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How Do I Know if Have ESP?
We all have the ability to use Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) also known as our sixth sense. Many of us use it on a daily basis but because our minds are often distracted from day to day activities, we are often unaware that we have it or use it.

We all possess ESP abilities and the degree of perception will vary amongst individuals. Some people use ESP more than others but they are still unaware of it. Have you ever noticed a colleague or family member seems to be right all of the time? Or someone that seems be able to read a person personality without really knowing them?

There are various degrees of ESP and the more the you become aware of it the more you are able to develop it and utilise it. The first step to discover your ESP abilities is to recognise it.

Let us now examine some examples of ESP that will assist you to determine if you are currently using it.

These examples often occur to individuals on a daily basis.

  • Knowing when the phone is going to ring and in some cases who is calling.
  • Sensing that someone is lying although they do not appear to be.
  • Sensing that someone is ill or depressed without any apparent physical signs.
  • Predicating a future event.
  • Sensing that you will come into contact with a person from the past.
  • Knowing that someone will have a small accident or fall.
  • Predicting a horse to win at the races.
  • Knowing about a newspaper article or event that will appear in tomorrows paper.

  • Some people can predict future events about themselves and others by using their ESP abilities. To assist with further development of their ESP skills they often will use some of the following simple exercises:
  • Using ESP cards which contain symbols such as circle, square and wavy lines to accurately name the cards
  • Accurately naming simple words that have been written on a sheet of paper
  • Stating a phrase or word that someone is thinking
  • Sensing a persons emotion

  • It has been proven that people who are lacking one of the primary five senses have the ability to use the sixth sense of ESP. A lady who is deaf and can not hear the emotions used in words will use her ESP skills to establish the emotion of the individual she is dealing with. Deaf people often comment on the ability to know how someone is feeling despite the ability to hear the words.

    As noted earlier often what people say or project to us is not how they are feeling. By using ESP you can establish what is really occurring within the individual. Mothers are another good examples of users of ESP. They will instinctively know when their child is ill or troubled without any of the obvious physical symptoms.

    Finally: We all have the ability to use ESP on a daily basis. It is a powerful but accessible skill that many of us allow to lay dormant for many years. Once we recognise and develop this skill we can use it to improve the lives of ourselves and others.

    What is ESP? How to Develop ESP Clairvoyance Test How to Develop Psychic Abilities

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