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   Dreams...Part Two
By Rosetta
Operator Code: 142

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Sometimes dreams can be omens giving an auspicious signal about a future event.

Usually this is a significant dream that leaves the dreamer with a feeling of impending destiny or a deep feeling of importance about it. Again I advise writing the dream down in your dream journal and leave it for awhile.

The importance of writing dreams down is that it changes the process from abstract to concrete and makes it more tangible.

When you go back to read your dream details a few days later--try and decipher some possible interpretations for yourself. For example if a foreign male person was in your dream staring at you, what does this mean to you? Is it someone different to you (perhaps in background or belief)? Who will be watching over you in some way soon?

If you were watching somebody count money in a till.. gold coins...THIS signifies coming prosperity. You are watching and being prepared for wealth and prosperity.

What was the feeling in the dream? If you felt peaceful and everything felt orderly, then it will be a peaceful orderly ascent to wealth.

Writing is a great form of exploration for dreams. Later you will find it materializes and makes sense in your life.

For further info on dreams call me. Op code 142

Happy dreaming.

Amber Rose

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