Pisces Man – Love, Personality Traits, Sex & More!

Pisces at a Glance
Element: Water//Mode: Mutable & Changing//Colour: Sea Green//Planet: Jupiter//Keywords: “I Believe”//

Getting to know the Pisces Man

Pisces men are unfathomable, and the chances are that you will never really “know” who they are – they are as deep as the ocean and as mysterious as the stars. These men are often found near the sea, and it’s not surprising to find many of them to be surfers. They love the ocean, and they are the type of people who really just go with the flow, like water, they move and change with the current easily, being very adaptable.

These men are more sensitive than the average male – they are extremely intuitive, and if they are more evolved, then they can be deeply spiritual as people. If they have yet to accept this part of themselves, then they can be escapists, total Houdini’s, adept at ducking and hiding, avoiding anything negative and difficult. It’s not uncommon to find these men enjoying a drink or a smoke or two to take the edge off, as they often feel so vulnerable that they have to find a way to exit. Hopefully, they are the type that find healthy spaces such as nature, music, art and the ocean – they can be tremendously creative and very attuned to the arts.

The Pisces man may be quite shy, and they can also be introverted. They are extremely kind, compassionate and giving and love to help people. They are empaths, always feeling the emotions of others, and they may struggle to separate what is theirs and what is someone else’s, although this is what makes them such chameleons, able to fit into any situation. 

These men also often love to travel – they are always looking for growth and expansion, and they change direction often. They like to live a life that is free, flowing and always in a state of change, and their ability to surrender is very admirable.

Pisces men are also dreamers – they have powerful imaginations and have a rich fantasy world which makes them visionaries and some are particularly good at photography – they have awful memories though and not a great head for facts, so trying to get them to make sense at times or remember to do the more practical things of life is not advised!

How the Pisces Man Loves

Being loved by a Pisces man really is unforgettable – they are powerfully romantic and ever so deep, and they will intuitively sense exactly what it is that you need, and be able to selflessly give you that nurturing and comfort. Because they are so in touch in with their feelings and their feminine side, they make a dream partner, and they are extremely sacrificial when it comes to the one that they love and care about.

The Pisces man shows he loves you by being there for you, and he may be too shy to say it, but he shows it in a myriad of different ways. He’s physically nurturing and always ready with a hug and a willing ear. He understands your problems and will go out of his way to try and rescue you. Sometimes, these men can form a dependency when it comes to relationships and do need to be encouraged to try and not get too lost in the relationship itself. Sometimes, they need to try and not rescue, and alternatively, not look to be rescued either.

The Pisces man wants to merge with the one they love, and they can often be pulled towards people they feel a profound spiritual connection with – sometimes this can be what the relationship is based on. Other times, they form relationships with people they feel they can travel with, expand with and explore the world with.

Pisces men like to stick closely to the sides of their beloved, and they are not the types to wander off independently. They form deep emotional connections to their partners, as they do to everything else.

Some Pisces men, despite their powerful emotional attachments, may struggle to fully commit, especially later on, after the honeymoon phase when they fall head over heels. They live life in such a free, flowing and flexible way that the concept of commitment may seem like a trap, and as the fish does, they try and find a loophole to wriggle out of. Their partner has to keep a very light touch on them, and they themselves have to remind themselves that love is not only a fantasy but that they also have to deal with the reality of a relationship once the shine has worn off. That said, this sense of fantasy is often what makes them so lovely to be with as it lends a certain shine to the relationship.

The Pisces Man’s Sexuality

Just as they’re lovely to be in love with, these men are great to have sex with. They are fluid and adaptable and will mould themselves to whatever it is that you need, often without prompting. They seem to know exactly what to do to make you feel good, and they place a very high value of spiritual connection during sex, which means that they truly seek that merging of spirit, soul, and body. This can make lovemaking with a Pisces man quite transcendent. They are not the type for hot quickies, they want to slowly savor each moment, your body, and the feelings that arise during physical intimacy.

These men are not afraid to open themselves up, and due to their example, you open up too. You can fully trust these men sexually, to be tender and kind, most of the time. Some may have sexual insecurities and may even fear opening up, but usually, over time, they get there.

These men will love any kind of lovemaking that has anything to do with water – they live for the ocean and for rivers and streams, and nothing is more sensual to these men than slippery, wet skin and the feeling of lightness mingled with passion.

Dating a Pisces Man

Dating a Pisces man is a dream come true – they are masters of the dating world, and they absolutely thrive in the dating part of a romance. They fall instantly, and they will place you on a pedestal, thinking you’re the Juliet to their Romeo and the first few months, even years, will feel like you are truly in a fairytale.

A Pisces man will sacrifice everything they are for the relationship, and their devotion is deep. They are the ultimate romantics and are happy to do the roses, the dinner, the musical dedications – all of it. It can be very hard to resist these men’s romancing, and they may even rescue you from a situation, coming in like a knight in shining armor.

The Pisces man may also want you to rescue them and help them, and the two of you may have to make certain you set boundaries early on, as it can be very tempting to go all in here, to dove very deep with each other, and later, you may find that you have each given more than you should have.

The Pisces man is generally much better in the Dating Phase, as when they find that their fantasies are just that – fantasies – they may try and wriggle away, and they do need someone with a very light touch that doesn’t make them feel trapped or tied down – they need to feel free.

Spoiling a Pisces Man

It’s very easy to spoil the Pisces man – just spend a lot of time with them, and make that time Quality Time. They just want to be close to you, and they value someone who is willing to give as much as they are – sometimes they may not even be used to receiving, and so they have to try and learn to accept gifts and offers.

This man will love it if you take him anywhere near the water – a waterfall hike, a swim in the ocean, and ocean trip – he loves this and he adores nature. Taking him into the natural world is a wonderful surprise, and will settle his sometimes anxious feelings.

Gift wise, these men enjoy handmade things, music, and art. They are very creative and so will appreciate beauty. They may also like something like a yoga class or a yoga mat, or a weekend retreat. Pisces men usually love crystals, and this will also often make a lovely gift.

The Pisces Man’s Career and Finances

Pisces men often change career – they don’t like to be tied down, and so they may do something for a little while and move onto something else. If they can, they will try and avoid work entirely, perhaps making a more passive income so that they can do the things that they love.

Some Pisces men are in the healing profession – counseling or social work – as they are deeply empathetic and caring. They make great professional surfers and sailors as they are then linked to the ocean.

Piscean men can also be highly creative, and found in the world of art, dance and music. Whatever it is, it must speak to their souls, and they can’t be expected to do the same thing day in and day out.

Financially, these men may need a helping hand, as they can generate income, and save it, but they might be somewhat lackadaisical about their finances and some can be irresponsible. However, they always seem to have enough, as they are always lucky to land on their feet.

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