Psychic Guild Author Releases First E-Book on Amazon

Amazon E-Book Release:

Stars & Stardust - Amelie Rose Estrela

5th September 2019, London

Stars and Stardust: An Astrology Opuscule (Kindle Edition)

by Amelie Rose Estrela

Because no man was born by chance; everyman came to live with a star and sign.



Amelie Rose Estrela Author Bio

This experienced psychic and highly-esteemed lead author began her psychic career doing fun horoscope readings for fellow university students in Porto. She was so popular then that it is no wonder she has gone on to become the head author of one of the most successful psychic sites and information hubs out there.

With this, it seems her first-ever personal publication, which lays out the main concepts involved in Horoscopes and Astrology, is somewhat overdue. Discover more about Amelie herself and her journey, here.


So, What’s It All About?

When you purchase Amelie’s e-book for just £0.99, you get 36 pages of exclusive, personal content, educating you on:

  • The Zodiac Signs including which are the Cardinal Signs, Fixed Signs, and Mutable Signs and which are the Water, Fire, Earth, and Air Signs.
  • Aspects of the Zodiac – Motions of Celestial Objects, Horoscopes, and Aspects.
  • The Twelve Houses of the Zodiac and their behaviors.
  • Planetary Rulers and Zodiac Compatibility.

Once you reach the end, you should have insight into all aspects of your life, but in particular, into the old favorite; your Love Life.


Useful Links:


So, go on! If you want to learn the essentials on Astrology, Horoscopes and Zodiac Compatibility, simply click on any of the links in this article and support Amelie’s first release on Amazon.


And if you’re someone reading this article who has already devoured the new opuscule, let us know what you thought in the comments below!

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