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Medium Angela Review

Available Readings

  • Email readings


Pros and Cons

  • Free Angel reading
  • Updated Blog
  • Occult Shop Containing E-Books For Purchase
  • Email Readings Only
  • No facility to chat instantly.
  • They send a lot of emails after you have registered.
  • Emails sent often invoke a sense of fear, concern or curiosity that compel people to buy

Who is Medium Angela?

The Medium Angela website appears at first glance to be the personal website of a Medium called Angela.  The website contains a well maintained and updated blog, along with a few personal products. And you also get the option to get a free angel reading.  

But what is interesting for an independent psychic site is that there is no option to purchase a reading directly from the website without signing up for a free reading first.  This seemed strange to me and raised my first question.  

Why wouldn’t Angela provide the facility to book a reading directly from her website?


Red Flag #1

Well, the answer is because Medium Angela is the trading name of a business and not a person. It’s a business owned by Kandinsky and Partners Ltd. based in Hong Kong. They promote the psychic services you see on the ‘Medium Angela’ website and will receive if you sign up for the free reading promoted on the site.

Even though this is a psychic site that is run by a marketing company is it a scam?  Well, that’s what we are exploring.

Keep on reading on to find out more.  But if in the meantime you feel like you need some answers to a pressing question, we recommend that you use a reputable and proven psychic service with a verified psychic.  The link to one is below.

5 Steps To An Expert Reading That You Can Trust

Ready to try your first reading with an experienced, trustworthy psychic?

  1. Visit Psychic Source.
  2. Register your details.
  3. Select your favorite available psychic from the choices shown.
  5. Click ‘call ’ (the psychic will call you back).

How Does Medium Angela’s Service Work?

The Products (Red Flag #2)

You can purchase products from ‘Angela’ or shall we say Kandinsky and Partners Ltd.  These products are a series of spiritual-related e-books that appear to be significantly discounted.  Although we have discovered that they appear to be permanently discounted.   You can buy a spiritual book from Amazon for much cheaper though!

This site gives the illusion of discounted prices when in fact they are not discounted.


The Readings (Red Flag #3)

To get a reading from ‘Angela’, you need to first subscribe to the emailing list by registering for a free reading.  And to get that reading you need to confirm that your email address is live.  

It seems like a complicated process but there’s a reason for this …

It’s because you are about to get sold!   With an email marketing campaign and marketing copy that is designed to inspire, scare or encourage you to purchase a reading from them.  

When you receive your free email reading, the email will advise you that some things are not going to work out well for you to and that Angela has got some answers for you.  I believe Angela also says that she telepathically knew that she needed to check into something for you.

Do not be fooled all sounds so exclusive and urgent but it’s just trickery!

This strategy is all a ploy to get you to purchase the $69 reading (which is supposedly reduced from $129).  If you purchase, you can be sure that the emails that follow will all continue to try to persuade you to purchase more readings.  Until before you know it you’ve spent far too much money.  

Don’t go there!

Instead, if you want a reading or you have anxiety caused by the emails sent to you, contact a reputable psychic hotline. Choose your own real-life psychic and explain the situation briefly and they will guide you.  Most good psychic hotlines all have introductory offers.  And if you choose a psychic well, you could easily get a reading for around $20.


What Don’t We Like About Medium Angela?

Aside from the red flags, we’ve already raised in the earlier part of this review here are a few more reasons why we will not be recommending Medium Angela any time soon.


Red Flag #4: The Tone Of The Emails

We’ve said it before in some of our reviews, and we will say it again; no reputable and responsible psychic, medium, healer, tarot reader, astrologer or numerologist will ever set out to invoke fear to get you to contact them.  They don’t set up out of the box email marketing campaigns to sell you a fake service. And they would never cause you any more anxiety. Most good psychics care about you, they feel blessed to have such skills, and they want to help to make the world a better place.  Good psychics are filled with compassion, and they’d never trick you into having a reading.  

So if you have any type of anxiety or curiosity invoking email, such as the ones sent by Medium Angela stay well away. They are probably a money grabbing scam!


Red Flag #5: The Set Up Of The Website

Not that many people will do this – unless, like us, you are checking out what’s good and what’s not in our world of readings and all things spiritual, but we’ve noticed something suspicious.

The website for Medium Angela, the emails, the prices, the layout, and the email sequences are all strikingly similar to other sites that we have also discovered to be a potential scam.  So, in other words, the site is a template; the colours, images, background texture and even the terms and conditions on the site have all been personalized but you can see that they all come from the same or similar concept to other sites similar sites that we have reviewed and not recommended.  

How does it work?  Think of it as a template blog site such as Wix.  The basic structure of the sites are the same, and then they can be customized by switching up the colours, adding images etc.  Only it seems as though this ‘Medium Angela’s’ website also includes the copywriting templates and emails too.

So it’s like a business in a box; a company will buy the whole website, emails, and strategy and then customize it (or have the company who sold it customize it) to their own branding, and then they promote it to make money.  

When the product or service is credible, a business in a box can be a good way to do business.  But it’s not a credible concept in this industry especially when we have no way to tell whether there is even a real psychic behind the scenes writing the emails and especially because even if there is we don’t know who they really are nor how good or credible they are!


Red Flag #6: Is There Even A Psychic Behind All Of This?

As we’ve mentioned previously,  if there is a real psychic medium who is writing these emails, then we have no way of knowing who they are, which means that it’s impossible to verify them.  

Seeking out psychic advice is a personal experience and one that can influence your life decisions.  Professional and good psychics know this, which is why they are always careful to make sure that they show you who they are, how they work and in proving themselves to you so that you can trust their messages.

This site (Medium Angela) has done nothing at all to prove themselves, and they have intentionally misled you.  Which means that it would be a considerable risk to believe in a reading from an unverified mystery person.  

It’s not worth the risk.


Does Medium Angela Stand Up To Her Claims?

Aside from all of the issues we’ve raised which clearly demonstrate that ‘Medium Angela’ does not stand up to her claims, here are the good parts;

The Service

The service promised by ‘The Medium Angela’ does what they say – sort of.

  • You’ll receive a reading within their specified time frame.  
  • They’ll keep in touch with you via email and provide you with a free reading as promised.  
  • Refunds will be issued to you if you have ordered something and it fails to deliver to your email.  
  • Medium Angela’s site has all of the correct terms and conditions.
  • Their website is indeed clean, comfortable to use and navigable.   

That’s about all; it’s probably worth mentioning here that this is all entirely irrelevant if the product you receive is not a genuine reading as we suspect it probably won’t be.

How Non-Credible Psychics Manipulate You

If you receive a free reading, or a marketing email inviting you to contact a psychic because they have some critical information to reveal to you, or because they claim that there is bad luck that you need to find out more about to avoid a difficult situation.  You need to recognize this as a scam! It’s also unprofessional and unfair.

All businesses like this are trying to do is to encourage you to purchase a paid reading so that they can take your money.  And as soon as you do, they’ll ramp up their marketing and start sending you further triggering emails to encourage you to spend more money – because they know you are susceptible to their advances.

Some people have lost thousands of pounds in situations like this – don’t let it be you.

What To Do If You’ve Received An Email That Has Caused Concern

If you have received such an email and you are concerned, it’s wise to call a reputable psychic hotline (such as Psychic Source or Keen) and choose your preferred psychic from their site.  Tell them about the email, and ask them to guide you. Chances are they’ll alleviate your concerns by letting you know that there is no problem.  

You can then choose to hang up after clarifying this,  or stay on the line and find out more about what energy surrounds you, knowing that you are talking to a verified psychic who works for a reputable company like Psychic Source.

Our Conclusion; Medium Angela Is Probably A Scam That You Should Avoid?

Even though Medium Angela’s site appears to be personal, and her claims appear to be desirable, you only have to look at the terms and conditions to see that an individual person does not run this site.  

Of course, there could be a possibility that Kandinsky and Partners Ltd. consults with a psychic called ‘Angela’ (we can’t find any evidence for, or against this idea though). ‘Angela’ is completely untraceable.

The site appears professional at first glance, but their questionable and savvy marketing efforts don’t convey the trust or integrity that should be expected from a reputable and trustworthy psychic site (and such an experienced psychic or a professional psychic hotline will understand that they have to do everything possible to prove their credibility).

When you take a peek behind the curtains and compare this site to other similar sites you soon realize that this is probably very likely to be an out of the box marketing venture rather than a genuine psychic site who cares about their consumers.

Not Recommended

We do not recommend that you use the site Medium Angela, in fact, we recommend that you stay well away from them.

If you do want a reading, we recommend that you check out our favorite and reputable psychic sites who will put you in touch with a real, experienced psychic and who will give you genuine services for your money.

Here are our picks:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

Visit Psychic Source for your reading now!

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Have you ever tried Medium Angela? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below!

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Mery jean T Bernal
Mery jean T Bernal

Hi angela its me again ..Mery jean bernal..I know you know me i really wanted you to guide me everyday cause my email before i forgot how to open that’s why this is new to commit you ..Hope you guide me again


These psychics are all the same . They will tell you they care, talked to your angels to protect you, will tell you that you are in trouble and lure you about money coming your way if you allow them to do special rituals. They all are using the same template letters and I tried them all. The worst is they sow fears to people who always believe on the negative. If you have faith in your God and you believe in yourself, dont allow this influencers in your life. They will destroy rather than improve your life.

Muralidhar Shettigar
Muralidhar Shettigar

Angela… muralidhar hear…I didn’t get mail last two months…


Is angela medium , I mean all those whose last name medium is scam because I am getting so many mails from these people.

declan gigliotti
declan gigliotti

i have felt angela was a scam and lie from day one saying she was visiting all the Holy places and sites that i actually worked in and then i would get emails to buy these medals from her that would solve everything,folks dont feed into this evil


Yes I have had dealings with angela medium.
It was totally negative fear mongering. Explained my negative life relates to events even as a child with ghosts or ouija need cleansing. Every step requires another intervention and payment. I have tried to cancel latest after this child experience as I flashed back to great aunt and Iindigenous ceremonies that are healing. Physically felt Ill reading her last.plea.or my negative future will be sealed forever. Need 129.00payment
Will block but asked for refund and cancel future charges.she has not responded or her site either.
It is nightmare


Angela medium promises jackpot wins in the next week since am in debts find this promising
dont know weather to accept

Alice Ruffle
Alice Ruffle

Do not accept this – Angela is a scam, as detailed in our review.

Olivia Behm
Olivia Behm

Yes, I visited and ended up purchasing a twelve month tarot card reading from “Angela.” I got suspicious however as I saw subsequent emails promising to fix the problems in my life, and offering special protections that all cost increasing amounts of money. When I was told that my aura had shadows that were preventing me from living the life I was meant to, and that Angela was the only one who knew the secret to clearing all of the negative energy (at a cost of over $200 USD), I decided to unsubscribe. I have been through this sort of… Read more »

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