm or puffy joints.

So, we recommend addressing these symptoms immediately. Otherwise, they can permanently damage your horse’s joint cartilage. CBD oil in these treats reduces arthritis inflammation, boosting its immediate comfort and offering joint support.

Normal recovery after competitions

Horses perform demanding duties, requiring complete recovery. For instance, a horse participating in a competition needs time to recover. The strained muscles require refreshing to regain their optimal performance. Using CBD accelerates this recovery process, allowing your horse to enjoy a natural and safe recovery.

Immune System Boost

CBD contains anti-inflammation properties that balance a horse’s immunity. These bites’ CBD supports immunity by reducing stress, which well-documented evidence says makes humans and horses sick.

Seizure Prevention

While seizures are rare in horses, they still occur and can be scary. Fortunately, research shows that CBD effectively lowers seizure possibilities in people and horses.

General Well-Being

Lastly, CBD supports your horse’s overall wellness. It encourages homeostasis, promoting better communication between every body cell.Eventually, your horse enjoys a calmer, more balanced existence.



The general rule of thumb is to give your horse a dosage based on its conditions. Horses under 600 pounds need 12.5 mg, while those below 600 pounds need 25 mg (a full dropper) of CBD daily.

However, you may adjust the dose and schedule based on your horse’s health needs. We suggest you consult your vet before administering CBD to a pregnant horse or if it has existing health conditions under medication.

You should always start low and go slow as your horse adapts to CBD intake. Pay attention to the following facts while administering CBD.

  • Determine the correct dosage for your equine based on their weight and condition.
  • Always consult a vet or a horse specialist for instructions on how much to give.
  • Monitor your horse’s response to the CBD chews to see any changes in their behavior or mobility, and adjust the dosage as necessary.

Are These Chews Safe?

A recent World Health Organization (WHO) report says CBD is safe and well-tolerated in people and animals. However, be careful not to overdose your equine because it might develop adverse side effects, like humans. These side effects are mild and don’t last long because they subside after CBD has run its course in an equine’s body.

Moreover, you should be careful because a horse might not tell you when it’s experiencing adverse side effects like a human would. You must be observant to detect any side effects to make timely corrections. Common side effects include:

  • Lethargy
  • Drowsiness
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Increased thirst

How to Choose CBD Horse Chews?

Now, you know what CBD can do for your horse. But you should choose every CBD chew carefully to get the best value for your horse and investment. This section shares tips on choosing the right chews for your horse.

  • Quality assurance. Check third-party lab test reports to see if the product’s CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids levels to ensure they match the label.
  • Hemp quality. Choose products made from organic, pesticide-free, sustainably grown hemp, prioritizing those with the USDA organic certification.
  • Extract type. CBD products come in three types: full, broad-spectrum, and isolate. The first option is believed to be the most potent because it offers the full range of hemp components. Yet, animals are highly sensitive to THC, even in trace amounts, so it’s better to use broad-spectrum or isolate CBD in horses.
  • Additional ingredients. Many CBD horse products contain extra cannabinoids, terpenes, and active ingredients like melatonin. Look for these additions before choosing a product because they make it more potent.
  • Cost. You should also ensure the price you pay for CBD horse bites gives you value for money. As usual, the highest and lowest prices don’t necessarily offer the best value. Some shoddy manufacturers overprice their poor products to give a false impression that they are “highly qualitative” when they aren’t.

Closing Remarks

Many studies and horse owner testimonies have verified CBD’s potential health benefits for these animals. However, more research is still underway to determine its full potential in boosting horse health and veterinary medicine.

We suggest you proceed cautiously before administering CBD chews to your horses by consulting your vet. This way, you will be better placed to craft a joint way forward to give your horse its deserved CBD share.

The author of this article is Lana Braslavska, a passionate horse lover and a cannabis blogger at AskGrowers. Lana researches the market for CBD treats for horses to help horse owners understand the benefits of this safe herbal remedy for their equine companions and pick the right dosage and composition for treatment.

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