Photography equipment Marriage Pitch Traditions

African traditions is full of customs which will make weddings different and real to folks who practice them. It usually is hard to generalize regarding the many different methods in which lovers celebrate their appreciate and determination, but there are several essentials that are often and customarily viewed at African traditional wedding events.

Pitch Letters

In certain cultures, the groom may possibly write a proposal letter to his future better half and her family. This document lays out his intentions to marry her and information if he will talk with the girl’s family. In some instances, the document also describes a price range for a dowry.

Kola Nuts

A kola nut is an important component to wedding traditions in Gambia, Nigeria and also other West Africa regions. It is a sign of friendship and a gesture of goodwill into potential bride’s relatives. The kola wedding decorations for outdoors nut is usually worn out after the wedding, distributed by along with elders which is considered synonymous with love and unity.

Money for the Bride

In West Africa, a popular custom is for relatives and friends to spray cash on the star of the event during the dance portion of the wedding ceremony. This is done to display that they are content for the couple and symbolize a prosperous upcoming for them.

Respecting Elders

In a number of West African countries, libations are performed to be able to honor the spirits of their ancestors. This is sometimes a extremely emotional and moving part of the wedding, but is a crucial ritual which can likewise help the new couple to start off on the right foot.


In most African locations, the exchange of rings is normally an essential component of a wedding. They are traditionally a sign of commitment and are also often elaborately embellished with adinkra or ankh symbols, as well as Yoruban knots.

Cloth With respect to Friends

In a few African countries, a cloth is worn simply by friends showing their closeness. This is commonly used at formal happenings like funerals, marriage ceremonies and omen events. The wash cloth is usually white colored or green in color, yet can be composed of any textile the friends and family members choose.

This is a method to show their support and respect to get the bride and groom, and give them an opportunity to socialize. It can be a lot of entertaining for all involved, especially for the bride and groom to see how their very own friends and family members react.

Tasting the Four Factors

The Yoruba culture offers a practice called “Tasting the Four Elements” that requires the wedding couple tasting capsicum pepper, lemon, mister and vinegar to symbolize how they definitely will deal with marital life over the years. This really is an important routine that teaches the bride and groom about every other’s talents, weaknesses and nature.

Bringing the Families Collectively

In many African societies, it is very important to create the groups of the bride and groom together before the actual marriage happens. This is a practice that dates back to the traditional Yoruba religion, and it is an opportunity meant for the two families to discover each other ahead of their big day.

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