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Mary and Christian Telepathic Duo Review

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Who Are Mary And Christian Telepathic Duo?

There’s a difference between who Mary and Christian Telepathic Duo would like you to believe who they are versus who they REALLY are!

Does the Mary And Christian Telepathic Duo Live Up To Our Expectations?

When we started to write this review we decided to guess who ‘Mary and Christian’ might be. Simply because we’ve seen this type of ‘psychic service’ over and over again this is what we wrote;

“They will have been people who have had some super psychic powers since childhood, which has led them somewhere.  They will have experienced some tragedy and heartbreak which opened up their mediumship powers, and they’ll now work to help people who are struggling in some way to avoid that heartbreak using their unique and special powers that nobody else has.”

Here’s what claims are made in the ‘about me’ section of the website:

  • “Since childhood, they have possessed an incredible Gift of Duo-Telepathy, which is absolutely unique.”
  • “It is a supernatural Ability that they have been led to develop together in order to explore the mediumistic fields, that until now have remained impenetrable to ordinary people.”
  • “This gift allows them to communicate with the Great Invisible Authorities of the Higher World.”
  • “There, they intercede in favor of various People who are lost on a Life Path that, in most cases, does not belong to them.”
  • “After diligently studying the Past, Present and near Future of these People, they find the Solution to their main Problem.”
  • “Then, they ensure that their Existence changes dramatically.”
  • “As such, these lonely Beings find hope again and take pleasure in the delights of a new Life, illuminated by a Lucky Star of Happiness, Money, and Luck.”

So they didn’t have a tragic circumstance… but they do claim to have some unique super psychic powers. They then use that to hint that those who are feeling lost and vulnerable are not on their own life path, that they can help them find their way again.

Mary And Christian Telepathic Duo are Taking Advantage Of Vulnerable People

They play on the plights of those who are struggling in life. Those who just happen to be the perfect victims for their game of taking money out of the pockets of the vulnerable.

And what’s more, the law protects these people!

So if you want to know how we can make such bold claims right off the bat about Mary and Christian Telepathic Duo, or why we seem to be so harsh in our review of them, then keep on reading.

You never know, you might save yourself from financial or emotional ruin (we are not joking).

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Are Mary and Christian Telepathic Duo Legit?

As you can imagine, we do not believe that Mary and Christian are legit psychics at all.

In fact, they are scammers.  

Well,  the people you see in the image are not scammers since they are models who have their photographs available for sale on stock image websites.  But the business behind this sham of a psychic provider is the scammer here and you will be ripped off if you decide to use their services.

If you need to know more, keep on reading on.

How Mary And Christian Telepathic Duo Work Versus How It Seems

When you land on this website, you’ll probably appreciate the clean and easy-to-use interface; the appealing colours, and friendly or mystical looking psychics. Terms and conditions will always be present, a blog that covers topics such as astrology, horoscopes, tarot, fortune telling and so on. The ‘about’ section will be well-written and there will be a few products such as e-books to purchase. There will also be something free that you attain by entering your email address, and even testimonials.

Everything looks above board

When you register your email address in exchange for a free reading, you will receive an email that looks half decent. In the case of Mary and Christian, it’s quite pleasant at first as it appears to be a numerology report.

But if you continue to read this review, you’ll soon see why they do that, and it’s not because they are kind.

This is what really happens on the Mary and Christian Telepathic Duo site …

The owners of this site essentially want your email address, so they can start to run an email campaign directly to your inbox. They will provide you with the free reading you requested, but then over time, you’ll begin to receive emails that invoke curiosity. Then after that, they will invoke excessive hope or even fear about your life.

The Professional Image Is A Smokescreen

They get away with this because it’s not public, the information arrives in your inbox.  In many cases, the messages sent will be the same as everybody else’s. That’s because you won’t receive a legit reading at all, ever. Instead, you’ll receive cleverly written copy designed to manipulate you. All communication with the people who run this site will be leading you to a place where you will hand over your cash for all sorts of phony readings and gimmicks.

Here are some of the ways that they gain your trust.

Stock Image Photos

Every image on this website is a stock image; even the people who appear to have left reviews and testimonials.  In other words, the people you see here, and who you might feel a connection with are all fake. These scammers know that our psychology responds well to images of kindly faces; they make us take our guard down.   

Fake Reviews

Leading on from the stock images of the reviewers, you will never find real-time reviews left by customers on websites like Mary and Christian Telepathic Duo. This is because the reviews are carefully written and curated and very possibly fake!

The Mary and Christian Telepathic Duo Terms And Conditions

It is all good and well that there are terms and conditions on this website; after all, legit psychic providers can sometimes forget to include these. Unfortunately, however, they are there to protect the scammers, not you.

Creating Loopholes In Legislation

You see, there’s a loophole in legislation that psychic scammers can use to get around.  This legislation hasn’t really helped the general public in any way. It goes something like this:

‘Every psychic service or provider must state that their services are for entertainment services only…  Even the legit psychics.’

You Have No Ground To Stand On

Which means that you, as the consumer, have no grounds to stand on if you face a scammer who has clearly stated that their ‘psychic’ services are for entertainment purposes only in their terms and conditions. Ts & Cs that you probably never check.

In many cases, you have to override this legislation and use your discernment when it comes to choosing a psychic provider.  But in the case of Mary and Christian Telepathic Duo, you should only consider these services as entertainment.

Although we can’t figure out how allowing somebody to psychologically manipulate you into thinking you are missing out on a good opportunity or invoking fear is entertainment. We are sure that you certainly won’t feel that way either.

Please heed our warning!

Here’s the statement on this website’s terms and conditions:

“STONAGE SARL, editor of the telepathic-medium.com site, offers several remote services to connect Customers or Users or Visitors with Psychics via a public and/or private discussion forum, for the purposes of Divinatory art and sciences, and more specifically astrology, numerology and tarot. In this context, it is expressly understood that STONAGE SARL offers entertainment content on the aforementioned topics that are purely for cultural, recreational and enjoyment purposes.

Therefore, the Customer or User or Visitor is aware that all content (written or oral) provided under these services is purely for enjoyment and that it is up to him or her to appraise the entertaining nature thereof without any obligation on STONAGE SARL’s part.”

For your reference, ‘Stonage SARL’ is the name of the business who manages this website. They are based in Switzerland.

The Psychological Manipulation

As with many of these sites, the psychological manipulation is rife, but it’s insidious.

It starts relatively low key (check out the about me section to see what we mean). The copy leads us to believe that these two people (‘Mary’ and ‘Christian’) have extraordinary powers and that they can connect with something bigger than us.  They then use that power to help people who are often not on their correct life path find the right way forward (according to ‘Mary and Christian’).

You Are On Your Right Life Path

And so, if you happen to believe in psychics, and you are experiencing a tough time, you may believe that you are not on your life path. This is causing you to feel as though you might miss out or destroy your life if you come across Mary and Christian.  

Or you might find some hope in the messages that ‘Mary and Christian’ relay to you. This is understandable but they will take who hope and keep leading them along for as long as they are willing to hand over cash to them. What’s more, you won’t really notice right away because the services start free, so they can build your trust and gain your confidence.

Invoking Fear and Anxiety

Next, the warning emails will come, or the emails that tell you that Mary and Christian were thinking about you. Those which state they had to reach out and give you a message, designed to make you feel special. This message will usually inform you about some fortune you shouldn’t miss out on or some situation that you should avoid. Then, because they asked you to select an option that you needed more assistance with, such as money, luck, or love, when you first registered your email address, that’s where they’ll focus their messages.

In some scenarios, we’ve seen sites like these sell people a talisman to break dark spells or to perform healing to bring the impending fortune they see in your life.  Frankly, it’s all lies, and when they first started with their emails, they were nice. To gain your trust.

You can be very smart and still fall for this manipulation.  

Using Technology To Track Your Responses

Sites like this also often use technology to help determine how to speak to you depending on your responses. They’ll try different headlines in the emails, or send different types of messages. Some might be full of hope, others full of fear and others even alluding to threats that if you don’t respond, you’ll have bad luck.  They can track which emails you’ve opened and if you’ve clicked any links in the emails, they will respond accordingly.


No Specific Information About Your Life In Their Readings

Finally, ‘Mary and Christian’ won’t give you any personal information about your life, your work, or the everyday business that you are dealing with. This is because they are not psychic or telepathic. Instead, they’ll cleverly programme events and problems into your mind using hypnosis and psychology in their cleverly written copy. They use this copy to create problems, and then they’ll solve the problems for you… for a fee.

A problem you didn’t have in the first place.

How A Legit Psychic Operates

Legit psychics know how hard it is to prove their psychic prowess.  They are often very humble and legitimately want to help people. They will discuss small matters and convey information about your life and how you might be feeling about something. Real psychics will also guide you into finding a way forward that is right for your highest good.  

True psychics are not always clever with words. If they are trying to get you to come back for a reading, they’ll be pretty obvious about it and won’t invoke fear or raise false hope.  

Nothing will seem too good to be true, because frankly, that’s not how things work. Most of the psychics won’t have access to your email address either.

Many psychics who work on psychic hotlines are thoroughly screened and monitored, such as those at Psychic Source and Keen. You get to enjoy the benefit of satisfaction guarantees and real-time reviews left by the customers.

It’s a world apart from this fake world that is promoted by these scammers called ‘Mary and Christian’. So, if we sound annoyed by them that’s because we are; they shouldn’t be getting away with what they are doing!

Our Conclusion? Mary And Christian Telepathic Duo are Scammers

If you haven’t already figured this out, we do not recommend this website at all. We advise you to avoid any involvement, no matter how challenging you are finding life right now.  

Instead, click one of the links below. Get a reading from a legit psychic provider, some of whom offer great introductory deals, and all whose psychics are screened and monitored. There’s no funny business with any of these providers at all.

Here are our picks:

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Have you ever tried Mary and Christian Telepathic Duo? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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I’m devastated with a few psychics, Mary and christian has sent me forms to fill out for free readings, I wasent able to get my application sent to them (for whatever reason ) but thank god! It didn’t go through, I read your your review on them 2, and lots sound pretty accurate, but what else upset me was your review sounds like a lot of the phychics that r sending me readings, they have me devastated! I cry my eyes out cause I don’t have money to pay them , so they will save my life, otherwise ” it’s… Read more »


Mary and christian are real and not scammers as you have said …I am a witness to that effect

Jolene Katjomuise Tjirue
Jolene Katjomuise Tjirue

Good evening, Mary and Christian I just want to hear more about my reading something happen I can’t find you

Mercy Ali

Oh my God😲 … Today, I almost sent them money. I so believed in them. Jeeez. Thanks to you! 🙏

Udu Chinedu
Udu Chinedu

Can you make me to be Rich

inquisitor 7
inquisitor 7

thank you marry christian.you help me allot im happ:)
love you all

Babangida musa
Babangida musa

Hi, trust you are doing great. Will like to meet you. Thanks

Charmon Curtis
Charmon Curtis

Mary & Christian Just As Soon As I Can Aquire A Credit Card From On Line. I Will Send Your Money That I Owe You. I Need To Know The Amount of Money That I Owe You. Thank You.

Ade olushola
Ade olushola

Mary&Christian pls help my life


At first i thought Mary and Christian were Real scammers and as time went on they sent me more psychic readings that appeared to good to be True as they appeared to know everything about my life, they even said i was going to finally find Love and receive Money very shortly which i didn’t. They told me who my Gardian Angel was and actually said i would receive this Beautiful talisman which of course i haven’t . So to sum up Mary and Christian they appear to be Amazing people when Definately care about Me,,, , . All in… Read more »


Mary and Christian Telepathic Duo I believe are scammers as they state the same as most scammers do. It is a copy of their report they give you matches most of these scammers down to exact copy and they tell you be careful in the next so and so time that we can or only we can help you with and then the large monetary asking price and a copy of a pendulum which we know by experience never works. Stay away from these scammers.

Ade olushola
Ade olushola

Pls help me Mary & Christian


Yes, I have gotten involved when them , and everything you’ve said it s true. They mess with your psyche, and get you to believe them. I never send them a dime. I’m so glad. Saw this! Thank you!


Well my friend told me about your work and I really wanna join it’s amazing

Salamat Yunus
Salamat Yunus

Do reading on my relationship, finace, luck, past occurrence and future occurrence

Paul Amema
Paul Amema

Do reading on my love life and entire future if you can…I had the same encounter as my friend mention above but I’m glad did not!

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