FREE Soulmate Psychics – Where to Find Accurate Soul Mate Psychics

FREE Soulmate Psychics – Where to Find Accurate Soul Mate Psychics
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soulmate coupleWho is your soulmate and will you ever find them? We all come into this world looking for love and true companionship. Someone to share the world with and grow old with. But sometimes it seems like we will never meet the one. A soulmate psychic can help you figure out why you haven’t met the one yet and where you can find them, or whether or not your current relationship is meant to be.

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What is a soulmate?

Contrary to popular belief, there are actually many different kinds of soulmate relationships. Soulmates can manifest differently. There are soul friends, soul teachers, and soul companions. A soulmate in any capacity is basically any other soul with which you connect on a very deep level.  By contrast, a kindred spirit relationship is another person who resonates on the same frequency as you do. Therefore you may experience many common interests, like a similar disposition, and typically the relationship is easy-going supportive, positive, and enjoyable.

Soulmate relationships, on the other hand, are not always easy. Some soulmate relationships like soul teachers, come into our lives in order to encourage our souls to develop. That is why these teachers often bring difficult lessons. Soul friends our friends who share our deepest emotions, desires, and drive. We connect on a level of essence rather than similar taste. A soul companion is a combination of both teacher and friend. These relationships are very deep and the partnership will help you to evolve as a human being and spirit. Your soul companion will love and cherish you deeply, bring great teachings into your life, and be one of the closest companions you may ever have. This is probably the definition of a soulmate that most people are familiar with and striving for.

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Twin flame relationships

twin flameThere are also twin flame relationships, which are similar to soulmate relationships in the sense that they were very deep and bring us lessons on spiritual growth, but twin flame relationships are like our mirrors. They can be tumultuous and even devastating. These relationships reflect our strength and purposes in life, but they also reveal to us our shadow side. Therefore, they can often be challenging and abrasive.

Partners of twin flame relationships represent our opposite that we need to embrace. The yin to our yang, the darkness to our light, the moon to our sun. These relationships require us to purify ourselves and evolve in order to discover true harmony and unconditional love. An evolved twin flame relationship is one of the purest and most intense kinds of relationships out there because we both must become our highest selves within the relationship and through the relationship. Both parties do not always manage to make the evolution and these relationships can continue over and across lifetimes.

Happily ever after

The truth is that soulmate relationships are not necessarily happy-go-lucky. Deep relationships require work and typically we attract what we need in our lives at that moment. Depending on the evolution of our own soul, the relationships we come across in our lives will reflect our own state of spiritual evolution. This might be difficult to understand. How could it be that I keep meeting partners who deceive me or are disloyal? Are you saying I deserve this in my life? The answer is no. Typically, if we continue to fall into relationships that are destructive where partners are not treating us in the way that we deserve to be treated, there is work to be done in the way we perceive and love ourselves.

You complete me

you and me foreverThe problem most of us make, especially in our younger years, is that we are looking for others to provide something for us that we feel we are missing. But the problem is that if you’re looking for someone to complete you or fill a need you have, the relationship is doomed to fail. Only whole people can be in healthy, whole relationships.

The famous line in the movie Jerry Maguire, “You complete me” is actually the most terrible advice. If you are insecure and you’re looking for a partner to make you feel good about yourself, it will put an unhealthy strain on the relationship. Insecurity leads to common divisive energies like jealousy, controlling behavior and neediness. That is not real love, and these kinds of pressures will eventually break the relationship.

A truly healthy partner in a relationship is self-assured as an individual and looking to be in a relationship in order to share their life and experiences. They choose that relationship every day, not because they are afraid to be alone or fear they won’t find anything better, but because they want to share their happiness with you!

Working with mirrors

love locketWhen a negative relationship comes into your life, look at it as a reflection of yourself. If you continually feel unappreciated in your relationship, stop and ask yourself why you need that appreciation. Do you perhaps not value yourself as much as you should?

If you really know your worth and you really believe that you are deserving of the best, then why do you need someone else to prove this to you? That is not to say we should be content in a relationship where are our partners are disrespectful or unappreciative. However, the point is you may be drawing that kind of person into your life because you need to learn to value yourself.

Why would we even accept a relationship with someone who mistreats us? Certainly, the answer can only be that somewhere deep down we believe that this is the best that we deserve. Typically there is some kind of desperation at work where we don’t value ourselves enough to walk away from an opportunity because we don’t value ourselves enough to filter this person out. Many of us have a deep fear that maybe this is the best that we can get and we’d better catch them while we can. This is a very unhealthy beginning to a relationship.

The lesson here, what the mirror is trying to show you, is that you must first love yourself and value yourself fully before you can expect to attract a lover into your life who will do the same. Rather than waiting for someone to fill the need for you, you must fill that need for yourself and become full and whole on your own. Only then will you attract the same into your life!

Loving and caring for yourself first

radiating heartThis is a hard lesson for people to learn. People who feel financially insecure, for example, whether because they experienced poverty in childhood or were bombarded with talks of marrying rich by their parents, may seek out a wealthy spouse. And rather than focusing on building their own financial security (which nobody can take away), they may reject any relationship that doesn’t bring enough financial security. But the reasons for forming this partnership are all wrong.

You must learn to provide for your own financial security first. Then, when you are financially confident, you will attract other financially confident partners into your life. If you choose instead to marry someone who is looking to rescue you, you will get what you bargained for. The relationship will be lopsided, you will be dependent on someone else for money, and your financial security will be constantly at the mercy of someone else. Rather than creating safety and peace of mind, you will wind up with a toxic imbalanced element in your relationship.

How soulmate psychics can help

Soulmate psychics can help you figure out what your shadow side is trying to teach you and then provide guidance to help you become your best self. It is like a life coach psychic, but with the objective of uniting you with your true love. If you are willing to do the work of becoming your best self, then you will become attractive to the best of partners. Soulmate psychics can find patterns of blind spots in your life that you can fix and heal. They can also advise you on what to avoid and what to look for in a partner. Additionally, soulmate psychics can also help you to understand what your current relationship might be trying to teach you.

Sometimes relationships are simply toxic. These, too, are in your life to teach you a lesson, but it may not be advised that you stay. It might be that the lesson you need to learn is to love yourself enough to walk away. Whatever the situation, the advice from a soulmate psychic can help you find your way through the fog.

Soulmate psychic readings

  • All about you
  • Where is your soulmate?
  • What lesson with they bring you?

Ask your soulmate psychic about the soulmate tarot. It is a great spread that is specifically designed to address all of the points I mentioned above. Here is a simple three card soulmate tarot spread that will give you answers to guide you in meeting your next soulmate. Remember, not all soulmates appear as lovers or romantic partners. Soulmates can be valuable friends and teachers as well.

The first card will be all about you and your current situation. This will address what things may be preventing you from meeting your soulmate, whether your mindset, fears or assumptions. The second card will give you a clue as to where you will meet your soulmate. The third card will tell you what lesson or gift they are meant to bring into your life. Enjoy!

Where to find a soulmate psychic

The simplest way to find a great soulmate psychic reading is to visit one of our partner websites and do a search through their large roster of vetted psychics. There are many qualifies psychics who specialize in romantic and soulmate work, and they have many different tools that they can use to get you the answers you need. From soulmate tarot readings to angel guides and clairvoyants, these professional psychics can help you find your blockages and give you ways of overcoming them.

At Keen, you can get the first 10 minutes of your reading for only $1.99. That’s plenty of time to make a connection and decide if their insights resonate with you! The Keen website has a great set of filters to help you find the right advisor – you can even search by reading style. If you prefer someone direct and to the point, there’s a filter for that. And if you prefer someone gentle and supportive, there is a filter for that too! This way, you know you won’t be wasting your time.

At Kasamba, you can get your first 3 minutes for free and then decide if you want to schedule a full session. And if you do, you’ll get 15% off of that session so long as you are a new customer. That’s also a great deal! They have almost 300 soulmate connections advisors to choose from, and you can filter them by highest ranking, lowest price, or other categories.

Psychic Source is another great website that offers soulmate psychic readings by phone, live chat or video! You can choose which method makes you the most comfortable and then go from there. Some of us are a little too shy to do a video face to face and find a live chat more comfortable. Others like to see who they are talking to. Either way, you get to choose and custom tailor your reading the way you like it.

Oranum offers a psychic live stream where you can watch your psychic at work before even reaching out to them. You can learn a lot by watching someone work with others! Oranum has a very large roster of thoroughly reviewed and rated psychics to choose from, so if you like to do your homework, this the site for you.

Last but not least, the website AskNow has a great set of filters and lots of special offers going on all the time. Go to their website to find out more!

Whichever route you choose, don’t keep waiting and wondering! Speak with a soulmate psychic advisor and find out what is in your way and how to get past it. We all have soulmate connections in our lives just waiting to happen, and sometimes an outside eye is the best way to get a clear picture of our situation. It may be easier than you ever dreamed it could be!

Pros of soulmate psychics

  • Become a better partner
  • Attract the right kind of love relationships
  • Find lasting relationships

Cons of soulmate psychics

  • Must be willing to work on yourself
  • Can’t just expect others to be perfect for you

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