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June Field Psychic Medium Review

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Pros and Cons

  • Legit self proved UK psychic
  • Appears at psychic events around the UK
  • June only offers private readings before her events
  • The events June attends are UK based (at the time of writing)
  • Limited personal readings
  • Can’t get instant readings

Who Is June Field Psychic Medium?

June Field Psychic Medium is a Scottish born psychic medium who discovered she had a gift as a young child. Since then her gifts have blossomed into a passion for helping others.  

June claims to have a rare ability to connect with spirit. She also claims to work in a unique and engaging way which never fails to amaze and comfort anyone who watches her at work.  She is said to work with ‘spirit’ to give her clients absolute proof that life goes on beyond our material existence, June claims to do this so that she can “comfort those that grieve and to encourage those who have lost hope”.  

June also claims to be committed to raising money for charity in her spiritual work.

Unfortunately, readings with June are expensive and few and far between. Furthermore, we don’t know yet if June is legit and worth the wait.

Keep on reading on to find out what we discovered about June, including if she is indeed legit. In the meantime, however, if you need a reading instantly check out our highly-rated psychic provider below.  

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Is June Field Psychic Medium Legit?

June certainly seems to be the real deal. She demonstrates her psychic abilities at her tours all around the UK and through her private psychic or medium readings.  She has been talked about positively in the media and we found nothing to suggest that you should not trust June.  

Also, when you compare June to the scam sites we’ve seen and reviewed where the proposed ‘psychic’ is never real or traceable, this is not the case for June. She is definitely a real person, and you can go and find out for yourself if you choose to by attending one of her tours.

How June’s Website Works

June’s Website

To find details about June herself, you’ll need to check out her blog which is where this information is tucked away.  In some ways placing June’s full ‘about me’ section here might be a good option because it keeps the rest of the website clean.  However, don’t we all want to know a little bit more about a psychic we might travel to see or spend over £100 on a private reading? So, we feel that this information should be more prominent rather than buried somewhere deep in June’s site.

You can easily find information about June’s media presence, as well as her tour and events. It’s also easy to find how to book private readings on June’s website, and there are more details about each of these services further on in this review.

At the time of writing, June is currently touring the UK.  You can find all of the information to book tickets to each event on June’s website. Plus, you’ll find lots of information about readings that June has carried out with celebrities – if that’s something that interests you. 

The June Field Psychic Medium Facebook Page

You can follow June on Facebook too, which means that you’ll be notified when she starts a live stream or makes a new post.  You can also learn more about June’s life and thoughts via her mini video vlogs. Facebook is also a great way to stay up to date with June and what she’s up to without having to keep checking up on her website for updates.   

Links to her website and information about June are also provided on her Facebook page.

Services from June Field Psychic Medium


The majority of June’s services appear to be her psychic events where she will pass messages onto audience members from their deceased family and friends. At the time of writing, she is touring the UK.  

June’s current tour is an ‘Up Close and Personal Tour’. It will only house 85 seats so that you can experience a more intimate show and have more opportunity to get a message.  June promises that the evening will be “high energy, full of compassion and filled with laughter and tears and evidence that your loved ones walk by your side”.

We expect that these events will be memorable evenings whether you receive a reading or not. June provides opportunities to book tickets for her events on her website. They cost £27.50 plus a booking fee.  


It seems as though the only way that you can get a reading from June is by booking a private reading which she conducts during her tour. This also means that there will only be a limited number of private readings available in each part of the UK.  It’s worth noting that even though June makes more than one slot available for a reading, the chances of booking a reading from her at a convenient time or location for you are slim.

There is nothing mentioned on any of June’s media to say that she provides telephone readings.  Or that she reads at any other time.

If you do manage to get a reading with June, they are going to set you back up to £160 for a reading. What’s more, we are not sure how long the reading will last.  It seems to us that a reading from June is a one-off treat rather than a regular situation where you return repeatedly for advice as some people like to do with a trusted psychic.

To book a reading with June you will need to look for availability on June’s website and then email her team via her website.  Once your reading is confirmed then you’ll need to pay a £95 deposit via Paypal: there is a button to do this on June’s website. There is no more information about how to prepare for the reading or what is involved, but you can ask all of those questions via the contact page.

In the meantime, if you want a more convenient reading via the telephone, or if you want instant and consistent access to a reputable psychic today then we recommend our top-rated psychic providers Kasamba or Psychic Source.

Medium June Field’s Psychic Shop

June also provides the opportunity to purchase DVDs of her performing her mediumship readings, as well as meditation CDs, and soothing spiritual music.  Prices range from £4 to £12 and while there aren’t too many options to choose from, these products might be interesting to you.

The June Field Psychic Medium Customer Service and Promises To You

June Field Psychic Medium doesn’t make any big promises or bold claims about her customer service. She doesn’t, however, have any complaints that we could find. In fact, only positive reviews. So, we assume that June delivers on her promises.

However, aside from the private readings, June she doesn’t really provide any high-risk services. You’ll also be pleased to know that you can get an excellent feel about June by looking at her Facebook videos and posts. Or even by enjoying an evening out at one of June’s events.

If you want a reading quickly, however, and with a psychic who is definitely tested and verified, then we recommend the psychics you will find on sites such as Psychic Source or Kasamba.

What We Love About June Field Psychic Medium

  • June’s confident delivery style.
  • The community feel on June’s’ Facebook page.
  • The way that June tries to give plenty of access to her for a reasonable price. 

What We Don’t Love About June

  • We wished she would provide telephone readings.
  • Her website is a bit too busy.
  • There is little information about what happens during a private reading.
  • She’s a UK-based psychic and difficult to access if you are overseas. 

Our Conclusion

June Field Psychic Medium seems to be an interesting and reputable psychic who would be great to watch if you were able to get to see her on tour. We are also sure that if you get the opportunity to have a reading from June Field, you won’t be disappointed.  However, June’s readings are difficult to come by.  They are also expensive and only available in the UK.  So they won’t be for everyone.

If you are looking for a reading and you want one from a reputable psychic but you can’t get to June, or can’t book a reading from her, then we recommend one of our highly-rated psychic providers listed below.  

These are legit and verified psychics who can also provide you with consistent readings in the future too.  Just in case you want to follow up.  

Here are our recommended sites:

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Have you decided to check out one of June Field’s performances or have you had a reading from her in the past? If so, don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the experience in the comments below.

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June Field
2 years ago

This site uses reputable Psychics to draw you in and then tricks you into paying for a phone Reading with them.
Their information is wrong!
Do not spend money if this psychic guild as it’s a money maker and ploy to get you to call them on premium rates.

Roy Hobbes
Roy Hobbes
2 years ago

I went to see June Fields and she gave me completely incorrect information. This woman is a fraud. She should absolutely be called out and put out of business.

3 years ago

This is a ploy to get you to book a phone Psychic. Do not be taken in by this site. It advertises reviews that are incorrect and then want you to book their own Psychics through the ads provided. Where are the reviews on their Psychics?

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