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Have you ever seen psychics like Derek Acorah at work? They will be wondering along talking to the camera and then all of a sudden you might see him say ‘pardon Sam?’ and then engage in conversation with somebody who appears to be in his head.   

If you didn’t know better, you’d be forgiven for wondering whether Derek was a bit crazy, but of course, he’s not –  he’s speaking to his spirit guide. His spirit guide ‘Sam’ often guides and protects Derek and also helps him to impart information that he needs to help others, or to understand a situation.

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That’s precisely how a spirit guide works.  

Of course, there are other ways too, which you can learn all about if you start to explore the wonderful world of Spirit guide psychics and you are in the right place.

What Are Spirit Guides?

A spirit guide is a spiritual being guiding a human being either as they navigate life or as and when they are called upon by the human being.

Spirit guides are the spirit of a soul who has evolved, and we believe chosen to assist the spirit of another soul during their lifetime.  Many spirit guides have different missions. And some people might say that you access different spirit guides all the time but may not realise and that there are different types of spirit guides for different purposes.  

Each different encounter with a spirit guide as reported by psychics, mediums and regular people are similar but the context of why the spirit guide is there, and theories about what the purpose of a spirit guide is seems to be broad and varied.  Leaving me to discern that there are probably many different spirit guide encounters and some who hang around for a short period, even guiding and protecting people who enter into a location – to spirit guides who stick around for the long term and everything else in between.

The similarity will be that they are always seeming to work with you, guiding you for your highest good or to support your everyday explorations in your life.

As we’ve already covered, we appear to have one or more main guide who seem to be allocated to us, consistently guiding us throughout our lifetime. These guides seem to be spirits who have not lived during our lifetime, rather than our lost loved ones.  They are likely to be evolved beings who are more than capable of ensuring that we meet our destiny.

There also seems to be other long-term guides who might stick around for a significant period such as throughout childhood or from middle age to the end of your life as well as temporary guides who might come and go throughout our lives, either bringing in specific energy to steer us on our way or help us evolve, or to teach us something that they specialise in.  As soon as you’ve mastered the lessons or absorbed the temporary guides energy, they move onto helping somebody else.

What is a Spirit Guide Psychic Reading?

A spirit guide psychic reading is a broad description for at least three different types of spirit guide readings such as;

  1. To find out more about your spirit guides, and learn how to connect with them or have your psychic reader help you to understand the messages that your spirit guide is trying to tell you.
  2. To get advice from a friend or family member who has now passed on.
  3. To get advice from a psychic reader who uses their own spiritual guide to help pass on the messages for you.

Who Is A Spirit Guide Psychic Reading For?

If you are looking for a general psychic reading then a spiritual guide reading will be a perfect choice but that’s not all a spirit guide psychic reading can help with, people have often used them to find out, or get help with the following;

  • If you want to find out if the person you are with romantically is the right person for you or how to improve your relationship so that you can make the best of it.
  • To help you to understand the important lessons in your life so that you can be alerted to them and remember to pay attention (which will make your life much easier!).
  • To learn more about your spirit guide, how he or she has evolved and how they work with you.  
  • To connect with your friends and family who have passed on (you’ll need a medium for this).
  • To help you learn more about what you need to do to evolve spiritually, or improve your life.  
  • Get advice on how to handle an important project so that it’s successful.  
  • Heal relationships with those who have passed on as well as those who are still around you.
  • Understand more about your relationship with your pets.
  • Figure out what you should do for a career, or how to meet a future partner etc.  

The Different Types Of Spirit Guides.

  • A Personal Spirit Guide

This is the guide who is always with you and guiding you from birth and will stay with you throughout life, and even possibly throughout eternity, we don’t know for sure, but it makes sense to me.  You’ll probably be so familiar with your personal spirit guide and their energy that you won’t even realise that your spirit is separate from it. Which can make it difficult to recognise your spirit guide easily (at least consciously).  

  • God, Source, Existence, The Universe

It has many names but as it’s referred to in the Tao Te Ching ‘that which cannot be named is the unnameable’ it’s the ultimate creator, and all of us can connect to it if we learn how.

  • Your Higher Self

Your higher self is the part of you has travelled with you across existence and time and with it all of the experiences from many lifetimes, it’s an incredible source of wisdom and is right there, you know, the rational part which gives you great advice – your intuition.  If you follow it, you’ll probably find life becomes easy!

  • Angels and Archangels 

Angels are gods messengers, guides, and protectors. Guardian angels are especially popular.  Anyone can call upon the archangels who are only too delighted to help you out for good with anything you ask.  You just have to learn how to ask correctly.

  • Power Animals, Totems & Evolved Beings 

Power animals, also known as totems and are similar to guardian angels, but in animal form. Your power animals/totems will come and go throughout your life, depending on your needs. And it’s the same for evolved beings, they pop up as and when required, usually bringing some profound energy or specific information with them which will help you in your life.

  • Ancestors 

Your ancestors are different from the people who have recently passed but they are people who you are genetically related to, and also can be anyone who you have a soul connection with. They are often people you’ve never met physically.

  • Friends and Family Members Who Have Passed On

While this type of ‘spirit guide’ is not strictly a ‘guide’ sometimes, they guide you as they would have done in life.  For example; if you have a relative who always dished out random and useless advice when they were alive – then expect the same from the other side!  If your friend who has passed over always used to get you into trouble – expect the same.

However, if you have a parent or a wise friend or family member who you did use to rely on for comfort or advice, then you’ll know it’s important to follow their advice now.  

Friends and family members are not typically called guides because they aren’t all always looking out for your highest good. Even with the best intentions, as in life, they may not be guiding you well – whereas a true spiritual guide will be guiding you for the highest good, even if you don’t want to always hear or follow the advice!

Can A Psychic Reading Be Good Even If There’s No Spirit Guide?

I guess the question here is really, do all psychics connect with a spirit guide? The honest answer to this question is ‘yes’ and ‘no’.  Yes, they do all work with spirit guides, as do all of us in everyday life. But not all of psychics will have the relationship with their spirit guide where they know and understand that they are connecting to their guide.  

Instead, just like everyday people, they carry on, knowing what they know and doing what they do without consciously acknowledging their spirit guide.  

You see, you don’t need to have a conscious connection with your spirit guide to be clairvoyant, clairsentient or even a medium (although mediums do seem to talk about their guides more frequently, at least in my opinion).

But since we all connect with our spirit guides and don’t realise, instead we have moments of inspiration, epiphanies, powerful dreams or even brief flashes of psychic insight that push us into the right direction.  

What You Can Expect From A Spirit Guide Reading

If it’s your first spirit guide reading, expect the unexpected.  You may receive a reading just how you imagined, but there’s also a possibility that your psychic may not be able to connect to your spirit guide or that the spirit guide that you thought existed isn’t who came through.  If this happens, don’t discount what you already know, because you might be building a connection with a spirit guide yourself.

It’s also possible that you might meet a temporary guide instead of your primary guide, which is also why you shouldn’t discount your theories if you hear something different.  It’s likely that your psychic will be able to help you learn how to connect with the specific spirit guide you linked to during the reading so that you might be able to try again in the future.  

If you have already connected with your spirit guide before you may, or may not meet the same guide again.  If you connect with a different guide the points above are worth considering, but if you connect with the same guide you could continue with learning how best to communicate with them, and in understanding their teachings consciously.  

How To Make The Most Out Of A Spirit Guide Psychic Reading

Ideally, it would be good if you could allocate a notebook to your work with your spirit guides, then make detailed notes during your psychic reading so that you can reflect and connect the dots as you progress with your efforts, or to compare to when you enjoy a new spirit guide psychic reading.

Where To Find the Best Spirit Guide Readings Online

When you are choosing your preferred psychic (if you are looking specifically for a spirit guide reading) make sure to take advantage of the search feature which can often be found on the home page of each site.  Search ‘spirit guide’ to find the psychics who have mentioned spirit guides in their profile – they are likely to be all referring to their ability to connect with a spirit guide.

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The Pros and Cons Of Getting A Spirit Guide Reading Today


  • Get clarity on any situation right now.
  • Get solid and profound spiritual advice
  • Stop wondering if you are making the right decisions and instead find out what you should be focusing on to aid your best interests.
  • Pick from plenty of different and interesting readers.
  • Find out what spirit guide energy is influencing you right now. 


  • You won’t always hear what you want to hear
  • You cannot control the message.  If you are not meant to hear something you won’t and vice versa
  • You may not always like the delivery style of your chosen reader.
  • You may not reach the spirit guide that you are expecting to reach.

Are you ready to learn more about your spirit guides?

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Spirit Guides – Where to get Spiritual Assistance
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