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How to Develop Psychic Abilities
With the pressures and stresses of modern society, we increasingly find it more difficult to slow down the mental activity of our conscious mind. A psychic is able to divert the conscious mind and begin to focus on the sub conscious.

Our conscious mind often holds on to a range of preconceived ideas and conditioning that we have received throughout our lives. With all the pressures of day to day life we find it difficult to focus on anything else but our immediate problems and needs and our minds are full of thoughts.

A psychic has the ability to tap into the sub-conscious and connect with the universe to sense, see and often hear messages from the spirit world. Many people have had varies psychic experiences but have put it down to coincidence or good luck. Some people who mediate regularly and are able to slow the conscious mind often comment on how they have felt a connection with the universe whilst others have been able to “see” in their minds visions of places and people.

Some psychics have maintained their abilities through out their childhood, teenage years and adult hood whilst others develop it further in later life.

The psychic can divert the conscious mind and contact the sub conscious mind, which allows them to concentrate on the Universal consciousness. Within this cosmic force much of the information from past, present and future is available for those who wish to access it.
"...we are all made from the same source and can all develop different talents if we choose to."
For many of us Psychics are looked upon as people with a gift of seeing into the future. Some of them are viewed with a sense of awe while on the other hand others view psychics with suspicion and caution.

The fact is that we are all made from the same source and can all develop different talents if we choose to.

It depends on what talents and abilities we are conscious of and what our beliefs are. Some people believe that psychic abilities do not really exist for anyone and they therefore would ignore any form of intuition, impression or gut reactions. But for others they believe in that these abilities are available and are ready to accept and believe in their intuition and gut reactions much more readily. The more we accept and react to something the more it begins to happen to us and the more confident we become with it. Of course different abilities vary from person to person and so to do beliefs. If something has never happened to you it is hard to believe it is true.

But for those who believe and act on their impressions there is a huge ocean of knowledge available to them and once tapped and utilised this knowledge becomes stronger and more readily available

We have all fallen silently and stared in space during the day. Some people call it day dreaming but there are no thoughts present in our conscious mind. We are awake and in some cases still aware of our surrounds but we have no thoughts flicking backwards and forth in our minds. This is the state in which we are able to “pick up” a range of messages.

Have you ever sat quietly and the phone rings and you know who is on the other end? Or perhaps taken extra caution driving home because you have felt the need to be careful and almost had a severe accident but was able to avoid it because of the feeling you had earlier?

Many of us have these experiences daily but think nothing of it. The psychic who is aware of these experiences will continue to practice and focus on the sub-conscious in order to tap into the Universal Consciousness. In some instances a psychic is able to read the mind of others and predict events that will occur in the future.

In the last ten years we have noticed an increase in the interest of this ability and many new groups are forming which aims at teaching people how to develop their own natural abilities. The abilities are always meant to be used for the benefit of the universe as a whole and many psychics who have used these for evil or negative purposes have dearly paid the price.

Finally: If your intentions are good and full of love you will be able to use these abilities wisely. We all have the potential to develop our psychic abilities and to use them to enhance our professional, personal and spiritual life.

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