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Now, when I first realised that there were people who could psychically speak to animals I was probably in a state of disbelief even though I too have psychic abilities and seem to have a skill for telepathically communicating with animals.  

But when I talk about my skills in telepathically communicating with an animal I’m talking about understanding what they need more than an average person does, teaching people (my family) how to adapt their energy to bond with an animal and being able to put them at ease or help them recover from trauma – not to have a full blown conversation with an animal!  

That was until one day when I met a beautiful dog with his owner, this was one of the most memorable days of my life – the day I overheard a dog communicating with a dog psychic it was incredible.    

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What is a Dog Psychic Reading?

A dog psychic reading is a psychic reading where the psychic reader (or animal communicator as some of them like to be known) links into your dog’s energy to find out more about its health, needs, experiences and preferences!  

How the reading is conducted will depend on the reader or animal communicator, some like to be in the company of the dog, others can communicate by talking to you over the phone, or internet and tapping into the dogs’ energy and then when the psychic connects they communicate with the dog, asking it your questions and giving the dog opportunity to express itself too and let you know what it needs.

I have a beautiful story to refer you to later in the article about how these readings can be useful for a dog ‘owner’ and the dog concerning practicality.  But in the story (the story I referred to earlier in the introduction of this article), the dog’s ‘owner’ just took his dog to an alternative health centre that I worked from to meet the ‘pet medium’ out of curiosity – he didn’t have any specific questions for the dog (even though the dog was very vocal!).    

The ‘pet medium’ was a normal medium who had somehow figured out that she could communicate with animals.  And so she promoted her services locally and booked the health centre on a Sunday afternoon when it was quiet to invite a series of pets and their owners in for a reading.  Fortunately, I had just finished a hypnosis session just before her session started and fascinated by the idea of an animal communicating I hung around with the owner of the facility to wait to see what the dog owners’ feedback was.  

I was in the shop area of the health centre (also the reception) when the dog and his human walked in.  I forget the breed of the dog but he was a tallish medium-sized young dog, like a tall boxer and he walked into the store perfectly in line with his ‘human’, tail wagging away, he seemed to have pride in his step.  

I have to say that the dog did look either exceptionally well trained, or happy to have this opportunity to express himself, but there was something about the way that the dog walked in that has always stuck in my mind to this day – and this experience was quite a few years ago.  

The dog did not make a murmur as he walked in, and he seemed so well trained.  He walked into the back room with the pet psychic, and there was no sound for a while, just muffled talking and then we started to hear the dog.  

He was not barking, or whining but making a constant dog noise (similar to when they sing to music but a more consistent tone) – like how we do when we talk.  

I was amazed!  

This lasted for about fifteen to twenty minutes – it was nonstop; then the dog went quiet. We heard muffled talking again and then later they appeared in the shop, the dog was as calm and well behaved as he was when he went in.  And his human was beaming from ear to ear – but saying that he needed to change his garden because the dog didn’t like the changes that they’d made!

The owner mentioned a few things that the dog had said such as that he had just changed his food and he didn’t like it, and that he and his wife were arguing and they didn’t need to argue because it was over nothing.  That was all the owner mentioned, and of course, the medium did not tell us what else happened during that reading due to confidentiality reasons.

But it’s one experience I have never forgotten.  

It was incredible.  

Why Are Dog Psychic Readings Beneficial?

Dog psychic readings are not just fun; they can also help with other situations such as to understand why your dog behaves the way that it does, or what you could do to help it overcome any anxiety or other psychological issues.  You can also understand what the dog needs, as well as any underlying health issues.

I’m a pet owner myself who also cares for my friends and families dogs, some of them have strange behaviours, such as one dog who seems depressed and has been this way since another dog he lived with died.  Despite having a new companion. It’s times like this that you can hire an animal communicator or dog psychic and find out how you can help your dog better.

There’s a beautiful article that I found when I was researching other people’s experiences of dog psychics that explains how a dog psychic reading helped a loving dog owner improve the relationship between her two dogs. The story shows the diversity in the types of psychic readings available (she hired two readers) and how they managed to help her to meet her dogs needs so that they could get along together, or at least live in some form of peace.   The beauty of the story is that both dogs got along much better and had their needs met by their human as a result.

Here’s the article: I Went To A Dog Psychic

Who Is A Dog Psychic Reading For?

Any dog owner would benefit from and enjoy a dog psychic reading; it’s the perfect opportunity to find out exactly what your dog needs (and if you dare to find out, what it wants!).   How many times have you been mystified with your dog’s behaviour? Or wonder if they have everything that they need?

Well, you can find out the answers to all of those questions with a dog psychic reading.   

Perhaps you are a dog trainer and want to learn even more about dog behaviour – you’d benefit from connecting with a dog psychic for sure!  

Here are some of the reasons why you might enjoy a dog psychic reading:

  • Find out what your dog needs.
  • Check to see if your dog has any health issues.
  • Understand how to improve your dog’s behaviour.
  • Learn how to resolve any psychological issues that your dog might have
  • Connect with dogs who have passed on.
  • Understand if your dog ever feels angry with you.
  • Find out the things that you do that positively or negatively impact your dog.
  • Explain to your dog what you need it to do (i.e. stop barking) through your dog psychic and understand how you can help it change its ways or find out the cause of the behaviour.
  • Learn how to communicate better with your dog.
  • Understand what your dog’s experiences were before they moved in with you. 

Where To Find the Best Dog Psychic Readers Online

If you click on any of the links below and search on the sites for ‘dog psychic’, ‘animal psychic’, ‘dog communicator’, ‘animal communicator’, ‘pet psychic’ or ‘pet communicator’ you’ll find plenty to choose from.  

Don’t forget to take advantage of the offers available for new registrations which are all detailed below.

Here are our picks:

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Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

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What To Expect From A Dog Psychic Reading?

If you read the article linked above about the two dogs and their human who hired two dog psychics to help her solve a problem between the dogs you’ll see that dog psychic readings can be incredibly diverse and so it’s important to enter into the reading without expectation.  

Because you love your dogs, talking about their wellbeing can be emotive topics which are worth remembering but in the height of the emotion or joy at being able to communicate well with your dog you might forget to ask the specific questions that you wanted to find the answers too.  So make sure that you write your questions down so that you don’t forget them at the time of the reading. Also remember to give your dog time to tell you whatever it is that they need or want to communicate to you that isn’t on your list of questions.

Don’t be surprised to feel joyful, happy, sad, even guilty (especially if you’ve learned that your patterns and behaviours have influenced your dog for the worse).  It’s an emotional situation, and dogs do reflect your thoughts, habits and behaviours, so it’s likely that you are influencing them, but remember you wouldn’t have done so intentionally and you and your dog are together to work through the lesson together.  Not letting go of any guilt will only cause further pain to your dog, so it’s in your best interest to let any of those feelings go.

Also, be prepared that you might have to change your ways a little bit, or your dog might tell you they want steak every day and then you have to deal with denying them that luxury unless you can afford it and it’s healthy for the dog!!  

The Pros and Cons Of Getting A Spiritual Reading Today


  • Learn how to improve your communication between you and your dog.
  • Find out how to meet your dogs needs properly.
  • Helps you build a stronger relationship with your dogs.
  • Learn more about why your dog behaves the way it does.
  • Learn how to work with your dog so that you can improve its behaviour
  • Find out how you influence your dog.
  • Find out what your dog wants and needs.
  • Understand any health or psychological issues that your dog might be experiencing.
  • Gives you opportunity to adjust the way that you interact with your dog, or your habits that influence your dog so that they are positive which will enhance both you and your dogs life.


  • You won’t always hear what you want to hear
  • Your dog might tell you things that might make you feel sad, or guilty especially if you learn that your behaviour has influenced them negatively in anyway.
  • The delivery style of each reader will be very different and you might need to try more than one to meet your needs.
  • You do need to discern and seek out reputable readers to avoid impersonation and con artists
  • You could feel sad if your dog had a difficult past and relays it to you.

Are you ready to find out what you dog has to say to you?  

Please share your stories, in the comments!

Top 10 Dog Psychics – ACCURATE Readings Online
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