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   Psychic Readings by Paypal payment.:
   Pay for your Phone Psychic Reading using Paypal

Thank you for your interest. Our popular 5 minute free offer has now ended.
Additionally, payment for phone readings is now only available by Credit Card or Phone Account.

What if I already have a PIN?
If you still have credit on your PIN, you can still use up your unused credit. Please follow the instructions below:

Call the Phone Number for your country and enter your PIN to start the reading

  • Call the phone number for your country:

       USA - +1866 286 5095
       Australia - 1300 138 048
       New Zealand - 0800 110 248

  • From the options, select “2” for “Paypal”
  • Enter your PIN
  • At the end of your call, if you have not used up your credit, then you will be able to use your credit next time you make a call. Credit expires 12 months after purchase and is non-refundable
  • If you have used up all your credit, you will need to avail our phone readings by Credit Card or Phone Account.


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