FREE Fortune Teller Reading Online

FREE Fortune Teller Reading Online
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Sometimes our problems become overwhelming, leaving us confused and depressed. It is at times like these that we need a reassuring voice and some solid advice to help us bring calm to our mind…

A good online fortune teller can do just that, but many people are sceptical. Most people are concerned about being scammed out of their money in their moment of desperation, and that is a real concern.

But if you do some research, you can get the advice and reassurance that you need in no time from a fortune teller that has your best interests at heart.

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Desperately need a fortune teller reading?

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What is a fortune teller reading?

A fortune teller is someone who can foretell future events that are likely to happen in your life. In a reading, the fortune teller will use esoteric tools to gain deeper insight into your situation. You might be asked to choose an item through visualisation or physically so that your energy can be brought into the reading.

Esoteric tools vary from one fortune teller to another and can include tarot cards, runes, crystals, IChing, numerology, astrology and more. It is important to note that if a fortune teller uses numerology or astrology, you are not getting a full numerology or astrology reading, rather bits of information are being used to give greater insight to your situation.

All information that is channelled in online fortune telling (or any type of reading) comes from Spirit. To understand Spirit energy you can compare it to your aura.

What will an accurate fortune telling reading tell me?

Fortune tellers focus on what your future holds. This includes the immediate future as well as the distant future and depends on what your burning question or life crisis that you are facing is right now.

Because each fortune teller works in a way that is best for them, it is best that you follow their process and give them the information they need as they ask for it. Some fortune tellers will discuss your life and the immediate situation with you, while others will only want scant information before they begin the reading. Basic questions asked could include your full name, star sign or date of birth. There is no need to be reluctant about giving your date of birth because a fortune teller who uses astrology, numerology and crystals as divination tools needs this information to make their selections in the reading. For example, your star sign is connected to your birthstone.

The structure of a reading depends on the fortune teller’s personality. Some are direct and to the point, while others will elaborate on what they see in your future and past. Either way, a good fortune teller will aim to answer your immediate question, and give you any other information that they pick up during the reading. Luckily all reputable sites that offer online fortune teller readings profile each reader and give you enough information to allow you to choose someone that suits your requirements and personal style.

Some fortune tellers will ask you if you only want to know of positive events that lie outside of your immediate question.  Now that might seem a bit odd and could get you questioning if the fortune teller is honest with you about your immediate question. The truth is that a genuine fortune teller knows that during the reading they have your wellbeing in their hands. If you are in an emotional state already, they want to protect you from further emotional trauma by telling you something that looks negative but has nothing to do with your current situation.

Let’s look at an example:

The fortune teller sees you, sometime in the future, saying a tearful goodbye to your family and friends and moving to someplace far away. It can look like a negative event. That news could be very upsetting to you in the immediate term because you don’t know yet what will transpire between that move and the present day. Maybe the move will be prompted by positive events in your life at that time, but because you need your family and friends right now, you could find that information upsetting.

It is very important to understand that although fortune tellers use many different esoteric divination tools during a reading, they are still channelling Spirit energy through these tools to guide them and Spirit energy does not always guide them with hard and fast facts, particularly on events that lie in the more distant future. That is because we all have a free will in this life and we can make our own choices, so although something is a possibility, you can at any time make a decision that will open your life to new and different possibilities. That is why it is always best to plan ahead but focus on living in the present.

Also, opt to have regular readings to help you through what you are experiencing as the situation evolves rather than expecting all the answers form one reading. If you are going through a rough patch, have a monthly reading and when things are going really smoothly have a reading once a year.

One thing that a genuine fortune teller will not do is scare you in a reading. Never!

If a fortune teller starts telling you that you have been cursed or have a hex on you, and that is why you are going through what you are, or why things happened in your past – back out of the reading immediately. You are most likely being set up for a scam.

Often bogus fortune tellers will follow the curse or hex revelation by making an offer to reverse the curse or hex at an extra cost to you. They may ask for an additional cash payment, a physical item like a computer or an item of furniture, or ask you to attend classes or workshops that they run. Now there is nothing wrong with attending a class or workshop that is run by a fortune teller who you trust to do your readings, but you should never attend to get a curse or hex reversed.

How can I guarantee an accurate fortune teller reading? 

References, references, references! That’s how you will be able to know if a fortune teller is accurate or not. Read the reviews on each online fortune teller given by people who have had a reading and also do some further research online. Word of mouth is the best way to establish the authenticity of a fortune teller. Social media is a great place where people will speak their mind, and a good fortune teller will very quickly get positive comments because people often want to acknowledge and thank the fortune teller for helping them.

It is also very important that you select a fortune teller who works in the area of insight that you need. Are you looking for advice on love and relationships, family or money and career, or to connect with your angels? The online personal profile of each fortune teller will give you information into what areas of insight each reader specialises in.

It is important not to be influenced by price when you are making your selection because many fortune tellers believe that their ability to read into the future is a gift that they share with society for a nominal fee. If you feel yourself innately drawn to a specific reader, it is best to trust your instinct because you could be being guided to them for a reason.

Reading types: phone, email, sms & text:

The great thing about online readings is that you can choose how to connect with a fortune teller. Most sites offer phone, email, sms and text and some also offer Skype readings which is almost like face to face if you have a webcam.

If you are concerned that written communication is less effective, don’t be. The way you communicate with the fortune teller does not affect the quality of the reading and is really only about your convenience. Once the fortune teller has tuned into your energy and starts channelling Spirit energy through whatever esoteric tools he or she uses, the reading begins irrespective of how the information is communicated. Online fortune telling allows you to get a reading from anywhere without having to travel to meet a fortune teller face to face. Email communication between you and a fortune teller has three benefits: it is completely private because no one can overhear your conversation, you have a record that you can keep to reflect on at any time when you need to, and you can still have a reading even if you have a busy schedule.

A hidden benefit of online readings (except Skype with a webcam) is that your appearance cannot influence the fortune teller. Fortune tellers are human too, and just like us, they can sometimes make snap judgments of people based on appearance. Online that aspect of their humanity cannot kick in to influence a reading.

Are medium readings and fortune telling readings the same?

It is not always easy to discern the difference because readers choose what they want to be called based on how they perceive their talents.

3 accepted rules to differentiate would be:

  1. A medium receives information directly from Spirit
    A fortune teller uses esoteric tools through which to receive information from Spirit
  2. A medium has a broader range of access to your life path, as well as life options
    A fortune teller can only read the path that you are currently on
  3. A medium has access to your mental, emotional and spiritual state that influences life events
    A fortune teller is often not able to tell you why life events occur

But these rules aside, some mediums do choose to use esoteric divination tools if they believe that it will enhance a reading, and some fortune tellers have very broad insight into your life events during a reading.

How much does a fortune teller reading cost?

The rates for online fortune telling vary from one site to another, but you can expect to pay from $1 to $5 per minute on average. Some sites also give you free minutes so that you can first see if you are connecting with your chosen reader properly before you pay for a full reading.

Most sites require you to open an account and fund it before you have access to a reading. Once you are connected with a fortune teller, you are charged by the minute, with each minute deducted from your account balance.

Payment by credit card is the most popular way to top up your account, and all reputable sites have a secure payment gateway, so you are assured that your credit card details are secure.

How to identify an accurate, legit fortune teller? 

One thing that should be immediately evident at the start of a reading is a sense of empathy. A legit fortune teller knows that they are there to help you on your life path, and to do that they need to connect with you with empathy. It need not be gushing empathy (actually, if it is it could be a red flag), but you must get a sense that your reader cares and you must feel comfortable. Once you are sure it feels right, be willing to provide the information that you are asked to give. Remember that the fortune teller must have some information to work from if the reading is going to be accurate.

Don’t go into a reading spontaneously spilling your heart out. If you do that you could influence the reader, and if they are a con you could be giving them information that you can later think that they gave you. Also, don’t withhold information to try to catch the fortune teller out to test their accuracy. That’s just silly, and if you are going to do that rather don’t have a reading.

An experienced fortune teller will work on the base information they have requested and build on that to get an accurate reading for you. An experienced fortune teller will often come up with things that catch you off guard because you almost cannot believe that they have picked that up.

If you feel uncomfortable during a reading or you get the impression that the fortune teller is guessing, it is best that you end the reading politely. A great thing about online fortune telling is that you can end a reading without the discomfort and potential embarrassment of a face to face reading.

As mentioned previously, never accept that there is a curse or a hex at work in your life and definitely do not agree to pay to have them reversed, no matter how convincing the fortune teller comes across.

Another red flag is a reader who attempts to create a dependency. You can spot that when the fortune teller tells you that there is ‘something going on’ in your life that they cannot quite identify, and you must have another reading with them soon so that they can tell you more. If you buy into that, you could be having false readings into perpetuity, each one with another hook while your bank balance empties out.

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