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About Esther
Spiritual Profile
My spiritual journey started in 1990 when I began studying astrology and Tarot.

I have been here at the Psychic Guild now for over 18 years.

I completed my Basic Astrological studies back in 1995 and have since go onto additional study with Canopus Academy of Astrology in 2005 with a Credit.

In 2003, I also studied with Matthew Favaloro and received a high distinction with a Professional Certificate in Tarot. I have also completed a course of Basic Counseling with the Applied College of Psychology in Sydney.

In 2009, a girlfriend named Paula handed me a deck of Playing Cards each with a different picture of a breeds of Cats, so I started to explore the world of Playing Card Readings. Whilst on the subject of playing cards, I would like to enjoy you some additional readings. A weekly Spread which get a card for each day of the week from Sunday through to the following Saturday evening A brief e-mail would be used for this booking.

A Monthly Spread uses twelve cards therefore would require and in-depth e-mail booking.

I have also taken on recently (2011) Gypsy card readings.

I am a person who tends to be direct in my readings and have a dislike for the romantic novels that causes people to believe a person who is not good for them can suddenly become their model partner.

I love the work on the line and look forward to assisting you find the answering with your problems. At all times the final decisions are yours to make and choose your own destiny.
Esther (250) gave the best and insightful reading - By J.R., United States
Esther (250) brought in my Archangels and Spirit Guide - By Annette, Australia
Sincerity, Honesty and Accuracy from Esther (250) - By C.O, Sydney, Australia
Thanks to Esther (code 250) - By Ester, Israel
Esther (250) - Thanks once again! - By Ester, Israel
Esther (250) - Any other reading I request will be with you! - By Lynn, Lauderdale, FL
How to get a reading with Esther
More from Esther
Psychic Preparation
I believe psychic preparation comes every day by having a balanced lifestyle.

In general, I do eat a balance diet - no junk for me - lots of fruits and vegetables along with fresh fruit and very little sugar. I also exercise two times a week at the gym and if daily weather permits, spend time in one of my local parks for fresh air and sunshine time.

Saturday is my day off from work and I do Yoga. I believe in a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and opens myself open to receiving information that is needed whilst doing my readings.

Psychic Experiences

I often dream events two days prior to their happening.

Often I dream of someone I have not seen in years and within a couple of days they turn around a street corner.

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