Padre Guardian Angel Reading Review

Want to understand why your life feels like it’s stuck in a rut, and if your luck will ever change? A free angel reading with Padre, the Messenger of Angels offers validations and insights, along with direct assistance from you own personal guardian angel.

On requesting your free angel reading, you’ll promptly receive notification of the name of your guardian angel and their unique ranking in the angelic realms. If you’re into all things spiritual and esoteric, you can Google your angel’s name and find additional information and resources. Haamiah, the Angel of Rituals, is the guardian angel for anyone born between 29 September and 3 October. If he’s your angelic helper you’re likely to be gifted with great intuition and a desire to help mankind.

Speedy Service

Your personalised angel reading from Padre will land in your inbox within a few hours. Whilst you may be champing at the bit to read it right away, take your time and make yourself a cuppa first. The free angel reading is pretty lengthy. You’ll want to read it at leisure, so that you can absorb all the information that offers spiritual clarity.

Your Free Angel Reading

Whilst the personal message from your protective angel is specifically for you, it’s worth remembering that a lot of spiritual content freely offered on the internet is often basic and/or generic. That said, the facts and secrets that are revealed in Padre’s free angel reading are uncannily and surprisingly accurate. Expect a celestial message that delivers confirmation that a life changing event is about to happen, in the next few weeks.

Learn how you can work with your personal guardian angel every day. Your free angel reading will tell you what you can expect to experience in love, money and good luck over the next 30 days. If that’s too long to wait, you can get started much sooner by developing a relationship with your angel in the meantime.

The 3 Revelations           

Padre, your Messenger of Happiness, has asked your guardian angel for three revelations that can immensely help you to transform your life. In your free angel reading you will discover the secrets of your extraordinary journey through many past lives. Discover why situations and circumstances have been holding you back. Learn all about the impact and effects of Angelical Karma and Adverse Karma, and what you can do to alter your current reality.

The 1st Revelation explains your karma in this lifetime. If you’ve accrued hyper-beneficial Angelical Karma get ready for your luck to change in a dramatically big way! Your guardian angel will be on hand to help you with the transition into a new paradigm where good fortune shines down on you.

Unfortunately, your 2nd Revelation may well highlight that there may be some Adverse Karma that you need to shift. If you’re spiritually minded and already do inner work, you’ll be able to clear the final minor obstacles on your own. Otherwise, Padre is more than happy to help, for a nominal fee. Additional services available on the website include free angel and tarot card readings, and love prayers to the angels. You can also buy esoteric e-books.

The 3rd Revelation identifies what you can expect to grace your life during the fundamental turning point that is just about to occur.

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