Famous Psychic Betting and Gambling Predictions

You have probably come across stories about people who have correctly predicted the lottery outcome using psychic abilities.

Psychic betting involves the use of paranormal powers to determine the outcome of a bet. People with psychic abilities reportedly use supernatural forces to identify winning tickets or games. But does this approach to gambling work?

There is a lot of literature out there about psychic betting. Various governments and scientific labs worldwide have invested huge amounts of money in the past to research this field. One of the studies on this subject is the Stargate Project conducted by the US army in 1978.

The scope of the study was to determine if psychic abilities were real and could be used for intelligence purposes. Unfortunately, the study abruptly ended in 1995 due to errors and lack of substantial data. However, some researchers pointed out that the collected data spoke volumes in favour of psychic powers in some instances.

The UK government also embarked on a psychic study in 2001 and came to a similar conclusion.

Instances of accurate prediction were so low among the 18 psychic participants that enough data wasn’t produced for analysis.

But even with such studies, many gamblers have come forward with claims of winning big through psychic betting. Some of the psychic predictions have been followed through to realization on camera. The documented evidence provides proof that psychic betting does work.

Read on to learn about famous psychic betting and gambling predictions of all times. 

The Psychic Waiter

A judge in England delivered a ruling requiring a lottery winner to split his jackpot with a psychic waiter who had helped him win.

Fatih Ozcan, a waiter in a Turkish restaurant in York, claimed to have dreamt about sharing a bunch of cash with his boss. He interpreted the dream as a sign that he would win the lottery if he bought a ticket through his boss.

Evidence presented to the court shows Fatih pestering his boss to buy a lottery ticket. The boss finally relented and bought the ticket on one of the best betting sites UK and surprisingly won $1.7 million. Unfortunately, he was the greedy type and refused to share the win with Fatih.

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The judge observed that while the boss had bought the ticket using his own money, he wouldn’t have done so without Fatih. It was, therefore, evident that they had placed the bet jointly encouraged by the waiter’s Psychic predictions. Fatih was awarded $875,000, which amounts to half of the lottery winnings.

Those who believe in psychic powers claim that all humans have these abilities, only that most of us do not listen to them. Fatih could never have won the lottery if he didn’t pay attention to his dreams. You could probably discover some psychic abilities if you are to pay attention to your dreams. 

Paul the Psychic Octopus

You have probably heard about Paul the Psychic Octopus, a reptile used to predict the outcome of the 2010 world cup football matches.

The octopus gained a lot of popularity worldwide after correctly predicting seven of Germany’s world cup matches, including losses. He also correctly predicted that Spain would beat the Netherlands to win the FIFA world cup.

In total, Paul the Octopus accurately predicted 12 out of 14 matches. This translates to an accuracy rate of 85%.


To make a prediction, the octopus was presented with two clear plastic boxes, each containing food. One of the boxes was marked with the flag of one team and the other of the other team. The box that the octopus opened first and ate the food was deemed the match’s predicted winner.

Researchers have compared the predictions of Paul the Octopus against those of other octopuses and animals. Most of the researchers were astounded by the accuracy portrayed by Paul compared to other octopuses and animals.

It’s highly unlikely that Paul the Octopus predictions were by chance. This octopus had accurately predicted other matches before the world cup.

Paul, the octopus case shows that other living creatures may have psychic abilities. Maybe this is the time to start paying attention to what your pets tell you about the big game. Or maybe not!

Does Psychic Betting work? The verdict!

While scientists are still sceptical about psychic betting, there is enough anecdotal evidence supporting psychic betting.

However, it’s hard to determine if people with general psychic abilities can apply them on betting. Some psychics claim that their beliefs prevent them from using their psychic abilities for personal gains.

Others claim using the psychic powers to help their clients win huge sums of money through gambling.  The psychic betting subject is highly sensitive and prone to abuse by scammers. There are a lot of scammers out there posing as betting psychics.

The million-dollar question is why they are not using their psychic abilities to bet their money. Whether psychic betting works or not, it’s important to always remember that gambling is mostly a game of chance.

This means that you could make money, but the chances of making losses are also high. Do not gamble with an amount that could lead to devastation in the event of a loss. Seek help from a professional therapist if your gambling behaviour is getting out of hand.