Free Tarot Reading – Where to Find an ACCURATE Online Tarot Site and Legit Reader

Free Tarot Reading – Where to Find an ACCURATE Online Tarot Site and Legit Reader
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So you’re bouncing the words ‘tarot reading’ around in your head, but you’re not too sure. Does the word ‘tarot’ bring a person in flowing robes and a turban to mind? Is it a scary picture of doom and gloom stories?

Yep, that’s the common misconception about online tarot readers and what makes people think that shouldn’t have a tarot reading. Reality couldn’t be further from the truth! Most real tarot readers are regular people who wear regular clothes and use The Tarot as a divination tool to help people get direction and insight to issues they’re stumbling through.

Thankfully, there are places that give you a taste of tarot reading for free – well, the first three to nine minutes at least. That’s what we explain in this article.

Looking for a FREE Tarot Reading?

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4 Quick Steps to your Tarot Reading:

Desperately need a tarot reading? These 4 steps will get you there:

  1. Visit our verified tarot reading site, Oranum
  2. Sign up and submit your card details
  3. The tarot reader will contact you for the reading
  4. Get a FREE trial & chat PLUS $9.99 FREE CREDITS

Impressed? Give us feedback in the comments at the bottom of the page!

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What are Tarot Readings?

Readers use The Tarot as a divination tool to help guide people in life. Tarot cards themselves have no power; it’s just a deck of cards. The power in a tarot reading is that tarot cards help you connect with your Higher-Self. The Tarot helps you connect with your own inner Spirit, The Divine within and your own sense of knowing.

Wondering where tarot cards come from:

Records dating back to the late-14th century depict decks of tarot cards being used to play card games. Historians think the tarot cards came to Europe from Egypt. But it wasn’t until around the 1750’s where records show The Tarot being used as a divination tool. And since then millions of people worldwide have consulted The Tarot for guidance and insight.

You must understand that a tarot reading is not intended to tell your fortune or your future. The Tarot, like The IChing, is intended to guide you, give you insight, and above all, help you to resolve your life issues yourself by accessing and learning to rely on your Higher-Self.

How does an Online Tarot Reading Work?

First and foremost, there’s no official tarot deck so the number of cards as well as the images on the cards can differ. Tarot readers will choose a deck that resonates with them. The Rider-Waite is the most popular and recognisable deck. It has 78 cards in total with 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana, divided into four suites (Cups, Pentacles, Swords and Wands). Most other decks are the same.

Let’s quickly run through a tarot deck so that you can understand better:

The Major Arcana always refer to important issues and life lessons, and the Minor Arcana fill in the details. The Court Cards (Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings) can refer to actual people in your life, or to you. They could be highlighting issues within yourself that you are aware or unaware of.

And then there are reversed cards:

When a card is drawn upside down in a reading it’s referred to as ‘reversed’. There’s a lot of debate around the implication of reversed cards, and I’m going to give you my take.

Drawing a reversed card is NOT doom and gloom! To me when I do a tarot reading, I see it as meaning that the person could be holding back for some reason, that there could be delays, that the time is not yet right … things along those lines. Yes, it might not be that positive right now but given time and attention the situation can come right. Drawing reversed cards in a tarot reading is NOT an “OMG” moment!

The Tarot does not predict doom and gloom because The Tarot does not predict your future or tell your fortune.

Oh, and BTW, cards like Death, The Devil and The Tower are not scary. The names of the cards and the images might sound and look scary, but they refer to life situations, NOT to actual death and destruction. Always remember that a real tarot reader won’t frighten you or leave you feeling upset after a tarot reading. Anyway, true death is in the hands of The Divine, not in the hands of regular people or The Tarot.

Okay back to the tarot card deck:

Each suite of cards has 11 cards ranging from an ace (which is one) to ten. The cards ace to ten, represent a progression starting with new beginnings and great potential (an ace) to a conclusion (ten), for better or worse.

Each suite also has symbolism:

Cups: indirect but a powerful emotions
Wands: drive and passions
Swords: powerful intellect to be used carefully
Pentacles: material matters (money, home and health)

Tarot cards ace to ten mean:
  • Ace: new beginnings and potential
  • Two: choice, decision and/or balance
  • Three: the beginning of actual results
  • Four: stability and solid foundations
  • Five: unexpected change or challenges
  • Six: re-established stability and continuation
  • Seven: a brief rest to plan the next step
  • Eight: material stability, like money or assets
  • Nine: last step before the conclusion of all the cards before
  • Ten: conclusion and the base for the next step or cycle

During tarot readings, only some of these cards will come up for you. Each tarot reader has their own card spreads that they prefer, as well as spreads used for specific situations. A reader might choose a number of different spreads in tarot readings, or use only one. It all depends on your situation and the tarot reader’s style.

What’s a Spread?

A spread in tarot readings is a system of laying tarot cards out to get specific information. Each reader has their own style, but let’s look at a few spreads:

  • Celtic Cross: provides insight into complex situations and your role
  • Creative Process: provides insight into projects and the processes
  • Cross & Triangle: insight into difficult situations (one of the most popular spreads)
  • Fourfold Vision: offers different ways of looking at a person, object or situation
  • Hagall: reveals your path of spiritual growth in a difficult situation
  • One Card: a quick take on anything; also used for daily guidance and meditation
  • Relationship: insight into the interaction between two people (romance or business)
  • Shadow Truth: insight into your attitudes and hidden feelings (when you can’t face-up)
  • Three Fates: insight to the progression of past, present and future situations
  • Twisting Path: insight into the path ahead and choices you’ll have to make

These are only some of the tarot spreads that you can find, and many tarot readers devise their own spreads for different situations.

Now that you know the basics of a tarot reading you can see that there’s nothing suspect about tarot readings or tarot readers at all. Real tarot readers can seriously help you and save you all those wasted hours of stress and worry.

Where Can I Get a FREE Online Tarot Reading?

Here are some examples:

  1. Lifereader offers 4 minutes free with 50% off your first order.

We like Hazel, here are her details:

Hazel has an inherited gift that stems from Irish blood and has been passed along through many generations.  Hazel is a Celtic thoroughbred for sure!

Even her children are psychic.

Hazel has a strong connection with her spirit guide, and her readings are straight to the point and precise which supports a clear reading with limited misinterpretation by the client.  

Hazel takes her role seriously and also holds a counselling certificate which she gained from the prestigious Cambridge University that and her own experiences of loss ensures that she can step up and help in times of need.

This is one psychic you need on direct dial!

Book a reading with Hazel


Psychic Source offers 3 free minutes and their new readers often read for $1 per minute you can find them right here. Plus if you are not satisfied with a reading you have paid for they will refund your money under their guarantee!

The Different Types Of FREE Tarot Readings Online

These free tarot readings online offer insight into the most prominent factor that surrounds you at any particular time.  

One card readings are best used daily, to do so, remember the card and meaning and notice when it appears throughout your day.  

Or use it to heed it’s advice if poor communication is showing up – be careful what you say, or mindful about how you react to the communication of those around you.  This is an excellent way to start learning the meanings of the tarot cards if you are interested in learning them.

This free tarot reading online will give you more detail about your life or situation than a one card reading.  You can understand what is causing a problem or situation, what you need to move on from, and possible outcomes (which of course you can change unless there’s a significant card in the outcome position).  

 Osho, a profound and prolific spiritual teacher, created some transcendental cards which are meant to show you how you can grow and evolve yourself for the better.  He offers free online readings and provides a choice of spreads. It’s well worth looking at but beware he also gives limited descriptions because he likes to encourage intuition and meditation (but if you buy the cards you can get the guide book!).  

A simple search for free tarot readings online will bring up plenty of automated tarot readings for you to explore although they will all be likely to offer the same as those listed here.

The Pros and Cons Of Getting A Free Tarot Reading Online Today


  • Find some reassurance about a situation immediately.
  • Fun.
  • Helps you to discover your favourite spreads.
  • Learn the cards (if you want to)
  • Plenty of different free tarot readings online available.
  • A reading will never be intimidating or scary.


  • You won’t get the full picture or an in-depth reading.
  • Even the best readers find it difficult to read for themselves (which is what you’ll do online)
  • If you enjoy a free reading from a real person, they may not be experienced, and you’ll need to take the information with a grain of salt
  • It’s easy to keep doing free readings especially online because there are no limits.  This can cause confusion and poor decisions.
  • We often don’t appreciate things we get for free as much as we do a paid reading.  If you don’t take it for granted, you might uncover some great wisdom. 

What will a tarot reading tell me?

Most tarot readers use two different types of readings referred to as open readings and question readings.

If you get an open reading, you can expect insight into big-picture situations. So let’s say you’ve just met someone new, or you’re going to get married – you can have an open reading. You don’t need any specific questions other than “will this work out?” you can have an open reading for any situation, like leaving home and going to college, graduating from college and starting your career, deciding to start a family or new career … anything where you’d like to know how things will pan out for you.

A question reading is for when you are looking for answers to specific questions. It’s very important that you don’t want The Tarot to answer ‘yes’ / ‘no’ type questions. Also, don’t think that The Tarot can make decisions for you. The Tarot is a divination tool that’s intended to guide you and help you make decisions for yourself.

If you want an open reading, you don’t have to prepare any questions before you go into a tarot reading. But if you want a question reading its always best to prepare a list of questions before you have a tarot reading so that you’re clear on what you want to know, and so that you don’t forget to ask certain questions.

Even if you’re not preparing a list of questions, you must still always prepare yourself for tarot readings. Don’t go rushing into a tarot reading in a hurry or a panic. Make sure that you’re calm, focused and in a positive mood so that you can listen to what’s being said in the reading.

Meditate for a few minutes before you go into a tarot reading and be prepared to keep your options open, be clear about what you want to know, have no preconceived notions and be willing to not only listen but also hear.

When we’re caught up in the eye of the storm, we can’t see past the chaos and confusion, and often we believe that there’s no way out. There’s ALWAYS a way out! Make sure that you focus on the tarot reading and put your racing thoughts aside.

If you take the advice I’ve just given you, you can ask a tarot reader virtually anything, and you will get insight, advice and guidance from The Tarot.

How can I guarantee an accurate tarot site?

Because you don’t need to be a psychic to learn The Tarot and you can easily learn how to use tarot cards on the internet, there are stacks of people out there claiming to be real tarot readers, but they aren’t.  That’s why it’s best to visit online psychic reading sites if you want to get accurate tarot readings. Most tarot readers on psychic reading sites are not only tarot readers, but tarot psychics as well. That will make your reading so much more real.

All psychic reading sites profile their readers, so make sure to choose readers who include The Tarot in their profile. This is really important because psychics specialise in different things and not all use The Tarot as a divination tool. Remember – you want a tarot psychic!

There are loads of real tarot readers online but take at readers on our partner site Oranum.

I’ve selected four of Oranum’s top-rated tarot readers:

Reading types: phone, email, sms & text

Thanks to online sites you can get online tarot readings right away 24/7/365. You can have a tarot reading by phone, online chat, email or sms depending on the psychic reading site you choose. Tarot readings done by phone or online chat are immediate, so it’s like you have a hotline to a tarot reader. Sms and email tarot readings are also great because they are more personal and private, and you have the written record to keep and check out now and then.

Choose an online tarot reading that feels right for you.

Don’t worry that online tarot readings are less effective. Why would that be? Tarot readings are all about insight and guidance; a tarot reader doesn’t have to be sitting opposite you to consult The Tarot for you. Online tarot readings are NO different to face to face readings. And if someone says to you that you have to shuffle the cards, that’s also not true. The Tarot is about divination and energy, and energy is intangible; it doesn’t have shape or form, and energy exists beyond space and time. Online tarot readings are just as effective as face to face readings!

Are tarot readings and astrology readings the same?

No, but they are closely linked. Both astrology and The Tarot tap into the astral world for insight and guidance.

Many tarot cards have astrological images, and almost every type of deck has The Sun, The Moon and The Star in the Major Arcana. Also, spreads are laid out and read much the same as astrologers read astrological aspects of your life like your birth chart.

Also, readers who use both astrology and The Tarot, link cards from the Major Arcana to the twelve signs of the zodiac:

Zodiac signs linked to the Major Arcana:
  • Aries: The Emperor
  • Taurus: The Hierophant
  • Gemini: The Lovers
  • Cancer: The Chariot
  • Leo: Strength
  • Virgo: The Hermit
  • Libra: Justice
  • Scorpio: Death
  • Sagittarius: Temperance
  • Capricorn: The Devil
  • Aquarius: The Star
  • Pisces: The Moon

Astrology and The Tarot go hand in hand, and combining tarot readings with astrology makes perfect sense to get greater insight.

How much does a tarot reading cost?

There’s no set rate for tarot readings online, and prices vary from one site to another. You can expect to pay from $0.99 to $9.99 per minute.

If you sign up with Oranum, you get a FREE trial and chat, and once you have chosen your tarot reader or tarot psychic, you get $9.99 FREE CREDITS loaded to your account.

That’s like daylight robbery for you!!!

How to identify an accurate, legit tarot reader:

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to get an accurate legit tarot reading. Just follow those who have come before you. Word of mouth is the way to go if you are looking for an accurate, legit tarot reader or tarot psychic. If you go to online psychic reading sites, you can read the profiles of all their tarot readers and see their experience as well as past client reviews and comments on each reader’s profile. No taking chances anymore!

Giving a good review is like giving love to someone. No one will lie if they’re giving love to a tarot reader or tarot psychic. People who want an online tarot reading are looking for guidance and insight. If they didn’t get that, why ever would they give the tarot reader any love?

Pros and cons of cheap tarot readings:

So now that you know that a tarot reading is nothing scary, let’s take a look at some pros and cons:

  • Tarot readings can give you immediate insight and guidance
  • Tarot readings can give you specific info or big-picture info
  • Tarot readings can give you different aspects of the same issue
  • Tarot readings can guide you to your own inner knowing
  • Tarot readings can help you trust your intuition

The Tarot is an outer oracle of which the inner oracle is the source – Philippe St Genoux

  • Tarot readings can’t predict your fortune or future
  • Tarot readings are not good for ‘yes’/‘no’ questions
  • Tarot readings can’t make decisions for you
  • Tarot readers are easily impersonated
  • Tarot cards themselves have no power

Ready for your first reading? Get it below and give us feedback:

Get accurate Psychic readings online 24/7 at Oranum. Get your FREE TRIAL and CHAT now! And once you have chosen your psychic, you get $9.99 FREE credits loaded to your account. Video private readings, 100% secured payment, guaranteed refund, and tested experts. All of this for $0.99 credits per minute.

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