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The ancient craft of palmistry dates back thousands of years and continues to be used as a popular divination tool today. It’s believed that palmistry has its roots in Hindu astrology and The IChing. That means that palmistry has successfully guided millions of people worldwide for thousands of years!

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The ancient fundamental to palmistry is that as we continuously change and evolve, so do the lines on our palms. By studying both hands, the non-dominant hand (past) and dominant hand (present), we can recognize the traceable link between our past behavior patterns and our present personality, thoughts, and experiences.

This falls in line with both astrology and numerology, where we are born into certain astrological and numerical patterns that can be regarded as a map of our destiny. These patterns are then influenced and can change as we begin to live and experience life, and this can be regarded as the 3D version of the map of our destiny.

So how does palmistry work?

Palmistry is based on:

  • The shape of the hands: there are four types of hand shapes based on the elements of earth, air, water and fire. Each hand type gives insight into your personality.
  • The lines on each hand: there are prominent lines like the heart line, the headline, the lifeline, and the fate line. Then there are all types of different lines, crosses and geometric shapes that all have meaning as well.
  • Mounts on each hand: are the cushioned pad of tissue at the base of each finger. These are read as being high, low or flat, and cupping your hand slightly will tell you where to place the size of your mounts.
  • Shape and size of the thumbs: how big or small your thumbs are, how they bend and where they’re positioned on your hand all give insight to your behaviour and habits.
  • Shape and size of the fingernails: the shape and size of your fingernails can tell a palm reader a lot about your approach to life.

Genuine palm readers practice and study for years because there are loads of things that they have to know. Just imagine how different everyone’s hands look, and they have to understand those differences.

Although you can get a lot of fun info about palm readings on the internet, it’s best to consult a professional palmist if you want an accurate palm reading.

Desperately need a palm reading? These 4 steps will get you there:

  1. Visit our verified psychic reading site, Kasamba
  2. Sign up and submit your card details
  3. The palmist will contact you for the reading
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The major lines across our hands – What do they mean?

The hand contains 6 lines that are of high importance. These are located on the palm of the hand.

Through reading these lines one can read and understand a persons character and their personality and the type of path they will prefer in their lives.

The 6 lines are divided into two groups.
The two groups represent 3 major lines and 3 minor lines.

Of the three major lines they are

  1. The life line
  2. The head line
  3. The heart line

The minor three lines are:

The fate line (Image below)
Fate line

The Health line (Image below)
Health Line

The Sun line (also known as the Line of Apollo) (Image below)
Sun Line

In some cases people have all these lines but it is quite usual and certainly nothing to be alarmed about.

Depending on what other lines intersect these lines, other deeper understandings of the individual can be ascertained.

It is important to remember that lines do change and that where a line starts and finishes is very important.

Life Line

If the line of the life line curves around the thumb then this gives an indication that the person has a great deal of psychical activity in their lives.

Life Line

If the person has a solid line it indicates a good pleasing life with good rewards.

If the line changes it thickness and depth it can indicate a changing life with lots twists and turns.

If the line is higher, ie nearer the index finger, this will suggest how ambitious a person is and how great their ability is to keep at a task even if things get tough.

Lines that join up with the head line can shoe a rather timid and cautious person, but if there is a gap between these two lines then the person will be of the opposite and therefore will be act on their impulse and be rather reckless.

But if the line runs in the direction of the mount of the moon then the person is restless and would prefer to be in another place.

Broken and wavy life lines can indicate a weakness of some kind in either the area of mental or physical capabilities.

\while a line made up of chains indicates a poor disposition. A line that has another line running close by it or parallel to it suggests a good healthy disposition.

If the life line finishes in the fork it will show that the person will depend on the kindness of other people in their old age.

Head Line

A small gap between the head line and the life line shows that the person is a bit restless and like to be active.

Head Line

The wider the gap the more restless and active the person. It can also indicate that they are impatient and may need to look at their behaviour.

If the head line actually joins up with the heart line at the start, then the person may have a lot of real suffering ahead.

If the person has well defined and straight head lines this indicates clear and sound judgement.

But if the line goes all the way to the edge of the palm then the person may have some ruthlessness about them and will put business first and people second.

If the heart line is very long then the person should be a very good diplomat and have a high chance through this of achieving their goals.

If the line is short the person will no try to hard and will give up quickly and easily.

If the line is weak it indicates a person who is soft and rarely ever tries anything new.

A slightly wavy line shows a person who finds it hard to face the daily demands in their life while a chained line shows the presence of mental illness or a mental disability that may be coming in the future.

If the line sweeps down and finishes in the forks it is an indication of a very smart person and if the line breaks then the person is very likely to suffer from deep depression.

Heart Line

If the person has a strong heart line its shows they are capable for true and faithful love.

Heart Line

If the line starts high it can suggest a jealous type. While a low start suggests a serene and rational love, but if the line is to low to start it shows coldness.

If the person has a heart line that that joins a head line this suggests a person who lets head rule his heart.

If their line starts right unde the mount of Saturn then the person will usually encounter only one true and devastating love in their lives.

A wavy line shows a person is lacking in self confidence especially when it comes to love. A chained line means a flirtatious nature and a person who finds it hard to be faithful.

A duplicated line shows a long and not very happy affair. If there is a line close to the heart line then there is a good chance that someone close will die.

A person without a heart lien will have no love to spare for anybody else but themselves.

Girdle of Venus & Bracelets

The hand has two other lines that are of particular importance are the girdle of Venus and the Bracelets.

 Girdle of Venus & Bracelets

This Girdle of Venus runs across the top of the palm form the little finger to the index finger. Sometimes the Girdle forms a complete ring around the base of the fingers and sometimes does not appear on all hands. It usually appears on nervous and delicate types.

The Bracelets also know as Rascettes, form the chain like lines around the wrist at the bottom of the palm. A raised bracelet high up the palm is a sign on internal weakness of the organs.

What will a palm reader tell me?

A palmist can tell you about your past, present and future much like a fortune teller reading can. It’s very important to remember that although a palm reading can make predictions, you have your own free will so that you can alter the course of your life at any time.

Palm readings are very good for learning more about your life path and life purpose because we are all born into this world with a life purpose and specific life lessons that we must learn.

Look at me: no one believed me that I could see and hear from beyond this world, but my palms confirmed that I could, and I know now that being psychic is part of my life purpose. Having the strength and faith to overcome peoples’ rejection and resistance of my psychic abilities is part of my life journey.

So when you prepare for a palm reading, make sure that you know why you want the reading done. It’s always best to prepare your questions before you go into the reading so that you can focus during the reading and not sit there trying to remember what you wanted to ask the palmist.

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to have a palm reading, spend some time quietly assessing your life and what you want to know. Think about your past, consider what’s happening right now, and reflect on how you would like your life to evolve. You want the palmist to guide you, so be willing to listen carefully. Don’t outright reject any comments because they don’t fit into the picture you currently have in your mind.

Life evolves endlessly, and what appears to be right for you now, might not look the same in time to come.

If you are unhappy in your life, it could be that you have deviated from your true life path. The longer you deviate from your life path, the more difficult it will be to live your life purpose. Deviation from our life path is a common reason why people feel an unending sense of emptiness, or why some people are forever chasing something that they can’t find.

If you’re feeling lost in life, if you keep making the same mistakes over and over again, or feel as if you are searching for something that you can never find, then a palm reading is exactly what you need. A palmist can give you the gift of freedom by finding your life path in the lines on your hands and explaining it to you. Repeat readings with a palmist can also guide you as you begin to make your way back to your true life path and start heading towards your life purpose.

How can I guarantee an accurate palm reading?

Because anyone can go onto the internet and find the basics of palmistry, fake palmists are a dime a dozen. The best way to ensure that you don’t end up wasting money on a fake is to look to online psychic reading sites. That way you’re guaranteed an accurate palm reading. Palm readers on these sites are thoroughly screened before they can join, and if a palm reader has been reading on the same site for even a few weeks, you know you’ve got the real McCoy; a fake wouldn’t last for even a few days.

Apart from screening their readers, all psychic reading sites profile their readers, so you know what type of reading you’re getting. It’s really important that you make sure that the reader you choose is a palmist. Most readers have more than one area of speciality, so choosing a reader who is a palmist and a psychic reader as well will make your reading much more in-depth.

Getting a palm reading online is really easy:

Take a look at our partner site Kasamba.

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To give you a palm reading, Advisor by Jenny needs a picture of your dominant hand palm. She will advise you when success will come in your life and which areas look good for you. People often lose confidence because of their past and feel unsure in making decisions. Advisor by Jenny’s readings will help you to know how things will move in your Career, Money, Marriage, Love life and Children.

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She is great as always – User_3814120

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Reading types: phone, email, sms & text

Getting a palm reading online is so convenient! You can get an accurate palm reading by phone, online chat, email or sms depending on the psychic reading site you choose. Palm readings done by phone or online chat are immediate. Email readings are more personal and private, and you have the written record to keep and peek at when you want to.

Whatever way you choose, you can get an online palm reading 24/7/365!

Just in case you’re thinking that palm readings online can’t be accurate, online palm readings are NO different to face-to-face palm readings. The value and strength of palm readings lie in the palmist’s ability to read and understand your palm. How the information is given to you has NO impact on the accuracy and quality of the reading.

Are palm readings and astrology readings the same?

No, but palmistry and astrology as divination tools are closely linked.

There are readers, known as Astro-palmists, who read the zodiac signs and planetary positions within the palm lines. It’s possible to create a horoscope from palm lines, and this is known as Astro-palmistry.

An astrology reading is given by an Astrologist who focuses only on the positioning of the planets to give you a reading. An Astrologist can forecast your future by reading where planets were placed at the time of your birth. This is known as a birth chart, which is much like a map of your entire life.

Astrologists focus on predictions, your personality, past lives, your life purpose, etc. Your zodiac sign is linked to astrologAstrologist can guide you to your most compatible partner, career choices and advise you about your life path.

Palmists focus on the same, so it’s easy to see that palmistry and astrology can be combined. Astrology comes from the Universe because that’s where the zodiac thrives, and palmistry comes from Mother Earth because as human beings we are born from the Earth.

Considering that we are from Spirit and Earth, it makes perfect sense that palmistry and astrology are closely linked and can easily be combined into a reading.

How much does a palm reading cost?

There’s no set rate for palm readings online, and prices vary from one site to another. You can expect to pay from $0.99 to $9.99 per minute.

When you sign up with Kasamba you get a FREE trial of 3 FREE minutes, PLUS 50% OFF your reading!

That’s right: 3 FREE minutes AND 50% OFF the cost of your reading!

Can that be right? What a deal!

Most sites require you to open an account and fund it before you have access to a reading. Once you connect with a psychic reader, you are charged by the minute, with each minute deducted from your account balance.

Payment by credit card is the most popular way to top up your account, and all reputable psychic reading sites have a secure payment gateway, so you are assured that your credit card details are secure.

Register on Kasamba NOW for a palm reading and get 3 FREE minutes, PLUS 50% OFF your reading!!

How to identify an accurate, legit palm reader:

Always go by word of mouth to get an accurate and legit palm reading. Online psychic reading sites are the very best way to go because they profile all their readers and list all past client reviews and comments on each reader’s profile. Everything’s already done for you!

Clients won’t lie when they rate a palmist. Most people who want a palm reading want to know more about their life path and purpose. That’s really personal stuff, so they’re not going to leave good reviews if the palmist was rubbish. Who would do that?

Pros and cons of palm readings:

Now that you understand palmistry better, let’s take a look at some pros and cons:

  • Palmists can identify your life purpose
  • Palmists can tell you if you’ve deviated from your life path
  • Palmists can guide you back to your life path
  • Palmists can help you understand your past
  • Palmists can help you rebuild lost confidence
  • Palmists can easily be impersonated by fakes
  • Palmists won’t tell what you want to hear if it’s not there
  • Palmists can tell you things that sound unreal
  • Palmists can’t make accurate predictions
  • Palmists don’t necessarily communicate with Spirit

 Remember: You are capable of so much more than you can imagine! 

Ready for your first reading? Get it below and give us feedback:

Call in or chat online with real palmist at Kasamba. Whether you’re seeking advice on love, romance, money, your career or other aspects of your life, Kasamba has expert palm readers available to help you 24/7.

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Sai Krishna mohan
Sai Krishna mohan
4 years ago

Hi, my son has short life line in both the hands, do it really represents short life? And brain line is slightly broken in left hand. Help me plz. I am very much worried of him.

Neha singh
Neha singh
4 years ago

Hiii I’m Neha Singh . I hv semian line on my right hand and it’s touch the life line and my life line is not as long as other people have it’s quite short it’s end close to the thumb finger. Will you plzz tell me that what is the exact meaning of it.??

Neha singh
Neha singh
4 years ago

Hi I’m Neha singh I’m 20 years old . I have semian line on my right hand which touch the life line and my life line is not as long as other people have it’s too short and it’s end front of my thumb finger please will you help me to understand this I’m little worried about it

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