• Love and Relationship Advisors
  • Variety of 10 Minute Deals
  • Over 3000 IndĂ©pendant Psychics
  • Variable Pricing
  • First 3 Minutes Free
Bitwine Psychics
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  • Launched: 2006
  • Owned by: BitWine

Bitwine Psychics Review

Psychic Readings Available

  • Phone readings
  • Tarot readings
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Relationship readings
  • Fortune Telling
  • Occult and Spells
  • Palm reading
  • Clairvoyants
  • Angel Reading
  • IChing
  • New Age Spirituality
  • Mind Body Spirit
  • Love advice
  • Parapsychology


Pros and Cons

  • Huge choice of psychics
  • Plenty of deals to be had
  • Independant psychics
  • Forum and chat available
  • $10 Deals!
  • First 3 Minutes Free
  • Busy and cluttered site
  • No satisfaction policies
  • Antiquated Look to the site
  • Inconsistent/unvetted profile information

Bitwine Psychics Online Network: Do They Really Provide the Best Psychics?

The Online Psychic Network, powered by Bitwine, claims to provide the best psychics. They stress that their psychics are ethical and accurate, and claim to have assembled the most gifted psychics across a number of areas of interest and modalities.

4 Steps To An Expert Psychic Reading That You Can Trust

  1. Head to our verified site Bitwine Psychics for numerous $10 deals
  2. Register your details in the ‘sign up’ section.
  3. Select your favorite available psychic from the choices shown.
  4. Start chatting in the handy green chat box. 

Are their psychics really the best? We’ve taken some time to explore the site, the psychic readers, and the client experience to determine whether the Online Psychic Network is reliable, trustworthy, and reputable. Our major concern is that the Online Psychic Network takes good care of their clients and provides an enlightening reading experience.

At first glance, Bitwine Psychics Network’s website has loads on offer. It is very simply designed with lots of flashing content, but it provides its customers with all the information they could possibly need before embarking on their psychic experience. There are numerous links to follow, which take you to whichever pieces of information you require.

It is nice and easy to navigate, despite not being as pleasing to the eye when compared with other psychic network sites. The write-ups from the individual psychics are all fairly comprehensive, even if some do vary in their quality, with many containing typographical errors and others being too brief to really get a sense of the psychic themselves.

Bitwine Psychics’ Online Network does offer your first 3 minutes free, which gives you a chance to sample a psychic to see if they work for you. This ticks the right boxes and promotes credibility.

Based on what we see, we believe you can proceed comfortably and safely in your dealings with Bitwine Psychics’ Network. Read on to learn more about why.

Can I Trust Online Psychic Network?

While there aren’t any huge red flags that you should distrust Bitwine Psychics, as we always recommend when reviewing any online psychic network, we believe you should proceed with caution.

Although the site is quite minimalistic, we do not see anything wrong with this. The psychics are employed more like independent contractors, giving them more autonomy in their work. You are likely to find a trustworthy psychic reading experience here because the readers are given their own freedom. Here are some reasons why we think this is the case:

The Platform

Bitwine Psychics’ platform is very simple; no unnecessary noise, distractions or diversions.

All readings are held through telephone or chat, which makes it accessible to everyone. You will likely be calling your advisor to talk via telephone or Skype, but this raises no real question of security because you do need to register with a login and password first.

All payments are conducted between the psychic and the client via PayPal, and not through the Online Psychic Network itself. PayPal is a highly trusted and secure medium, so in the unlikely event of any disputes over payment, PayPal will handle these with the client via their own specialized processes, and not through Online Psychic Network. There is very little risk of a data breach with PayPal when you share your payment details.


You have literally thousands of psychics to choose from on Bitwine, within several specialities. The site is easy enough to navigate, as it is mostly text links, a little like the Yellow pages. Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of text; this only serves as further information to make your experience comfortable. You may be slightly overwhelmed by this and you may find yourself questioning how they know that each psychic is good enough for their site? You may then be led to assume that their screening process might not be as tight as other sites. However, you may also have noticed the links at the bottom of the page, where you can visit their sister sites, Purple Ocean and Purple Garden. Given their network and the fact that we have given these two positive reviews on our site, we think it is safe to say that you can also trust the team here at Bitwine.

Beyond the psychics themselves, there is not too much other distracting content on the site. There is, however, a useful ‘Community’ tab where you can find some forums, the most active of which is the ‘Ask a Psychic’ forum. Here, you can get the lo-down from other users which will help you find the right psychic match for you.

To get to any real detailed information about how the site works, how to choose a psychic advisor, how to leave reviews, and so forth, you have to click the Help button at the upper right. The content found in Help is useful and concise and you are also provided with a phone number if you require further information.

The Information

The Bitwine Psychics Network is pretty transparent about how getting a reading through their site works, despite using a complicated “authorized credit” system that is potentially confusing for the customer. Clicking on the different specialties takes you a list of dedicated psychics, assuming you know what you’re after. We assume that as you have reached the site, then you have already done a fair bit of research to be familiar with any terms that may be banded around and to successfully navigate the menus of readers and find the type of reading you need.

Due to the way the Bitwine Psychics Network handles customer payments, they are not particularly transparent about pricing structures. They give customers a general sense of what to expect but do not provide too many specifics on the structure. We think that this is due to the fact that they give their employees the freedom to work in whichever way they want.

The Psychics

Bitwine Psychics does not provide any information about how they screen their psychics for hire although it does say they hire psychics with a proven track record. As previously mentioned, however, you can head over to either of their partner sites, Purple Garden or Purple Ocean to find out about this.

The site currently lists over 3,000 psychics to choose from, all of whom seem to be highly qualified. To reiterate, however, we suggest you take your time to decide which one is really for you; always proceed with caution.

The site does indicate that their psychic advisors pay the lowest fees of any psychic site on the web, which does mean that advisors are getting a better financial deal. Bitwine Psychics’ labor practices do seem to be fairer than other sites, although perhaps this is due to the huge volume of advisors they promote on their site.

The listings for the psychics themselves read very much like personal ads and vary greatly in quality and quantity of information. Although these aren’t always the best summaries of the psychics’ abilities, we know that they are vetted centrally either by Bitwine, or their sister sites, Purple Garden or Purple Ocean.

There is a star-based rating process for each of the psychics to help you choose a quality reader, and these are often accompanied by client comments. Some of the comments are very detailed and some are quite brief, so the value you’ll get from reading the reviews may vary depending on the latest reviews, but it proves how heavily used this provider is and you have a healthy amount of backup in your choice of psychic expert.

Customer Service

Clicking the “Contact Us” link at the very bottom of the site takes you to Customer Service. Unlike other psychic sites, there is no satisfaction guarantee with Online Psychic Network, but they do make it very clear that you are more than welcome to contact them regarding any issue or question.

You can contact Customer Service via phone or a web form. No hours are listed for Customer Service, though they do leave instructions for leaving a phone message at their toll-free number.

Customers have a choice of a Contact Us web form for general concerns, a Report Abuse form to report abuse in readings or the forums, and a Suggest an Idea form. This makes us feel that they are very open-minded and proactive in wishing to improve their service in any way they can.

The Pricing Structure

There is no central pricing structure for the Bitwine Psychics Network. Each psychic advisor sets their own rates, which vary from under $1 a minute to well over $5 a minute. Some advisors offer “$10 deals” or “$20 deals.” The first three minutes of any reading is free, as per site policy.

Payment is done through PayPal between the psychic and the client. The client authorizes the maximum amount they are willing to pay, and the reading lasts either until the client is satisfied or the credits run out, whichever comes first. The client authorizes a limit (“credits”), out of which the site takes its service fee and pays the reader. There is no option to pay with a method other than PayPal — clients with a credit card are directed to set up a PayPal account first. This seems fine, seeing as PayPal is one of the largest online payment methods worldwide.

In addition to paying by the minute, which Bitwine Psychics Network recommends, some advisors may request a one-time lump sum payment from the client. Bitwine recommends doing this only with long-standing advisors the client has a strong relationship with.

What Kind of Readings Can I Get from Bitwine Psychics?

There is a wide variety of readings available at Bitwine

You can get:

Bitwine’s Psychic Network also lists “The Occult” as a speciality, which appears to be a catch-all category for different kinds of psychics.

Specific Love Guidance readings are available and appear popular. Psychic advisors who lead you through prayers or meditations are also available.

It seems as though it would be difficult to choose the category of reading you want from this site, but we assume that you already had a sense that you wanted Tarot or Reiki or another specific type of reading. Navigating the Spiritualism, Occult, and New Age categories to find a psychic advisor who is a good fit for you is helpful, provided you know roughly what you want from the outset.

How Do I Choose a Psychic at the Bitwine Psychic Network?

As mentioned above, the listings for psychics have the potential to be a task to navigate. Unless you have the name of the advisor you wish to speak to (in which case you can use the search box), you’ll need to scroll and click through the listings to find your psychic match.

The front page of the site features a list of “$10 deals” at the bottom and featured readers along the right side. You might also look for the stand-out orange Top Advisor bar on a profile to help you find the most popular psychics.

The listings for the psychics themselves have the potential to read a bit like personal ads, and each psychic naturally claims to be the most accurate, the most intuitive, and the most experienced. To reiterate, always do your research before making an informed choice!

One thing that sets Bitwine Psychics’ Network apart is that they boast psychics who speak a number of languages other than English. You can book readings in Spanish, Punjabi, or French, for example.

If you would like to consider a psychic on Bitwine we like the look of Sofia Spirit.

Bitwine Psychics - Sofia SpiritSofia Spirit

Sofia is an accurate and compassionate psychic reader with 15 years of online experience on several platforms and who is a top reader for Bitwine. She can answer any question you may have, openly and directly, giving you the knowledge needed to make decisions on your life path for a happier future.

Sofia doesn’t explain on her profile what kind of psychic ability she has but she claims to specialize in love and relationship readings and does claim to be a Reiki Master and has a Masters Degree in Social Work which is always helpful!  

Sofia Charges $2.99 per minute and has a ten minute deal for $25.  The number of satisfied clients compared to unsatisfied clients speaks for itself though. Judging by the reviews she can walk her talk.

To book a reading with Sofia just click the link above. 

Who is Bitiwne Psychic Network?

The Bitwine Psychic Network does not directly give much information about who they are, beyond that they are “powered by Bitwine”, feature over 3000 psychic advisors. The About Us link takes you to a short paragraph that explains that Online Psychic Network was founded in 2006, but does not give details about who the founder was. The presence of a toll-free Customer Service line, however, is present, and it’s bottom-of-page footer links to its sister sites give the positive impression of a developed, centralized body.

Our Conclusion?

If you know the type of reading you’re after and you want a huge range of established psychics to choose from then go with Bitwine’s vast Online Psychic Network.

Below Are a Few of Our Other Top-Rated Psychic Sites You Can Explore

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While nothing in our review of the site suggests that Online Psychic Network is untrustworthy or unethical, the navigation of the site and the time it takes to choose an advisor can be a touch frustrating.

We do appreciate that Bitwine’s Psychic Network strives to keep its advisor fees low and pay its advisors better than most other sites, and this commitment to low fees attract us to them.

Taken in total, if you have a psychic you know and trust (or have a recommendation for one) who is already an advisor at Bitwine Psychics, we think this site is a great match for you. Furthermore, particularly if you have the time to do so, we think you can find an awesome psychic match here!

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Have you ever had a reading from a Bitwine Psychic? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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