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Do you, like me, ever feel really uncomfortable in an elevator when you’ve got company?

That’s because the other peoples’ auras are encroaching on your aura and vice versa. Most people stand looking up at the floor-count in elevators and can’t wait to bail out on their floor, me included.

Our aura is our energy field, and we subconsciously feel it as our personal space. Most of us don’t like strangers coming into our personal space uninvited, and that’s why if someone stands too close, we instinctively step back.

But do you know that we can instinctively sense auras as well? Want to know more?

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What are auras about?

We are all spirits having a human experience, and it’s our spirit that vibrates through us creating an energy field around us that’s known as our aura.

Ancient wisdom knew and lived by all of this, but sadly today most people have lost touch with their innate wisdom, rejecting it as mystical or supernatural hoo-hah.

But hoo-hah it certainly isn’t:

And that’s why we sense each other auras all the time. Not just in crowded spaces. Have you ever noticed when you’re feeling ill or depressed how other people and even your pets react? People generally react with avoidance, and that makes you feel even worse.

Animals on the other hand will mostly stick by you, cuddle up and try to comfort you (animals are way wiser than humans.)

When we aren’t in a good space, that negativity comes through in our aura. Anyone who comes into contact with us will pick up negative vibes and mostly respond with negativity (humans are a defensive bunch).

And it goes a step further:

If we’re rushed and feeling anxious and irritated, things can start going pear-shaped rapidly. Stuff goes wrong; people can seem confrontational or unhelpful … why? Because they’re reacting to the negative vibes they’re getting. Turn the corner and put a big smile on your dial, and see how everything changes. You’re putting out positive vibes, so people around you react positively.

So that proves that we communicate through our auras on a daily basis. Our auras are a reflection of who and what we are, and what’s going down for us big time or on a daily basis. And just in case you doubt that all living beings have an aura, check out Kirlian photography.

If we could see our own aura, we’d be able to know ourselves much better and heal ourselves when we need healing. If we could see other people’s auras, we’d probably be more understanding, kind and compassionate.

What are aura readings?

Aura readings are done by readers who can see or perceive your aura. Psychics, in particular, are inclined to see auras, but people in healing professions are often also able to see auras.

What’s the purpose?

Aura readings are excellent for helping you sort yourself out. When things in your life just don’t seem to be working for you, or if you’re feeling drained and depressed (or both), an aura reading will be able to identify where the problems lie and guide you on how you can fix it all.

Auras resonate in different colours, often connected to the colours emitted by the Chakras. But where the colours of the Chakras are constant, the colours of our auras can change depending on what’s going on for us at the time. Aura colours range from bright white, silver and gold, to all the colours of the rainbow to black, brown and muddied shades.

We also have dominant aura colours that can tell a lot about our personality, habits and our progress in life. But these can also change as we evolve, and seeing as our life-journey is a journey of learning and gaining wisdom, our aura colours are meant to change.

Aura colours and what they mean:


  • Deep red: Grounded, realistic, active, strong will-power, survival
  • Muddied red: Anger, confusion, obsession, un-forgiveness
  • Clear red: Powerful, energetic, competitive, sexual, passionate
  • Orange-red: Confidence, creative power


  • Bright to pale pink: Loving, tender, sensitive, sensual, artistic, affection, purity, compassion
  • Dark murky pink: Immaturity, dishonesty


  • Bright orange: Vitality, vigour, good health, energy, stamina
  • Pale orange: Creative, productive, adventurous, courageous, outgoing, social
  • Muddied orange: Stress related disorders, addictions, compulsions
  • Orange-yellow: Intelligent, detail oriented, perfectionist, scientific


  • Light to pale yellow: Optimism, hopeful, positive, excitement
  • Bright yellow: Fear of losing control, prestige, respect, seeking power
  • Clear gold: Awakened spiritual energy, inspiration
  • Dark yellow or gold: Immaturity, overly self-analytical, feeling left out or lost out


  • Bright green: Healing abilities, love, heart-centred
  • Green-yellow: Creativity, communication
  • Muddied green: Jealousy, resentment, victim-thinking, blaming self or others, insecurity, low self-esteem, lack of personal responsibility, over-sensitivity


  • Pale blue: Peaceful, clarity, truthful, intuitive
  • Bright blue: Spirituality, generosity, on the right life-path
  • Muddied blue: Fear of the future, fear of self-expression, fear of facing the truth


  • Psychic powers, intuitive, visionary, futuristic, idealistic, artistic, magical


  • Imagination, vision


  • Bright silver: Abundance (physical or spiritual), receptive to new ideas, intuitive, nurturing
  • Muddied silver: Fear-based health problems
  • Grey: Blockages, distortions


  • Divine guidance and protection, wisdom, inner knowledge, spirituality, intuition


  • Health problems due to un-forgiveness, psychic attack, past life pains, unreleased grief
  • Blockages, distortions, holes or voids


  • Non-physical, purity, truth, outside Spirit energy

What will aura readings tell me?

There’s so much that you can learn from aura readings, but one thing you won’t get is info about your future. Aura readings don’t predict the future; they’re all about what’s happening in your life right now, and how you can improve or fix it.

Aura readings can:

  • Identify blockages, distortions or holes in your energy field
  • Identify physical and mental illness
  • Tell you what type of healing you need
  • Tell you about your spiritual journey
  • Tell you more about yourself

Plain old curiosity is an excellent reason to have an aura reading, but if you’re struggling with your health, relationships, career, finances or anything else, aura readings can give insight into why you’re caught up in these situations. Remember that in all instances in life, it’s not the situation, but our response to the situation that causes our struggles and pain.

We can easily get cause up in wrongful thinking patterns, unhealthy habits, self-destructive behaviours, unrealistic expectations and all kinds of attachments without realising it, and aura readings can pinpoint the source of our struggles and pain so that we can begin to implement change.

And the pinpointing the source of our struggles and pain is what makes aura readings so great because we can’t possibly implement change in our lives if we don’t know the source of our problems.

How can I guarantee an accurate aura reading?

Many people in healing professions like reiki practitioners, crystal healers, energy healers and reflexologists can read auras. But if you’re new to aura healing, I’d suggest you call on a psychic for an aura reading.

If you’re opting for a psychic aura reading, visiting online psychic reading sites is the best way to go to get accurate aura readings. These sites have loads of genuine aura readers who have been thoroughly screened before they joined, so there’s no doubting their abilities.

All psychic reading sites also profile their readers, so you can get to know more about a psychic before you dive in for an aura reading. It’s really easy to get aura readings online: check out our partner site Oranum.

Reading types: phone, email, sms & text

Because you’re going the online route, you can get your reading by phone, online chat, email or sms depending on the psychic reading site you choose. Phone or online chat readings are immediate, while sms and email psychic readings are more personal and private, and you have the written record of the reading so you can check your healing progress against you next aura reading.  I think that’s really cool, especially where healing is concerned.

And please don’t go thinking that aura readings online don’t work. Yes, if you go to a healing practitioner they do see you face to face, so they can see your aura there and then; but psychics can also see your aura there and then. How? Because psychics who do aura readings use clairvoyance to see your aura. Clairvoyance is a psychic ability to see beyond space and time, so actually, a psychic will be able to see your aura more clearly than someone who is sensing your aura with the naked eye.

Are aura readings the same as psychic healing then?

Yes and no, depending on why you want to have an aura reading.

If you want to have an aura reading out of curiosity, you won’t need any healing. The aura reading will tell you more about who and what you are, what you like and dislike and where you’re heading spiritually. If that appeals to you, add an astrology reading or numerology reading, and you’ll be amazed by what you learn.

If you know that you need healing of any kind, an aura reading is the best place to start. An aura reading will tell you where you’re actually at right now, and pinpoint the source of your struggles and pain. From there you can have psychic healing sessions, and if you need it, seek medical help so that you can start to get things sorted.

Aura readings are also excellent for people who are being treated for physical or mental illness because the reader can guide them through their healing process and monitor how well they are doing.

How much does an aura reading cost?

Anything goes really! You can expect to pay from $0.99 to $9.99 per minute.

But when you first sign up with Oranum, you get a FREE TRIAL and CHAT, and once you have chosen your psychic, you get $9.99 FREE CREDITS loaded to your account.

That’s really an excellent deal!

You’ll have to open an account and fund it before you have your reading, but that’s real easy because you pay by credit card. Oranum has a secure payment gateway, so there’s no worrying about your card details are secure.

How to identify an accurate, legit aura reader:

Whether you go to a face to face healer or opt for an online aura reading, word of mouth is the only way to go if you are looking for an accurate and legit aura reader. Anyone can tell you they’re seeing your aura, and you’d be none the wiser. Online psychic reading sites are definitely the way to go because they profile all their readers and list all past client reviews and comments on each reader’s profile. If an aura reader isn’t the real deal, they won’t last online.

The reviews and comments left by past clients are genuine and unedited. People don’t lie when they rate a psychic. Most people who want an aura reading have real issues that they need to be resolved. There’s no brownie points for leaving good reviews and comments for a fake.

Pros and cons of aura readings:

  • Aura readings can tell you more about yourself
  • Aura readings can help you unblock your energy flow
  • Aura readings can pinpoint the source of your struggles and pain
  • Aura readings can guide you to find the type of healing you need
  • Aura readings can possibly connect you with loved ones now in Spirit
  • Aura readers can’t predict your future
  • Aura readers can easily be impersonated by fakes
  • Aura readings can give you info, but not the definite answers
  • Aura readings can identify health problems you’re unaware of
  • Aura readers can tell you things about yourself you might not like to hear

 In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.              Albert Szent-Györgyi 

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