Life Coach Psychics: Where to get Psychic Life Advice Online

helping handSometimes we need guidance that is more long-term then what a single psychic reading can offer us. That’s where life coach psychics can become very helpful.

By going beyond a single reading on a single question or topic, a life coach psychic can continually use psychic advice, intuition, clairvoyance, divination or any other psychic tool to support you through an entire process.

If you want to move beyond getting answers to a question and dig into strategizing about how to best achieve your goals in the long run, then consider looking into life coach psychics. They can be with you every step of the way.

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What is a life coach psychic?

The basic definition of a life coach is someone who works with you on an ongoing basis to empower you to achieve your goals and dreams. Typically this is in the career area but can also help you to address other issues such as love relationships, business relationships or others. Life coaches work with you to help you discover what your deepest desires are, which obstacles stand in your way, and how you can best move beyond them to achieve your full potential.

What makes life coach psychics great is that they can also use their powers of clairvoyance, clairsentience, divination, intuition and all other spiritual tools to help you! Some life coach psychics use their angels or spirit guides, but whatever tools they have at their disposal, working with a psychic life coach is like working with a regular life coach who has a whole extra set of tools to help you achieve your dreams.

Psychic readers or life coach psychics?

woman skyPsychic readers will work with you on one platform of your choice to address a specific question. Whether you are calling for a love reading, a past life reading, or a career reading, the psychic reader will use the tools that they have at their disposal to assess your situation and tell you what they see.

A psychic reader may give you some advice, but typically that is not their job. They will simply look at the situation in order to reveal what might have been hidden to you. It is up to you to decide how you want to use that information to effect change in your life.


What makes life coach psychics different

friendsThis is where life coach psychics differ. Instead of paying for a single reading, many life coaches operate on a subscription basis. Rather than paying a flat fee for one phone session, email, or chat exchange, most life coach psychics will offer you a package that includes face-to-face meetings, unlimited emails, and chats, so that they can follow up with you as you progress through your life.

A psychic reader will clear their energy after providing you with the reading. This is because a professional psychic needs to have a clean slate from where to give new readings to other people. They cannot stay attached to everyone that they read for, and will clear their energy and psychic connection with you after the reading.

It is different with a life coach psychics because they work with you on an ongoing basis. They will likely choose to stay connected to you energetically. This is because it is important for them to assess how their work with you is progressing. Not only will they use their psychic abilities to delve deeply into what your obstacles and needs might be, but they may also offer you exercises to help you to develop your own skills.

Working with a life coach psychic

A life coach psychic becomes a psychic advisor, mentor, friend, and guide all in one. They will create clear strategies with you and for you that you can follow in order to make the changes in your life that you seek. If, for example, you require a lot of aura cleansing and healing before you are able to create the life that you desire, they will set up a plan for you.

They may begin with the aura cleansing and rebalancing and then proceed to seeking guidance from the angels or spirit guides in order to determine how you should proceed in your life. They may also teach you how to follow your own intuition or make contact with the spirit guides in your own life. Perhaps you have psychic intuitive abilities yourself? They can help you to get in touch with them, learn from them, and use them for your own benefit in your life.

Life coach psychics will typically take emails from you to follow up on previous sessions. This is not necessarily the case for people who receive individual psychic readings. Some readers are gracious enough to offer follow-up emails, but most are not able to provide this for everyone. On the other hand, a psychic life coach will prioritize your needs because you are already on a subscription basis with them. That is not to say it’s all about the money, but because you have established a long-term ongoing relationship, your progress will be prioritized.

Why use a life coach psychic?

crystal ballPeople seeking out life coach psychics tend to have a lot in common. Many of them want to become more spiritually connected and want to develop their own powers and abilities. A life coach psychic is more than a psychic reader because they are also teachers. Working with a psychic life coach is a great way to explore your own psychic abilities and strategize methods of improving them.

Another reason people come to life coach psychics is to discover more meaning in their lives. Whether that is in career, relationships, or spirituality, a psychic life coach has an arsenal of tools and strategies to help you figure out what it is that will actually make you happy.

Sometimes we have deep desires but we don’t really understand where they’re coming from or why. When working with life coach psychics, you can delve more deeply into the unconscious and discover what forces might be motivating you.

Finding serendipity with a life coach psychic

vintage luggageSometimes there are things that take us off track in our lives, off of our true path. Some of us have karmic baggage from past lives that continues to lure us in a certain direction, and although we realize time and time again that this is not the path that we want to take, sometimes we feel disempowered to resist it. A life coach psychic can not only help us recognize these negative patterns, but they can also help us to break the karmic past life connection that may be driving these choices.

Additionally, we may have deep desires that are not clear to us. We may know that what we are currently doing is not fulfilling and not what we would choose to do, but we may be unsure as to what to replace it with. Sometimes we know that we like something or are drawn to something, but we can’t fully see how we would incorporate it into our own current situation.

A life coach psychic can not only help us determine what those deepest desires are and where they come from, but they can also help us craft a clear strategy for getting from point A to point B. Ultimately, a psychic life coach can give us insights through psychic readings to help us determine our paths to success, but they can also give us a strategy for getting there. Additionally, they can also give us training through exercises and other methods of teaching in order for us to develop our own psychic and energetic practices and abilities.

How to find a reliable life coach psychic

whisperFinding a life coach psychic who really understands your objectives, has ample experience, and has real psychic ability is obviously what everybody is going for. So, how do you find somebody who meets all of these criteria? How can you be sure you won’t run into a scam or a fraud? After all, it’s one thing to pay for a single reading, but it’s entirely another thing to sign up for an ongoing subscription with someone.

The common best practices for finding psychic advisors also apply to finding life coach psychics. The first most important thing is to find a life coach psychic through referral, word of mouth, or a reliable source. Stay away from random flyers on the street or psychic shops in neon lights. If you really want to find somebody qualified, make sure that you can vet their work.

If you have friends who might know of a great psychic advisor, ask them! Even if this psychic advisor doesn’t work as a life coach psychic, if they are qualified, they will probably have colleagues to recommend to you. If you don’t know anyone to give you a reference, try looking in a New Age store. New Age stores often offer classes, groups, and workshops and their employees often work as psychic advisors and readers themselves. They are likely to know where you could find a qualified psychic life coach psychic.

Online life coach psychics

Your third option is actually the easiest. There are many online websites out there offering all kinds of psychic services, the only trouble is figuring out which ones are real and which ones are scams. Lucky for you, we have a great list of partner websites to share with you today! All of our partners vet their psychics, whether they are readers, divinators, clairvoyants, or life coach psychics. Additionally, there are filters on the websites where you can sort through many psychic professionals to find the qualifications that you desire for your work. You can read their bios, you can read reviews, and in many instances, you can even try them out for free. So, let’s take a look at each one.


Azzrian VisionsOn Keen, Azzrian Visions has been working as a spiritual and psychic advisor for over 25 years. She offers energy work, does spiritual readings, and also works as a psychic life coach. Keen has a great introductory offer of the first ten minutes for only $1.99 for new customers! That is a great way to try our a psychic without much risk involved.

If you find that you click, go ahead and schedule a full session or ask about a life coaching arrangement. If not, well you are free to try out someone else! And Keen also offers a guarantee in case you have that unlikely bad experience. You can receive a credit in Keen dollars if you submit the request within 72 hours. That’s a pretty great deal, so you can rest assured that you won’t be scammed!


Kasamba also has life coach psychics available for you! Kasamba offers the first 3 minutes for free, so you can actually try somebody out without paying anything at all. And if you choose to schedule your first session, you can save 15% on your reading as a new customer. Psychics on Kasamba are also rated by clients, and the website offers a lot of great specials and deals.


Oranum also has plenty of life coach psychics available for you to work with. The thing that I really like about Oranum is that you can actually see your psychic online virtually through their live stream application.  Just click on your psychic’s profile and you’ll be able to watch them live when they come online. You can see them in action and decide for yourself if the way that they work suits you. If it seems like a good fit, then you can buy Oranum credits for your session. This way you’ll never spend more than you expected to because you’ll simply be pulling from your account.

Pros of life coach psychics

  • Can offer you long-term support
  • Can act as teachers and guides as well as readers

Cons of life coach psychics

  • A greater financial commitment
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