Top 3 Face Reading Sites Online

Did you know that you can tell a lot about someone by reading their face?

Face reading has been around for thousands of years and was widely used by the ancient Greeks, Chinese and in Ayurvedic practices. And face reading is still just as apt today.

And why wouldn’t it be?

Just think of movies and how makeup transforms actors to fit their characters. And what about writers? They create a facial description with words so that we can tell the heroes from the villains.

Your face could tell you much more about yourself than you think.

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What are face readings?

Face reading or Physiognomy is similar to palm readings. They’re both based on the wisdom that we’re all born with a predetermined life-path and life-purpose, and clues to both of these are etched on our anatomy.

Imagine having a map of your Life-Path that you can open and look at when you’re feeling lost. How cool would that be? 

Actually it’s not that farfetched.

We’re all born with many clues to our destiny, and the ancients knew all about them. But as we ‘progressed’ and became more ‘civilised’ we ditched all the ancient wisdom in favour of science and technology. As good and science and technology are, we still need that ancient wisdom, and if you’re considering having a face reading, good on you; don’t hesitate! We all need to reconnect with the wisdom that we’ve lost.

Face reading isn’t magic or fortune-telling:

Face readings is a taught and learnt technique that uses specific areas of your face as information points based on ancient wisdom. Anyone can apply themselves and learn face reading.

There are two main types of face readings. Face readings based on ancient Chinese principles focus on your fortune (life-path), while face readings based on Ayurvedic principles focus on your health and wellbeing. Today, most face readers combine these two techniques.

Both the ancient Chinese and the Vedic’s believed that we are all born with a predetermined destiny that’s etched on our face and palms and that our destiny can shift depending on how we live our life.

Sound odd? Not so much:

It’s like when you’re taking a trip. You can take the short and quickest route, or you can take the long scenic route. Either way, you’ll arrive at your destination, but neither you nor your destination will be the same (depending on the route you choose) when you arrive because time takes its toll.

What will I learn from a face reading?

“It’s written all over your face!” Have you said that to someone before? Fact is, we read peoples’ faces every day even though we don’t realise it. We’re attracted to certain types of faces and put off by others, and our facial expressions often say much more than the words we speak.

A face reading can tell you about your personality and character, your life-path and life-purpose, your health, your past, where you’re at now in the present and your future. When you have a good face reader, your face reading can prove to be an invaluable tool to getting on in life.

Face reading is way more in-depth than what we can chat about in a single post, but here’s some insight into how a face reading works:

Facial Anatomy:

  • Left side represents character and temperament
  • Right side represents emotions and relationships
  • Forehead represents childhood, the past and relationship with parents
  • Mid part, including eyes, nose and cheeks, represents the present and mid-life years
  • Lower part, including chin, represents the future and later life years; it also includes private life

Face Shapes:









What your face can tell:

  • High and wide forehead indicates intelligence
  • A mole near the eyebrow indicates financial luck
  • Low and wide forehead indicates patience and perseverance
  • High and narrow forehead indicates practicality and analytical skills
  • Low and narrow foreheads indicate cunningness and dishonesty
  • Blemished forehead indicates a troubled childhood or repressed emotions
  • Eyebrows are linked with health and longevity; the thicker and fuller the eyebrows the healthier the person is and the more fertile
  • Size: large eyes indicate sensitivity, compassion and creativity; small eyes indicate a strong will, inner power and a practical mindset
  • Spacing: close-set eyes indicate a highly intuitive but jealous personality; wide-set eyes indicate a lack of motivation but excellent people skills
  • Corners: up-turned corners indicate sincerity and honesty; down-turned corners indicate good fortune; rounded corners indicate kindness and sharp corners indicate adaptability
  • Short: indicates flexibility, dependability, open-mindedness; can also indicate an inability to save money or difficulty getting along with people
  • Long: indicates a strong sense of responsibility, love of knowledge and a very practical mindset; can also indicate a habit of taking things too seriously and may find it difficult to love openly
  • Flat: indicates loyalty and patience; stamina to go that extra mile and often succeeds goals
  • Crooked: indicates creative talents and success; can indicate an unstable mind or a mind that wanders from goal to goal
  • Pointed: indicates strong intuition and femininity; often an interest in arts and music
  • Large (with thick lips): indicates success, a love of food, people and a very generous nature
  • Small (with thin lips): indicates sensitivity, independence and self-consciousness; also indicates being introverted, hardworking and very in tune with own intuition
  • Thicker Upper Lip: indicates affection with a love of life; can also indicate multiple marriages or very strong independence
  • Thinner Upper Lip: indicates a strong desire to please, or inclined to excessive worrying; can also indicate trustworthiness and dependability
  • Straight Lips: indicates practicality and analytical skills; can also indicate a reserved nature
  • Lips Curved Up: indicates self-assurance, but also a need for reassurance; can also indicate a reserved nature, particularly with strangers
  • Lips Curved Down: indicates warmth and affection; can also indicate a dedication to family
  • Large: indicates masculinity, courage and strong drive and determination
  • Small Ears: indicates a high level of creativity; can be a late bloomer in life
  • Large Upper Ear: indicates intelligence, good memory, responsibility and achievement in life
  • Large Lower Ear: indicates kindness, a sense of fun, a love of company and a natural entertainer
  • High Cheek Bones: indicates a need for privacy and also empathic or intuitive gifts
  • Flat Cheeks: indicates politeness and shyness, and also difficulty expressing true feelings
  • Plump Cheeks: indicates playfulness and light-heartedness as well as a great sense of humour
  • Blemishes: indicates poor digestive health or an inability to process emotions in a healthy way
  • Prominent jawline: indicates high energy levels and ability to take charge (often leadership); can indicate a judgemental and strongly opinionated personality
  • Rounded jawline: indicates tradition and family focus; can also indicate great attention to detail and inclination to conventionality
  • Blemishes: indicate hormonal imbalance or issues with your masculinity/femininity

This is just a very basic outline because face readers also take into consideration the lines on your face, scars, the natural colour of your hair, the texture of your hair and much more. Just as with palmistry, face readings track the changes in your face as you age because this is an indication of how you’ve lived your life and if you’ve shifted dramatically from your Life-Path.

Also, although there are loads of texts to study from, professional face readers also use their intuition when conducting face readings. So face reading isn’t a black-and-white, one-size-fits-all craft. Face readers will spend time discussing your life with you to understand you better. This is how they can tune into who you are, where you’ve come from and where you’re headed.

How can I guarantee an accurate face reading?

It’s a risk just choosing a face reader at random because you have no way of knowing if they’re the real deal. Many psychics have a natural interest in the ancient wisdom of face reading and palmistry and use them as divination tools in psychic readings. So visiting online psychic reading sites is the best way to go to get face readings.

All psychic reading sites screen their readers before they can join and this is really important, so you’re guaranteed that a fake isn’t conning you. Take a look at some of our partner site LifeReader:

Reading types: phone, email, sms & text

When you go online, you can get a reading by phone, online chat, email or sms depending on the psychic reading site you choose. Psychic readings done by phone or online chat are immediate, but not so private. If you need privacy, go for sms or email readings. PLUS, sms and email mean that you have the written record of the reading to keep.

Are face readings and palm readings the same?

To a large extent, yes.

Both face and palm readings are ancient wisdom dating back over 5 thousand years, and both use your body as the map of your individual Life-Path.

Often we feel totally lost and think we’re left out in the cold with none who cares about us, but that’s not true. If only people would return to the wisdom of the ancients! Reality is that we’re never alone because The Divine is always with us; all we have to do is reach out.

Also, The Creator gave us a map of our life-path and our life-purpose; it’s written on our faces and the palms of our hands, and our route is also charted out for us by the sky we were born under.

How much does a face reading cost?

There’s no saying what you could pay for a reading, but you can expect to pay from $0.99 to $9.99 per minute.

All of our partner sites offer excellent rates, and when you first sign up, you get FREE credits or FREE minutes (or BOTH) depending on the site you choose.

How to identify an accurate, legit psychic:

The only thing you can trust is word of mouth if you’re looking for an accurate, legit psychic reading. Online psychic reading sites are definitely the only way to go because they profile all their readers and list all past client reviews and comments on each reader’s profile. They take care of it all for you!

People won’t lie when they rate a psychic. Most people who want a psychic reading want to know more about their life. Why would they rate a psychic who did zip for them?

Pros and cons of face readings:

  • Face readings tell you about who you are
  • Face readings tell you about your health
  • Face readings tell you about who you’re destined to be
  • Face readings tell you about your past, present and future
  • Face readers can easily be fake
  • Face readings can tell you things you don’t expect
  • Face readings aren’t magic and won’t hide the truth
  • Face readings can give you warnings you’re not ready for

 The face is a picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter. – Cicero 

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