Life Line

If the line of the life line curves around the thumb then this gives an indication that the person has a great deal of psychical activity in their lives.

If the person has a solid line it indicates a good pleasing life with good rewards.

If the line changes it thickness and depth it can indicate a changing life with lots twists and turns.

If the line is higher, ie nearer the index finger, this will suggest how ambitious a person is and how great their ability is to keep at a task even if things get tough.

Lines that join up with the head line can shoe a rather timid and cautious person, but if there is a gap between these two lines then the person will be of the opposite and therefore will be act on their impulse and be rather reckless.

But if the line runs in the direction of the mount of the moon then the person is restless and would prefer to be in another place.

Broken and wavy life lines can indicate a weakness of some kind in either the area of mental or physical capabilities.

\while a line made up of chains indicates a poor disposition. A line that has another line running close by it or parallel to it suggests a good healthy disposition.

If the life line finishes in the fork it will show that the person will depend on the kindness of other people in their old age.