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By Rosetta
Operator Code: 142

Please Note: These articles are copyright by Universal Psychic Guild and their respective authors. You may not use these articles for any purposes without the express written permission of Universal Psychic Guild or their author.

Hello I am Amber Rose..and I would like to mention a few words on dreams. What do you dream of? CARS? HOUSES? BABIES? They all indicate messages from the subconscious mind, and can give you an insight to your future direction. However, be aware that they come in disguised forms. For example, dreaming of babies does not mean that you will be getting pregnant... sorry to all would-be Mums.. But in fact, it indicates there is a total new beginning coming up; a whole new direction... like the ''birth'' of something new in your life that is promising and full of life and hope and magic. Newborn babies are magical, aren't they? If someone else is holding the baby then this new beginning will depend on someone else that is new and entering your life.

Are you dreaming lately? Are you remembering your dreams? Dreams can help us to stay focused and in the present moment... an all-important part of being joyful and happy. Dreams can also help with age-old solutions to age-old problems and can also bring healing.

"...your dreams can be a wonderful friend and guide to you in your life.. and not something to be feared or confused about."

Some people say they don't dream... but they do dream... they just don't remember their dreams. Dreaming is a necessary function for the mind.

Try this exercise if you are looking for an answer.. speak to your dreaming self or Dream Guide before retiring at night and ask for a specific dream for a specific problem you are encountering. Ask for a dream that will give you a solution to your problem.. one that is simple and easy to understand.. Repeat it over and over like a lullaby as you drift off to sleep. Keep a dream journal and pen by your bed. When you awaken, write everything down that you remember of this dream.. people, details, colours, faces, feelings. Write all this down without analysing.. be descriptive instead. Then set it aside. A few days later, read what you have written without judgment and you will find that you have a solution there to your problem. Viola! Simple isn't it?

In this way your dreams can be a wonderful friend and guide to you in your life.. and not something to be feared or confused about. As an added incentive, try a few drops of pure essential oil of lavender on your pillow at night before sleeping. This will ensure sweet dreams and Spiritual Healing also. You will find this most relaxing and will also help with insomnia and stress. Lucky Lavender can also bring luck and financial prosperity too. Plant some near the front of your house to ensure Luck enters your life.

For more information on dreams or dream interpretation, or on how Aromatherapy can help you in your life call Amber Rose 142.

Amber Rose
Psychic Counselor, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Healer.

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