Top 12 Accurate Psychics 2021

It’s not unusual to be seeking out an accurate psychic.  After all, what’s the point in an inaccurate psychic right? If you get an inaccurate psychic, you are going to have to question everything they have told you whereas with an accurate psychic you can take everything they say as set in stone.  

Or can you?

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February 2024

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Well, no psychic is going to be able to tell you exactly when you might find your soulmate, win the lottery or snag that dream career.  Not time-wise at least, so how can you tell if a psychic is accurate or not?

Well, you can tell an excellent psychic when they advise us well and give us honest, uplifting readings that are correct and uniquely relevant to us and our circumstances.  

The best psychics are those who work hard to learn how to harness their gifts and translate the messages they have for you accurately.  They work to develop their skills and to listen to you, and your soul so that they can understand what is really going on for you and then provide the right spiritual guidance that you need to help you move forward in your life.  

Predicting when you are going to do something that doesn’t serve you isn’t what an accurate psychic does.  Letting you know when you are about to do something that doesn’t serve you and advising you with alternative ideas or solutions is what an accurate psychic does.

So when we present this list, we present to you the most talented, inspiring psychics who will give you deep, accurate insight into your life.

The Top Three Most Accurate Psychics from Keen

Keen offers a leading introductory offer for new customers, where you can enjoy a 10 minute reading for $1.99.  All you have to do to get it is click this link and register your details, which will include depositing a minimum of $1.99 into your Keen account.  Then you simply search for your chosen psychic by name and enjoy the reading.

Note:  Keen will let you know when you have used up your minutes and at that time you can choose to remain on the call or hang up.  If you remain you will be charged the readers standard rate per minute.


Specialises in: Clairvoyance and Feng Shui

Laura’s approach is to provide heart-centered and detailed guidance to all of her readings.  She works specifically with people who are passionate about creating a life they would love to give. She uses her gifts to develop a deep connection and understanding with you and will work intently on helping you bring your dreams into reality.  

Reading Method: Call or Chat

Pricing:  Aside from the introductory offer provided by Keen, Laura reads for a very reasonable $4.99 per minute.


  • “She talked about my personality and it’s accurate and talks about my job ethic. I love that she just picked it up and I didn’t have to explain much. She was really good and predicted that I will get the job but different position. I will talk to her again”.
  • Laura is outstanding!!!! I couldn’t be any more happier with a reading. I felt a strong sense of clarity and calmness I’ve never experienced with all the readings I had before. She is very accurate and to the point. I’m very grateful and thankful, thank you so much Laura!!!!


Get a reading from Laura Northwestern Star – click this link and search for Laura.


Specialises in:  Clairvoyant Empath

Norah is a multi-dimensional psychic. She is Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient Empathic, and Claircognizant  which means she gives very accurate and insightful readings. Norah works quickly and gets fast results for you and uses her skills to help her clients navigate a range of diverse situations and challenges in their life.  But don’t just take our word for it – check out her testimonials and see for yourself that her clients love her!

Reading Method: Call

Pricing:  Aside from the introductory offer provided by Keen, Norah reads for a bargain price of $2.99 per minute.


  • “Truly a gifted Advisor. We have connected on a a fabulous level. That connection has truly changed my life and brought much needed clarity to my life. Nora has a gift and I am blessed for having is bestowed on me. Thank you Nora for the many gifts you have shared with me.”
  • “Norah is a 100% right about what is going on. Give Norah a try, you won’t be disappointed.” 

Get a reading with Norah Jones click this link and use the search function to search her name.


Specialises in:  Love and relationships

Darren specialises in love and relationships, so if you have any problems, doubts, fears or difficulties in your romantic life, Darren is the psychic for you.  He can help you take control of your love life and create the future you dream of.  

Reading Method: Call or chat

Pricing:  Aside from the introductory offer provided by Keen, Darren reads for $12.99 per minute.


  • “Thank you Darren. Darren is my go to person. He is amazing. His predictions come true. He always puts my mind at ease. Call Darren he is the best on Keen”
  • “I think he has a camera looking at my life…he is by far the best psychic I have ever spoken to. AMAZING”
  • “No matter my situation he calms me down and keeps me focused on my end goal. Hasnt given me any false hope and helps me look towards my future.” 

Get a reading with LOVELINE WITH DARREN  click this link and use the search function to search his name. 

The Top Three Most Accurate Psychics from Kasamba

Kasamba has an introductory offer of 3 free minutes plus 50% off your first reading (after the three minutes).  To participate, just click this link and follow the instructions to register your details.  To book a reading with one of our featured psychics just copy and paste their name in Kasamba’s search function and they will pop up.  


Specialises in:  Psychic readings and crisis situations

Donovan is a natural born empath who can feel what you feel and tap into your emotions and the emotions of others.  Which will give you clarity in understanding what makes people around you do what they do.

Donavon can also look at your options, and the impact of the choices you make, so that you can prepare yourself for and anticipate the outcomes.  Aside from his extensive skills and gifts, donovan has over 34 years experience in providing psychic readings both face to face and online.

Reading Method: Chat, Call, Email

Pricing:  Aside from the introductory offer provided by Kasamba, Donovan reads for $4.99 per minute.


  • “Awesome reading very honest and down to earth will definitely be getting s reading again soon”
  • “Amazing and he remembered me!!!! Donovan is absolutely an amazing reader. I will continue to keep him up to date with my situation. Loved the reading yet again!!!!”
  • “Great and honest as always. Good or bad I know I’m getting the truth”

Get a reading with Donovan click this link and use the search function to search his name.


Specialises in:  Spirituality and religion

Zhohara is an empath who possesses the skills of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience and who gives you concise, accurate answers along with an action plan to achieve your goals.  

She often works in areas such as;  love and relationships, career and money, and family issues and she can successfully remove   remove blocks that prevent you from attaining a successful life. She does so through theta healing, reiki, EFT, and many other energy healing modalities.  

Zhohara offers loving guidance through her awe inspiring guides and angels and is looking forward to helping you.

Reading Method: Chat, Email

Pricing:  Aside from the introductory offer provided by Kasamba, Zhohara reads for $11.99 per minute.


  • “I visited her more than 10 yrs ago. She was so accurate and straight forward. At that time it wasn’t what I wanted to hear so I was afraid to come back to her after that but I always remembered how good she was. Today I came back for real questions and she totally made sense and confirmed things. I really appreciate last part of reading that only genuine psychic lady can give. Highly recommend her.”
  • “Incredible!” 

Get a reading with Zhohara click this link and use the search function to search his name.


Specialises in:  Spirituality and religion

Carole is a natural third generation psychic medium with over thirty years experience. And if you like to chat she’s a fast typist which is always good to know! Carole can often supply names and dates and covers all areas of life.  

She can also talk to your late loved ones.  She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and an empath with the ability to translate messages with clarity.  

Reading Method: Chat, Email, Call

Pricing:  Aside from the introductory offer provided by Kasamba, Carole reads for $7.99 per minute.


  • “Thank you for being the wonderful person that you are xxxx Please all people who need love and guidance go to Carole! Xxxx”
  • “Love this woman. Run to connect with her.”
  • “Compassionate and thorough reading thank you.” 

Get a reading with Psychic Carole click this link and use the search function to search his name.

3 Most Accurate Psychics from Psychic Source

The Introductory Offer From Psychic Source:  Psychic Source offer readings for a low price of $1 per minute to all new customers.  Plus they also offer similar deals for existing customers who would like to try out a new reader.  


Specialises in:  Love Psychic, Career Psychic, Psychic Medium

Faith is a high-level Intuitive Empath and Clairsentient. She is especially adept in the areas of Love, Intimacy, and Career/Financial Success and has over 20 years experience.  Her natural gifts are further enhanced by her life skills and degrees in Psychology and Business.

You can expect your reading with Faith to be compassionate yet direct, and you’ll enjoy the fact that she’s talented at releasing blocked energy.

Faith can also sense the potential intentions and thoughts of those around you – including mates, love interests, close friends and family, or co-workers. Her expertise extends to areas of deep pain, heartbreak, or grief: especially when something in the past has subdued or hidden your life passion, sexuality, intimacy, or career satisfaction.

Reading Method: Chat, Call

Pricing:  Aside from the introductory offer provided by Psychic Source, Carole reads for $8.75 per minute.


  • “Faith helped me so much. She connected with me right away and guided me in a direction that I hadn’t considered before. I felt like I understood my own situation better after talking to her. That was gift! Thank you Faith!”
  • “Warm, friendly and gave me peace of mind. Hoping all comes to pass.”
  • “Once again, Faith was accurate. She predicted a job change for another family member before the end of this year, and it looks as if it is happening. Thank you Faith for accurate predictions.”  

Get a reading with Faith click this link and use the search function to search his name.


Specialises in: Energy Healing, Love Psychic, Career Psychic

Mackenzie is a powerful psychic who has the ability to ward off bad energy and situations.  She is an honest and inspiring reader who speaks quietly but authoritatively. She enjoys helping people to manifest love and wealth and seeks to empower people to attain these goals.  

Mackenzie can read tarot, however she prefers to read energy naturally, unless you request otherwise.  

Reading Method: Chat, Call

Pricing:  Aside from the introductory offer provided by Psychic Source, Mackenzie reads for $8.75 per minute.


  • “Provided quick responses that were very specific. Clued right in on my concerns. Very conversational and enjoyed the read immensely.”
  • “Wise, wise brilliant, quick to grasp any situation and quick to chat about it, with utmost humility.”
  • “She makes me feel at ease. She’s so sweet, even through chat! I don’t like advisors to tell me what I want to hear, I want the truth. And she does just that.”  

Get a reading with Mackenzie click this link and use the search function to search his name.


Specialises in: Clairvoyant, Psychic Medium, Pet Psychic

Craig may be humble but his experience and spiritual abilities are exceptional.  As a high priest Craig doesn’t use tools he just requires your name and date of birth to start reading for you.  You can expect detailed information and responses from Craig and a non-judgemental approach to helping you.

If you are in need of a truthful, reliable, and non-judgmental reader- call or chat with Craig today.

Reading Method: Chat, Call

Pricing:  Aside from the introductory offer provided by Psychic Source, Mackenzie reads for $7.55 per minute.


  • “Craig gives valuable advice that is realistic, and his predictions are spot on. Thank you, Craig!”
  • “Quick, insightful and picked up on my situation – thank you for your advice and guidance. Looking forward to your timeline.”
  • “Once again Craig was able to give me top notch advice on how to handle an ongoing situation. I truly appreciate his honesty intuition. I will touch base in a few days. Thank you!” 

Get a reading with Craig – click this link and use the search function to search his name.

3 Of The Most Accurate Psychics from Life Reader

Lifereader has a great introductory offer for all new customers.  They offer 4 minutes free and 50% off your first reading. To take up their offer just click the link right here, register your details and then choose your psychic – simple!

Here are our favourite Life reader psychics.


Specialises in: Love & Relationship, Career & Finance, Intimacy guidance

Claudia’s psychic abilities first appeared when she was a child when she began to naturally read people’s minds and Auras and as a result was able to help them with their deepest problems.

Over the past 20 years Claudia has  become a professional Tarot reader, Master Reiki Practitioner, Internationally accredited Master Astrologist and Psychic She can read into your and loved ones past present and future to help you not only in finding the answers that you seek, but more importantly, understanding the reasons behind the events in your life that may appear unexplainable.

Reading Method: Call, Chat

Pricing:  Aside from the introductory offer provided by Life Reader, you can enjoy a reading with Claudia for $6.50 per minute


  • “Thankyou Claudia Love you advice. No sugar coating with you. Just tell it as you see it. Hugs,love and light to you xoxoxo”
  • “Very kind and insightful reader. Really good. Straight to the point, really on top of what’s happening, gives you excellent advices on your situation”
  • “Claudia was respectful, insightful and able to see the bigger picture, which is what I wanted. Thanks so much! x” 

Get a reading with Claudia – click this link and use the search function to search her name.


Specialises in: Love & Relationship, Vocation/Career & Finance, Mediumship

Patrick is a Himalayan-trained Shaman, who shares valuable insight to you. His reading style is sincere & down to earth, and always offers practical advice to help you navigate your problems.   

Patrick is skilled at using a variety of tools such as; psychic and medium abilities, crystal ball, geomancy, shamanic-trance and tarot cards to explore all available options for you.

Reading Method: Chat, Call

Pricing:  Aside from the introductory offer provided by Life Reader, Patrick reads for $6.50 per minute.


  • “First time we spoke and it was great! I cant believe what Patrick was able to see without me telling him much. Thank you”
  • “Predicted what’s going to happen many months ago called to tell him it’s coming true”
  • “Thank you so much for all the insight and guidance, Patrick! Has been super helpful xxx” 

Get a reading with Patrick – click this link and use the search function to search his name.


Specialises in: Love & Relationship, Career & Finance, Soulmate Reading

Tayuka is a naturally gifted psychic/seer and an African traditionalist with a great deal of experience in professional psychic readings.  He has been reading for over 15 years, and has helped thousands of people from all over the world. He likes to help you change your life for the better which is his specialty.

Reading Method: Chat, Call

Pricing:  Aside from the introductory offer provided by Life Reader, Tayuka reads for $5.50 per minute.


  • “Tayuka is honest and sincere with his readings. I appreciate all that he has to say to me. Hes been on target with everything so far”
  • “Really amazing highly recommend”  

Get a reading with Tayuka – click this link and use the search function to search his name.



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