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By Andree
Operator Code: 060

Please Note: These articles are copyright by Universal Psychic Guild and their respective authors. You may not use these articles for any purposes without the express written permission of Universal Psychic Guild or their author.

Everyone dreams, but many people do not remember their dreams. Dreams occur during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, when we are in a deep,deep sleep.Dreams are a healing; a chance for our subconscious mind to help us heal our feelings about what has happened in the past or to give us insights into our future and our relationships. We may not remember any dreams for many months, and suddenly one morning there is a vivid dream in our mine, just demanding our attention. Usually that dream is telling us symbolically about something that has occurred or is about to occur that our angels (spirit guides) want us to be alert to.

Dreams are an experience in which we are both the observer and often a participant, and most of our dreams are about ourselves.Usually the friends and relatives in our dreams are symbolic of some aspect of ourselves. Our dreams are a wealth of wisdom, once we understand our own symbology.Symbolically,a person with red hair in your dream will probably have a different meaning to someone else. It depends on the feelings of the experience each person has had with a person with red hair.

To learn to translate your dreams is simple. Put pen and paper beside your bed and as soon as you wake, write down what you can recall, even if it is just a snippet. In a few days you will notice that you are recalling more and more.Start a separate notebook for your own personal symbology, because your symbology will be unique to you. Always ask yourself what you were thinking before you went to sleep the evening before, because that is often a clue to the purpose of the dream.

There are some universal symbols. Water is usually telling you about your spiritual nature, the real you.So what is happening in and around the water in your dream? Is it clear or is it murky? Is it moving fast or slow? Is it a natural flow like a river or is it restricted such as in a pond or swimming pool? Are you swimming upstream against the flow or downstream with the flow? Are there fish? Big or small? One or many? What are they doing?

A car in your dream is usually telling you about the way you are managing your energy or moving through life.Take note of who is driving your car and the condition of your car in the dream. An accident in a dream does not have to happen in real life. It is a warning to slow down.Sometimes there is something in a dream that is eluding us, but we know it is important. That is when a psychic can help because they can help you get to the essence of a dream.Getting to the essence of a dream is that "aaha" feeling - a time when you know that you know, the time when you send a mental thankyou to your angels for their guidance via a dream.

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