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About John
Spiritual Profile
Many of you will recognize me from my regular radio programs and TV. appearances such as being called in to ghost bust a restaurant on `My Restaurant Rules`
I have been practicing for over 45 years, and have spent many years living with and learning from so called primitive people from Tibet to the rain forests of South America.

This extensive experience means that I have a wide range of techniques that I can call on to tailor to your specific needs.
John (228) is accurate and honest - By Jodie, Australia
John (228) is fantastic - By Robyn, New Zealand
Thank you very much John (228)!! - By Anna, United States
John (228) is honest and straight forward - By Gianna Reed, Australia
John (228) provides fast, accurate and genuine answers - By Paige, Australia
John (228) genuinely seemed to care - By Sharon, New York City, New York
John (228) is the real deal - By Brianne, Sacramento, US
Just had the best reading with John (228) - By Karen, USA
John (228) is undoubtedly very real - By Marisol Harris, Coral Springs, Florida, US
John (228) a kind and efficient reader - By Shirley, Singapore
Thank you John (228) - By Vanessa Charles, Norwich, UK
John (228) was awesome! - By Dr Philly, Rome
John (228) was amazingly accurate - By Sonia, Sydney
How to get a reading with John
More from John
Psychic Preparation
Tibetan holy people
Monks and nuns
Native North American Indians
Descendants of Aztec Maya Toltec
Rain forest Indians
European and Asian Shaman
and many others My last experience was spending three years deep in the remote desert of Western Australia with a very traditional and very special group of desert aboriginal people
Psychic Experiences

many people ask on my radio program when I became aware that I had a gift, for me it was always a matter of when I became aware that not everybody shared those gifts I would have been three or four

My Grandmother who also was gifted recognized that I shared these gifts when I was a baby. I was very young when I described in detail a sailor who would come to visit me, It was an uncle who was killed at sea, an uncle that I never knew existed


If your child shows signs of Psychic ability treat it matter of factly, as my grandmother did with me. It is a special gift that is easily crushed with ridicule

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