The following is an explanation of the different types of hands starting with the fingers.

Firstly the flexibility of the hand and fingers can point out characteristics of a person character.

If someone's fingers are wedge shaped it can indicate a very active and creative character.

While pointy fingers indicate someone who is artistic and creative and also very sensitive. Very often this person is interested in religious matters or the occult.

When someone has square fingers it suggest an honest character but the person is not normally very original.

And finally tampering fingers will indicate a person who can be a dreamer but who very often has artistic talent.


Someone who has deeply cupped hands usually will not have much of a flair for business.

While a firm lean hand suggests an individual who is very economical.

Soft and flabby hands is s good sign of someone who prefers the easy life.

And a firm strong hand shows a dependable character.


The major lines across our hands-What do they mean?

The hand contains 6 lines that are of high importance. These are located on the palm of the hand.

Through reading these lines one can read and understand a persons character and their personality and the type of path they will prefer in their lives.

The 6 lines are divided into two groups.
The two groups represent 3 major lines and 3 minor lines.

Of the three major lines they are

The minor three lines are:

The fate line
The Health line
The Sun line (also known as the Line of Apollo)

  1. 1.Fate 2. Health 3.Sun (Apollo)

In some cases people have all these lines but it is quite usual and certainly nothing to be alarmed about.

Depending on what other lines intersect these lines, other deeper understandings of the individual can be ascertained.

It is important to remember that lines do change and that where a line starts and finishes is very important.