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   What is a 'Cusp' and What Does it Mean?
By Rose
Operator Code: 242

Please Note: These articles are copyright by Universal Psychic Guild and their respective authors. You may not use these articles for any purposes without the express written permission of Universal Psychic Guild or their author.

When a planet is about to move from one zodiac sign to another along the backdrop it is moving on, this is know as being on the cusp, which causes confusion for most people about which Sun Sign they are. If you have your time of birth, you can find out exactly which Sun Sign you are using the services of an astrologer or one of the free chart drawing services via the Internet.

The word 'cusp' also means 'verge', 'turning point' or 'edge'. So if you think about these terms they can bring to mind a sense of tension and expectation, also excitement but also a sense of energy and sometimes uncertainty.

Imagine that you are leaving a familiar room and are just about to enter a darkened, strange one that you have never visited before. The type of feelings you may experience include: apprehension, excitement, anxiety, uncertainty (whether to leave the familiar to enter the unknown or to stay where you are, teetering on the edge); and perhaps even a period of 'darkness' or 'lack of direction' until you find the light switch to illuminate the new room so you can get to know it!

For those of you born 'on the cusp' you may generally have a feeling of change, or uncertainty in your life in some way, perhaps relating to your father figure, men, authority figures or other masculine figures in general.

When people think about being on the cusp, they are generally referring to their Sun Sign. What a lot of people are not aware of is that any planet can be 'on the cusp' or at a turning point from one sign to the next. So this means that the aspects of life that are represented by that particular planet can also be experienced as being in transition.

For example, if your Venus was 'on the cusp', matters relating to this planet (finances, ability to give and receive love/affection, women, your values and how you value yourself, and generally how you relate to others and conduct your relationships) may be experienced as on the brink of change. Perhaps you find that fear of the unknown holds you back from letting go of the past and moving on with new ways of handling these areas of your life?

Because astrology is a symbolic art, there are many ways of interpreting the possibilities - but this is simply an example of my method of looking at how to interpret and understand planets on the cusp of signs.

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