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Most people know that you can call a psychic to find out how to handle a challenging situation, or to find out what the energy is like around you.  They know that they can ask how to deal with a situation or to even find out when they will find love, money or good health.

But did you know that psychics can be extremely useful when it comes to helping you find your lost objects?  Even your lost pets and missing people can be found by a psychic, and below, you’ll find all of the information you need to decide if a lost object psychic reading is for you.  

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Why Would You Contact A Psychic To Find Lost Objects?

You don’t have to be an individual who owns or values expensive physical items to benefit from a lost object psychic reading.  Nor do you need to be somebody who lives with pets.

Psychics can help you find many other things that you might search for too. Such as your passport, important documents, missing people or keys. And while the focus of this article is about lost objects, you can also use a psychic to find out where to go to locate the wisdom that you seek. For example, where is the best place to live, a book, to help you locate the perfect pair of trousers, or to find out where to go to find your potential life partner!

Calling a psychic might not be the most obvious thing to do when you’ve lost an object, or are seeking something but they can surprise you and can be surprisingly revealing.  

Recently I was researching a specific psychics and found numerous psychics who have claimed to have helped, and have been successful in finding a missing person!  

Of course, nothing is guaranteed, there is a risk involved when it comes to finding lost objects.  The psychic is not going to provide you with the full address or latitude and longitude of your lost objects.

Instead, they will be able to give insight or clues about where to look.  But beware, if the item is lost in a place that you don’t recognise it could be difficult for you to pinpoint the location of the object, but at least perhaps you can find some closure and if it’s financially valuable and insured start your insurance claim!    

In my opinion a psychic reading to find an important lost object is well worth considering.  

It’s reassuring if you can find out if the item is nearby, or in your home, or that it’s in safe hands and not likely to be hitting the black market (passports for example).  All to frequently the clues passed on from a psychic can be recognised, and the item found.

Here are some examples of how lost items have been found by using a psychic:

  • A client lost a ring that had tremendous sentimental value.  She was in despair and concerned about where the ring was. The psychic she called said that it was in her kitchen.  She pulled the kitchen apart including the contents of the bin and found her ring, thrown away amongst the potato peelings!
  • Somebody’s cat had gone missing, and the owner was already alerted to the notion that there was something wrong.  She called a psychic who advised her that the cat was nearby with a neighbour. She suggested putting notes through the neighbour’s door.  The cat was found; unfortunately, it had been run over and had passed away, but the neighbour had picked it up and put it in a box ready to take to the vet to see if they could identify the owner.
  • Somebody had lost an expensive book which they had loaned from a friend.  Before they shelled out hundreds of pounds on a replacement (if they could find one) they wanted to see if a psychic could find it.  Again the book was found in the callers home, where the psychic said it would be – it was just buried under lots of filing that had been shuffled around!  

How You Can Benefit From Asking A Psychic To Help You Find A Lost Item

  • Receive closure.
  • Finding the item.
  • Attaining reassurance that the item is retrievable.
  • Saving you money from having to replace an object only to find the original months later.  
  • A psychic can save you from having to experience the inconvenience of reordering items such as passports and important documents.
  • They can save you the prolonged heartache when dealing with missing pets.  
  • They can reduce stress and anxiety over lost objects.
  • They can help you decide on the next necessary action for you to take (such as wait for it to turn up, search your kitchen, leave posters, accept you’ve lost something forever).
  • They can highlight relationships, experiences or feelings associated with the object you seek that might require closure, or further exploration (which a psychic can also help you with!).  

How Can Psychics Help You Find Lost Objects?

Psychics can help you find lost objects by connecting to the energy of the item  through a number of different skills such as;

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairsentience
  • Contacting Their Spirit Guide
  • Mediumship
  • Remote Viewing

Each skill is different, some involve extra sensory perception, others involve speaking to family members of the client who have passed on, or spirit guides.  And remote viewing is such a profound skill that even the military use it to spy, it’s a form of clairvoyance but the images are usually always abstract.

When Is The Best Time To Book A Lost Objects Psychics?

If you have scoured for your lost object already and you have no idea where else to look, or you need to find something fast then that’s usually a good time to look.  

For example; a friend of mine organised weekend tickets to a festival for four of us, we had already paid her for our tickets six months earlier when we booked them.  

The tickets were expensive but we were all looking forward to meeting other friends at the festival and enjoying some of our favourite bands but on the morning, when we all arrived at her home ready to head for the festival, my friend was beside herself because she had realised that she had lost all four tickets and the ticket provider was not going to replace them either.  

She felt awful because we would lose our money and wouldn’t be able to attend.  She had searched her house high and low. Amongst the panic, I took a moment to try to see if I could tune into the energy of the tickets and after some time had a feeling to check the recycling bin.  

My friend hadn’t looked there, we looked through and didn’t find the tickets, but then my friend remembered she had a recycling pile waiting to be taken out – we checked through that and found the tickets!  

It’s times like this when it’s advantageous to call a psychic – unless you have one in your circle of friends of course!  

Whenever you start to feel frustrated, anxious, panicky, if other things depend on you finding the item, or if the item is valuable in any way (sentimental, monetary or precious like a pet) this is a good time to call a psychic for a lost object reading.  

What Objects Can A Psychic Help You Find?

  • Everyday items
  • Precious items
  • Tickets, Passports, Important Documents
  • Animals and pets
  • Missing people
  • Stolen items 

How to Make the Most Out of a Lost Object Reading

To find your lost object, your psychic will need to connect to the energy of the item, to help them to do so, make sure that when you call to speak to a psychic that your mind is clear and you are focusing on the item and where it might be rather than the anxiety of losing it.  Otherwise the psychic will pick up on this energy too and may not be able to achieve a clear connection to the item.

Try to explain the item to your psychic as accurately as possible, and include where you last saw the item.  Also try to listen to any questions the psychic has about the last known sighting because they can use that information to connect to the energy.  

Explain the circumstances that surround the lost item, i.e. in the example above, you ordered the tickets and put them on the side, but from there you don’t know where they went.  But there’s nobody who would take them who comes into my home. Or if you last saw your item on holiday but then can’t remember seeing them ever again, and you can’t remember whether you packed the item (or you remember packing the item).  

By explaining these details you psychic you will save time (and minutes spent) while the psychic starts to look for a needle in a haystack!  They can then focus on the circumstances surrounding the lost item. For example; whether you did pack the item during your holiday (if you were not sure if you did or not), or if you said you did pack it whether it arrived at your home safely, or if it was removed from your case during your flight (this has happened to me, some trousers and shoes that I remember packing were taken!). Your psychic reader will then be able to try to establish what happened to the item after you unpacked your case.  

Make sure that you have plenty of paper to take detailed notes so that you can use them when you follow up from your reading with the psychic.

What To Expect From A Lost Object Psychic Consultation

It’s important to remember that you might not end your reading knowing exactly where the lost items are, at best the psychic reader will give you clues about places to check, which you might have to translate because your psychic won’t have been in your surroundings.  

Even if they are familiar with your environment  they can’t always see clearly – as demonstrated with the story about the lost festival tickets.  I wasn’t certain that they would be where I suggested we look, especially because I have thought lost items were in places they weren’t before.  And in the same scenario, the tickets were not exactly in the location I suggested, they were in an associated location.

If your item has been moved or taken to a place that is not familiar to you, you may not be able to figure out where the location is to recover it.  But at the least, you’ll be able to accept that the item is lost and work on dealing with the emotions surrounding the loss which a psychic can help you with.  

Finally, if the item is precious, it’s always worth seeking a second opinion from a different psychic if you haven’t had any luck from the first reading – especially to clarify the location of the object.  You could always sign up with a different psychic site than the one you used previously to take advantage of the offers they usually have for new customers (we’ve listed a few below).

Where To Find the Best Psychics To Help You Find Your Lost Objects Online

Here are our picks:

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Kasamba– Get three minutes free!  

Oranum – No offers but a wide variety of different types of spiritual readings.

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

Life Reader – 4 minutes free plus 50% off your first reading 


The Pros and Cons Of Getting A Lost Objects Psychic Meeting


  • Potentially find your lost item!
  • Get closure and understand if the item is lost for good.
  • Find inspiration for places to look.
  • Understand the circumstances that surrounded the loss of the item.
  • Process your emotions in relation to the loss of the item.
  • Save money on replacement costs by finding out if the item is lost for good or not. 


  • Your item is not guaranteed to be recovered.
  • The messages that psychics receive can be abstract and sometimes require creativity to fully understand.
  • You might need a second opinion.
  • You do need to discern and seek out reputable readers to avoid impersonation and con artists.
  • You might find out that you have lost the item for good.
  • You could find out that somebody you love stole or broke the item.


Are you ready to take the plunge and try out your first reading?  

Don’t forget to give us feedback after!

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