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Psychic Christin
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Psychic Christin Review

Psychic Readings Available

  • Online Psychic Reader
  • Free Psychic Readings
  • 50 Years Experience
  • Email Readings
  • Clear and Effective Answers Within 48 Hours


Pros and Cons

  • Email readings only
  • Free Readings
  • Free Talismans
  • Informative Blog
  • Occult Shop Containing Relaxation Tools
  • No facility to chat instantly.
  • One option only to get a psychic reading

Psychic Christin Review: Who is Psychic Christin?

Christin is a 3rd generation psychic with the ability to read aura’s and positive energies which she calls forces of light.  She claims to be an old-fashioned reader who has over 50 years of experience in providing psychic readings and has experienced the pain and challenges in life enough to be able to provide a lot of empathy and insight into the most challenging of problems.  

Christin has been able to perceive her ‘forces of light’ since childhood and has always felt an intense clairsentient ability – even if she wouldn’t have labelled it that way back when she was a child – she just knew she was different.  

Christin can feel positive or negative waves radiating from a person as if it is some kind of electrical current and even claims to be able to perceive the flow of luck energy and the ability to attract positive energies and repel hostile energies.

And since the universe is made out of energy, that’s quite an interesting skill.

Christin’s goal is “To allow you to attract luck to your life. To keep any existing negative force away from you.” It all sounds wonderful. However, the copywriting does play on emotion a little bit which tells me to tread with caution.  That being said Christin does offer a fair introductory offer – for free which, if you like psychic readings is well worth signing up for.

If however, you want a psychic reading now, to help you with a pressing issue we can assure you that you will get an incredible reading from the site listed below.  

4 Steps To An Expert Psychic Reading That You Can Trust

  1. Visit Psychic Source
  2. Register your details.
  3. Select your favourite available psychic from the choices shown.
  4. Click ‘call ’ (the psychic will call you back). 

What Makes Psychic Christin Stand Out?

A generational psychic gift is always one of the strongest types; they say that the newer the generation, the more gifted you are.  So we already like the idea that Christin is likely to be very gifted psychically but also we like the idea that she offers old-fashioned readings that often get to the point.  

Christins website is pleasant and easy to use if not a little dated and we like the way that she provides free readings and then further offers through her email contact with you.  This is a great way to develop trust and for her stay connected with you and to keep you connected to her with little effort on your part, plus you get a free reading each month.

We also like the fact that there are options to purchase other items from Christin such as relaxation products.  

Christin’s blog is somewhat insightful, it does lack the depth of information but is excellent for attaining basic knowledge and an all-round sense of what you will experience from Christin.  

We like that there are client testimonials shown on her site, with star ratings (and they seem to look real – although we cannot confirm that 100%).

We also like that there is a guarantee in the general terms of conditions – you have 30 days to request a refund if you are not happy with any of the paid services.  

How Does Psychic Christin’s Site Work

You have a number of ways that you can use Psychic Christin’s site;

  1. Sign up for the free readings and read her emails which will also provide you with a link (and offers to receive discounted full readings from Christin).
  2. Read her blog.
  3. Access the shop to purchase relaxation products.  

Christin’s site looks simple when you first look at it, however when you start digging around you soon begin to see that most of the work that is done to promote the site is done through email.  Which is smart, it means that Christin can tailor her services and offers to your needs and you don’t have to do anything except read the emails she sends.

Christin’s emails are friendly and professional, and interesting, she also often includes links to her blogs and other free offers occasionally.  

Payment for any products and services are made via Mastercard, Paypal or Visa through secure networks, and it’s easy to unsubscribe from emails, by clicking the unsubscribe button in the last email sent to you.

How The Satisfaction Guarantee Works.

Psychic Christin offers a refund guarantee which covers the last Service or Product purchased.  But you have to claim within 30 days after buying. To request a refund, you send an email using the contact page, include ‘refund request’ in the title and enter the name of the product or service you want to be refunded in the message box.  

Refunds are made back to the card that you used to pay for the service originally.  

Our Conclusion?

We like Psychic Christin’s website and feel very confident in recommending it to our readers.  We like the way that she works, the integrity and fairness that is portrayed and backed up in the terms and conditions and we think that the free readings each month is a very generous offer.  

However, we don’t know how the emails continue because we haven’t been subscribed for long enough to see.  

To help you discern and apply caution If you find that their readings start to promote fear, anxiety or hope but they leave you hanging and having to spend more money to get further answers, it’s time to quit them and find a reputable site such as the sites described below.  If this occurs at any time when using Psychic Christin, don’t spend more money. Instead quit the site and check out a site that would never do that, such as those listed below.

If you have a serious problem in your life, and you want to get a focused and intricate reading, then we suggest using one of the sites below instead of Psychic Christin because you’ll get the reading faster.  All of the sites below have passed our reviews with flying colours and are guaranteed to get you in touch with a professional psychic, and you won’t have to wait to book a reading or to receive a reading.

Here are our picks:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Kasamba– Get three minutes free!  

Oranum – No offers but a wide variety of different types of spiritual readings.

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

Life Reader – 4 minutes free plus 50% off your first reading 

Have you ever tried Psychic Christin? What service did you enjoy? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below!

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