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About Veronica
Spiritual Profile
My background is of Irish descent, dating back to my great grandmother reading the tea leaves.

I can Channel through your energy guiding you in a positive direction along your journey, with Compassion Understanding Support and Counseling.

I offer guidance in all aspects of Life.

I am a spiritual clairvoyant medium , I am known for my accuracy over the past 30 years.

Are you feeling troubled or at a cross roads in your life? I can clarify any issue.
Veronica (070) is absolutely amazing - By Bryan Veach, United States
Veronica (070) is amazing and caring - By Maxine, Australia
Veronica (070) is simply the best - By Jo, Australia
Veronica (070) is absolutely amazing - By Jodie, Australia
Veronica (070)´s predictions have been very accurate over time - By M. T., Australia
Veronica (070) is the most incredible and the most accurate - By Alban, New Zealand
2 of Veronica´s (070) predictions have come to pass - By Val, Australia
Veronica (070) has a beautiful soul - By Samira, Australia
I love talking to Veronica (070) - By tania , Australia
Veronica (070) is unbelievably accurate and absolutely brilliant! - By Sheree, Newcastle, Australia
WOW!!! Inspiration, guidance & friendship from Veronica (070) - By Mary, Australia
Veronica (070) is the real deal! - By Natasha, ACT, Australia
Veronica (070) may have saved my relationship - By Kate, New York, US
Veronica (070) is an Amazing Woman - By Sabrina, Melbourne, Australia
Veronica (070) led me to career success - By Billy Gordon, Melbourne, Australia
Veronica (070) has become a real friend - By Denise, Perth, Australia
Veronica (070) is an amazing reader! - By Tanya, Queensland, Australia
Veronica (070)s predictions came true - By YC, New Zealand
Veronica (070) tunes very quickly into your issues - By Eve, Melbourne, Australia
Very accurate readings from Veronica (070) - By Samira, Sydney, Australia
Veronica (070) is an excellent reader - By Benita, Perth WA
Veronica (070) gave great guidance - By Shelley Bradley, Victoria, Australia
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