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The idea of an occult reading may seem to be mysterious, magical and a little bit edgy to some but an occult reading is often full of inspiration and answers which is generally why we all seek out a spiritual reading.

We usually want to find out why something does, or does not happen in our life, how our destiny is going to pan out and we might seek to find answers, solutions or strategies that will help us solve our problems and an occult reading online can help you with that

But what exactly is an occult reading?  Why would you seek an occult reading and what can you expect from one?  We have everything you need to know about occult readings and occult readings online.

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What is an Occult Reading?

The notion of an occult reading really depends upon how you (or the occult reader) might interpret the word occult.  You see, in general most people would consider the ‘occult’ to involve wizardry, witchery, voodoo, shamanism and spell casting which of course is true, but the occult also covers anything that involves ‘mystical, supernatural, or magical powers practices or phenomena (according to the dictionary) as well as any secret societies that study alchemy and the occult.  

And some people might consider psychic powers, divination, mediumship and extrasensory perception to be a part of the occult too, which would be correct.  

However, in general, when you are looking for an occult reading, or an occult reading online, you’ll generally find that psychics, clairvoyants, mediums and tarot readers (as an example) will not list themselves as an occult reader (even though they essentially are).  

Whereas a reader who describes their abilities as being occult will (or can) involve spell casting, sorcery, voodoo, white magic (for good purposes only), astrology, numerology, ancient esoteric practices or a combination of some, or more of these practices that can form a really thorough reading.  What occurs during an occult reading will depend upon your goals or intentions, and the skills and reading style of your occult reader.

The Purpose Of An Occult Reading


The main intention for any occult reading will be to reveal to you aspects of your life, yourself, or your experiences that are hidden from you in some way.  Whether an occult reader helps you through their visions, divination skills, spell casting or ancient knowledge, there will be a way that an occult reader will be able to reveal your truths to you so that you can move forward and achieve your goals and dreams in life.  

Who Is An Occult Reading For?

An Occult reading will be perfect for situations such as;

  • Finding out how and when you might expect to find love.
  • Attracting a soulmate.
  • Changing your ability to attract money, health or wealth.
  • To bring good luck to a situation such as a job interview.
  • Connecting with your spirit guides.
  • To gain ancient knowledge about a situation.
  • To uncover your destiny or life path.
  • To find out how you can influence your life for the better.
  • To clear up negative energy surrounding you, your home or a situation.
  • To bring about forgiveness and the strength to let things go that no longer serve you.
  • To help you to develop new healthy habits.
  • To help you clear up unwanted emotion such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt or grief.
  • To help you make sure that your loved ones who have passed over are safe and well.

There are many many more situations that an occult reader can help you; this list isn’t exclusive.  And all you’ll need to do is make contact with an occult reader and find out how they can help you.

This can easily be done if you enjoy an occult reading online especially when some of our favourite psychic sites offer up to 4 minutes free –  which will give you enough time to decide if the occult reader that you’ve chosen is the right one for you.

Here are a variety of occult readers online

What You Can Expect From Your Occult Reading?

An occult reading will take you on a journey for sure, after all, that’s what an occult reading is all about – taking you on the journey of your life so that you can see the unseen and unknown. And so that you can make the most of your journey in life and beyond.

But don’t worry, while the occult can represent the good and bad, the occult readers that you’ll find on our recommended sites will all be generating good chi for sure!  Otherwise, they wouldn’t be allowed to read on the sites in the first place.

At the end of your occult reading, you can expect to find peace, clarity and empowerment and practical steps to help you resolve or attain whatever it was that you were seeking a reading for.

What are the Common Types Of Occult Reading


Many different types of magick are practised in the occult –  they usually form two main strands; black magick and white magick.  

Black Magick deals in the dark arts and evil such as Satanism, and that’s pretty much all of the energy that this article gives to that type of magick.  

White Magick, on the other hand, deals in the light arts and works for the good.  It focuses on aiding people to reach their highest potential and taking care of the planet. You’ll only discover white magick occult readings online from the sources we provide.  

Disciplines such as Shamanism and Wicca often incorporate magick into their practices.

Typical examples of types of magick can be;

  • Candle Magick
  • Blood Magick
  • Crystal Magick
  • Energy Magick
  • Healing Magick
  • Music Magick
  • Sigil Magick
  • Healing Magick

You may find an occult reader online who can cast a spell for you.  For example to support you in letting go of your fears, or heart break and to assist you in moving on or to bring you good luck for something important such as a job interview, date, promotion or even a marriage.



Shamanism is a discipline that involves an occult practitioner of shamanism reaching altered states of consciousness so that they can perceive and interact with a spirit world and channel these transcendental energies into this world.  It’s an ancient healing tradition and way of life that connects with and embraces nature and all of creation.

Shamans can use these skills and beliefs to help you during an occult reading online.


Astrology is essentially one of the most profound forms of divination.  It uses the skies as a divination tool and depending upon the skill and knowledge of your occult reader (who specialises in astrology) they can get right down to specific details about your life’s path and also guide you into making the right decisions that will serve you well in life.


Numerology is another intelligent form of divination which relies on the energetic values of numbers.  Each number has huge meaning and numerology can be applied in almost all aspects of life

Crystal Ball

Crystal ball readings are a combination of crystal healing and scrying which is a form of divination.  Crystal ball readers use the energy of the crystal ball to help them meditate, or see visions in their third eye, which they then relay to their clients.  The visions seen by using a crystal ball are said to be extremely vivid, which is why it’s still a reasonably popular divination technique. But it’s a difficult one to learn which is probably why it’s not as popular as tarot.  


Reiki is a healing technique that is passed down from a Master to the student and gives the Reiki practitioner the opportunity to pass profound spiritual healing onto their client.  Reiki readings can be found online too, and they will usually involve distant healing and a psychic assessment of your chakras to reveal what might be blocked within your chakras so that you might have the opportunity to reconcile these blockages.


Tarot uses the process of divination to read even the most complex of situations using the symbols, numerology and messages from a pack of tarot cards.  This is an occult reading that is not often described as an occult reading because it’s such a popular form of divination.Most people understand what they are receiving if they decide to enjoy a tarot reading.  However, if an occult reader has a variety of skills that they use, which may include tarot, they may describe themselves as an occult reader as a general term to describe their skills


Palmistry is said to uncover truths about your life path and purpose by looking at the lines on the palm of your hand and has been known to predict the future too.  Palmistry is an age-old form of divination. The important thing about palmistry lies in the skills of the palm reader, if they are not great at reading a palm, then it will reflect in the quality of your reading.  It’s a good idea to find an occult reader online who has skills other than palmistry – just so that you can make sure you are getting the most out of your money.


The I Ching is based on a type of divination called cleromancy, which produces seemingly random numbers (similar to rolling a dice).   The numbers are made into a hexagram which can then be looked up in the I Ching book to seek advice. I-Ching is often used to provide guidance for making good decisions said to be derived from the highest good.  

Feng Shui

Feng Shui originates from China and uses the knowledge and understanding of good and bad energy ‘chi’ and using this knowledge to manipulate an environment through the art of placement to enhance the good energy and reduce or eliminate the bad energy.   Feng shui readers can help you to uncover what aspects of your home might be blocking your goals and dreams or what might be negatively influenced by bad ‘chi’. Most feng shui readers will state that they are feng shui readers, but there will be some who call themselves occult readers because they have other complementary skills.

Where To Find the Best Readers  Occult Readers Online

It’s always wise to choose prescreened occult readers so that you can be sure that they operate with the utmost integrity and only work for the light.  Here are our favourite sites, we like them because they do pre-screen all readers and assess the quality and integrity of their calls to make sure that you get the best occult reading online possible.  

Here are our picks

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Kasamba– Get three minutes free!  

Oranum – No offers but a wide variety of different types of spiritual readings.

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99


The Pros and Cons Of Getting An Occult Reading Today


  • Get clarity on any situation right now.
  • Better than therapy!
  • Gives you control over your life
  • Plenty of choice of readers and reading styles to suit your tastes
  • Professional readers provide high-quality responsible readings
  • A reading will never be intimidating
  • Occult readings are interesting and diverse.


  • You won’t always hear what you want to hear
  • You cannot control the message; the reader can only provide the information that they are given.
  • If you are not meant to hear something you won’t and vice versa
  • You may not always like the delivery style or technique of your chosen reader.
  • You do need to discern and seek out reputable readers to avoid impersonation and con artists
  • You’ll always be given what you can handle, but you might not feel as though you are ready to hear it (even though if it’s given to you-you will be ready).

Are you ready to take the plunge and try out your first reading?  

Don’t forget to give us feedback after!


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