How to Find a Local Psychic Near Me?

Does anybody else imagine popping round for a cup of tea with the wise old lady down the street, or your ancient great-aunt whenever you need psychic advice and then when you leave you walk away with a spring in your step knowing that everything in your life is going to be perfect?  

Ok, so that might be just me, but there’s something mystical and inviting about a local psychic, but the good ones are usually hard to find.  So how do I find a local psychic near me? As usual, we’ve got all of the details right here for you.

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I Want to See a Psychic in Person – How do I Find a Psychic Near Me?

Finding a local psychic could be as easy as picking up your local directory and looking one up, or searching on Facebook or Google to see what pops up.  But with the cost involved and time invested in travelling to your reading, and risk of meeting a scammer there are better ways to find a good local psychic.  

There are also ways to trial a local psychic before committing to a full reading that can save you money and enable you to check out a psychic before you take the plunge with an unverified stranger.  

Save Your Money

Paying attention to how you find your local psychic will save you wasted money on a local psychic who doesn’t do the type of reading you need or require.  It will also make sure that you either find the local psychics with the skills required (and who have actual psychic skills for real) or who charge the price for their readings that reflect their experience so that you are happy that you’ve made a fair exchange.  

Some local readers who are building up their experience might offer to read for a small fee or ask you to pay what you feel that the reading was worth.  You can also find readers online who also charge less money as they build up their reputation – here are some examples.

Choosing Your Reading

There are different types of psychic readers and readings that can serve different purposes and meet different needs. One psychic reader might be skilled in one area where another might be skilled in a different area, so just popping to the nearest local psychic might not serve your needs as you imagine they will.  

For example, if you are looking to connect with a relative who has passed away, you need to look for a medium specifically, and you will be disappointed if your local psychic happens to be a psychic tarot reader without any mediumship abilities.  

But if you want to find out how a situation might pan out, or need some advice on how to handle a situation, a psychic, or tarot reader will (depending on their skill level) be able to help you better than a medium would.  

You can find the right kind of psychic reader and have the opportunity to try or discuss your reading with your chosen reader either online or at body, mind, spirit events.  Which leads us nicely to the next section!

Different Types Of Events To Help You Find A Local Psychic

Body Mind Spirit Events

Local body, mind and spirit events provide an excellent opportunity to network with local psychics, as well as healers.  They give you a chance to ask questions about what to expect from a reading and find out more about your local psychic’s skills.  

The only thing body, mind and spirit events don’t do is give you reviews that have been independently verified.  To find out what to expect from a reading keep reading and to find psychics with verified reviews check out psychic readers online – you even get free minutes or the opportunity to view your reader in action!

Alternative Health Centres

Alternative health centres are not quite as interactive as a body mind spirit event because you can usually only speak to a receptionist to enquire and not all centres offer psychic services. But they are worth checking out to see if they can help you seek out a local psychic, or even if they have one on their books.  

The only downside is that they will be biased and recommend only those psychics on their books – but the chances are these psychics will have already proven their skills to the people who run the health centre which makes them verified..

Psychic Suppers

Psychic suppers are a fun evening out where you usually enjoy dinner or lunch at a location followed by a series of psychics who will take it, in turn, to visit your table and read for whoever is at your table.  Giving you the opportunity to have a reading or to watch a local psychic in action.

The downside of this type of event is that there is only limited time, the readers will not have the chance to read for everybody, and they may not get the chance to finish their message.  



Ok, so online psychics might not the most local psychics near me, but they are still psychics, and there are loads of benefits for contacting a psychic online.

 It’s a long list of benefits, so I’ve bulleted them for you!


  • They usually have a solid reputation and transparent ratings.
  • They have been verified.
  • They are monitored and assessed for professionalism and accuracy.
  • You can talk to them from the comfort of my own
  • YouI can speak to them at your convenience (even at 3 am in the morning if you want to).
  • You can take advantage of lower rates for new readers (who may not be new psychics by the way)
  • You have plenty of choice of readers with lower rates.
  • There’s plenty of choice of world-class readers.
  • You can watch some of the psychics in action if you want to!
  • You can also email, text or even video call with some of them.
  • Very affordable
  • You can quickly identify readers to suit your needs and keep a list of your favourites. 

Group Psychic Events

Group psychic events are where you invite a local psychic to visit your home to read for you and your friends.  

Your local psychic will usually give you an idea of the minimum and maximum amount of people you should invite.  Each person pays a price per head (so too few people and it’s not worth the psychic’s effort) and too many, and the psychic will be in over their head trying to read for everybody in a short space of time.  

This is a great way to get together with your friends and enjoy a fun evening and to check out a psychic for a lower price than they would typically charge, however, the readings will be shorter, and if you are last the party might be over before you get your reading!  

Watch A Psychic On Tour Near Me

Famous psychics usually go off on tour on a regular basis, so if you check out their websites, you’ll usually find details of where they are going to be and when.  Watching a psychic on tour is a fun night out, but there’s a high chance you won’t get a reading.

They can only read for so many people and have to keep things moving to keep the audience entertained.  I’ve attended a few of these types of evenings and never received a reading which can be a little disappointing.  

Paranormal Events Near Me

There may be, in your local area or within reasonable travelling distance, an event where you visit to check out the ghosts and hauntings.  Sometimes this can be combined with well known or local psychics who might be there offering readings.

I remember once attending a fabulous event at a local haunted castle, which was headlined by Derek Acorah a famous UK psychic.  There were psychic readers, table-turning opportunities and lots of other occult experiences available.

It was a fun day, and of course, you can always take the contact details of the psychic you like to contact another time.

How To Choose The Local Psychic With The Right Skills For Your Goals.

Ask yourself what do you want to know or experience, is it contacting the dead?   Answers or insight on questions and dilemmas? Healing? Help with dealing with a haunting?  To learn to protect yourself spiritually? Or are you just curious? Or something else?

Then seek out the right kind of reader.  If you want to contact the dead you need a medium; if you are seeking healing it’s somebody who has healing skills, if you need answers, check out a tarot reader.  

How Can The Different Types Of Local Psychics Help You With Your Goals


Can contact people and spirits who have passed on, they might be able to connect to your spirit guide. They can also help with hauntings and are probably one of the best to contact to learn about how to protect yourself spiritually.  Because they need to be protected way more than any other type of psychic.

Check out these mediums here.


Can provide general readings about life, and let you know what energy is around you, and can sometimes receive guidance on your behalf about what you should do to move forward.  

Usually, psychics will enhance their skills so that they can professionally counsel you which is wise and will give you more value for money.  These types of psychics are often found online, here’s an example of some.


Local healers may or may not have psychic abilities, and if they do have them, they don’t always express that because they like to try to remain professional and focused on what they are doing.  

However, healers online have the opportunity to list their skills, all of them, so that you can pick and choose what you want.  

Healers online will send distant healing to you, and often you can feel the physical sensations of healing (or moving energy) as you talk to them.  They can also psychically pick up on blockages and patterns in your life that may not promote good health and well being.

Healers are good to go to, especially when you are feeling a loss of any sort, while they cannot prevent the natural grieving process they can aid and soften it slightly for you.  

Here are some healers that you might like to try

The Pros and Cons Of Using A Local Psychic Today


  • Opportunity to physically be in the room with a psychic.
  • Give you a traditional experience of a spiritual reading.
  • Opportunity to gain reassurance and guidance on situations if your reader is good.
  • Enjoy group events that will reduce the cost and is great entertainment.
  • A reading will never be intimidating.


  • Your choice is limited.
  • Your reader might not be verified.
  • It’s difficult to know how good your local psychic might be.
  • Unmonitored psychics will have to operate and hold themselves to their own professional code.  Which could be a risk.
  • You usually have to wait for a reading and travel to the location
  • Time spent on getting to the reading and attending the reading will be longer than if you have a reading online.

Who Is A Psychic Reading For?

A psychic reading can help you with many different situations such as;

  • Advice on love and relationships.
  • Is he or she the one for you.
  • How to enhance your chances of meeting your soulmate.
  • Soulmate connections.
  • Contacting loved ones who have passed (search for a medium).
  • General readings about what is going on in your life right now.
  • How to manage money problems.
  • Is the job going to work for you?
  • How to get the job or career you desire.
  • What is blocking your pathway in life?
  • Why can’t you do (whatever it is that you want to do)?
  • Why you are always feeling (insert state; emotional, stressed, lonely, sad).

Plus much, much more!

Where To Find the Best Psychic Readers Online

Our favourite psychic sites are highly reputable and boast even world class psychics!  

Here are our picks:

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Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

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Are you ready to take the plunge and try out your first reading?  

Don’t forget to give us feedback after!

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