Karmic Astrology Readings Online: How to Find GENUINE Readings and Avoid Scams!

Love, betrayal, jealousy, resentment – these are all powerful emotions which can wreck lives. Have you ever been in a romantic relationship that ended badly and the hurt won’t go away? Are you struggling to connect with your partner, child, friend, colleague or neighbor? A karmic astrology reading could help.

Do you hold on to negative feelings when someone let you down or abused your trust? These are things many people experience every day, but you can make it better!

Karmic astrology readings can reveal both answers and solutions to these kinds of problems, and many more. Here we show you how to find an expert, cheap, karmic astrology reader working from a trusted and professional astrology site.

Want Guidance Right Now? It’s Just 4 Steps to an INSTANT Karmic Astrology Reading

  1. Go to our verified Psychic site, Kasamba.com
  2. Sign-up and select your psychic/karmic astrology reader.
  3. Submit your card details to enjoy 3 FREE Minutes.
  4. The karmic astrology reader will call you right back!

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What are karmic astrology readings?

Many people are familiar with the word ‘karma’, but it means a lot more than just getting back what you put into life. Karmic astrologers believe in two key points:

  • The universe is all about balance
  • Reincarnation – that we all have lived many lives before, and our past lives strongly affect our current life.

It is ‘the law of karma’, how you act, think, and treat everything in the world during a life which decides the path of your next life. This is essential for the universe to stay balanced, but it’s NOT about punishment for bad deeds, which is how we often think of karma.

Universal balance gives your soul the chance to understand things you didn’t the last time, or to grab an opportunity you let slip past because you were too scared or short of confidence to take it. It is also about righting wrongs, the chance to heal hurts that you felt or caused, and most of all the opportunity for your soul to grow and become more whole.

The moon is especially important in the world of karmic astrology as it represents the soul, and reveals which parts of our unbalanced personality must be fixed so we can truly understand our purpose, and where to find true happiness and contentment. You can read more about that here.

A trustworthy karmic astrology reading could be the first step towards changing your life, enjoying better communication with others, and finding real happiness.

How a karmic astrologer works

Most karmic astrologers begin by drawing your birth (natal) chart. This unique document shows the position of the planets at the time of your birth, and it is the key for your reader to understand and explain why things have happened in your current life.

During a karmic astrology reading you will learn more about:

  • How the relationships with people in your current life are connected to events and relationships from your past lives.
  • Possible past and present life connections with a person (so you could have met before!!)
  • How to spot people who are your cosmic partner or soul mate in this life.
  • Why we choose to have relationships with particular people.
  • How to make our relationships with family, friends or lovers work better.

Who is a karmic astrology reading suitable for?

People choose to have a karmic astrology reading for many reasons, but in general these are ideal for anyone:

  • Looking for answers to help them feel settled
  • Interested in understanding why some relationships in their life are tricky
  • Curious to know if a current lover could actually be a soul mate
  • Who feels a little disconnected from themselves
  • Who is keen to make progress in life, and lose the issues which hold them back                                           


What will a karmic astrology reading tell me?

 One of the most useful and meaningful things people get from a karmic astrology reading is a deeper understanding of their current life situation, connections and relationships.

In karmic astrology all relationships exist to help our soul grow and learn, but when problems like arguments, cheating, and break-ups happen it can be very difficult to see, understand and accept the lessons we can learn from these things.

A karmic astrology reading can really help you find a way forward, to learn, and grow as fate has planned. You can learn how to best let go of things which should not be, and to make progress in life.

How can I guarantee a genuine karmic astrology reading online?

Lots of people online claim they have the special ability needed to conduct a meaningful karmic astrology reading, but can you really trust that they are genuine?

It’s better to go straight to an established website which takes care to recruit only those with a real gift. Those with lots of talented readers, many who have worked through the site for several years, have proved their worth, so you can 100% trust any karmic astrology reading you get will be the real deal.

Karmic astrology reader Psychic Mackenzie is well established over at Psychic Source. With over 30 years of experience you can trust her to deliver accurate information, and she enjoys welcoming new clients who are ready to take on what the world of astrology has to tell them.

Meanwhile, Happy Love Expert can be found at the top rated Kasamba psychic site. Both a psychic and a psychologist, Happy Love Expert specialises in understanding and releasing karmic blocks which spoil your romantic relationships.

Remember to check out the reviews of any karmic astrology readers you feel drawn to. This will reassure you they can be trusted and give you genuine guidance and answers.

Pros and cons of online karmic astrology readings


  • Great way to understand why some relationships in life are difficult
  • In-depth understanding of how to improve life
  • Convenient, available 24/7 at your convenience
  • Affordable, many good sites have special offers too


  • Need to believe in reincarnation/past lives
  • Beware of fakers who will say anything to get a fee

Types of online karmic astrology readings

There are several options to choose from if you want an online reading. Most astrology readers will offer phone consultations, some also have chat, video-calls, and email on offer too.

Because of how karmic astrology works it makes sense to connect initially with a reader by chat (often free for the first few minutes) or phone, to make sure you have a natural connection, and you want to go ahead with that person.

Are karmic astrology readings and Chinese astrology readings the same?

Karmic astrology:

  • Focuses on creating balance in the universe through life lessons.
  • Uses a detailed birth chart to understand the path your life has taken.
  • Is mostly about understanding relationships of all kinds.

On the other hand, Chinese Astrology readings:

  • Begin with the key idea that personality is strongly shaped by the animal which represents your birth year.
  • Places no importance to the position of the moon when you were born.
  • Can be used to predict future events.

If you find horoscopes interesting you can read more about them here.

How much does a karmic astrology reading cost?

The cost of a karmic astrology reading will vary between sites and individual readers, and some have different prices for different styles of reading. On average though you can expect to pay anywhere from $1 upwards per minute for chat or phone call options. Detailed email readings are usually more. Don’t forget though that good sites have introductory offers, discount packages, and regular special deals that you can take advantage of.

Where can I find an accurate karmic astrology reading online?

Don’t waste your time being told lies by someone who is faking their astrology abilities. For a trustworthy online karmic astrology reading head straight to sites with professional readers and lots of reviews you can check out.

Sites like Kasamba don’t mess you about. All live sessions with their readers have a free three-minute option, so you can be sure you connect well before paying anything at all.

While Oranum generously offer new customers 9.99 in credits, to use as they wish.



Are you ready to arrange your online karmic astrology reading?

Check out the reputable partners we work with and you won’t be disappointed. Do leave us feedback on how it went – we love to hear your amazing stories.








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