Top 10 Tarot Reading Apps 2018

Top 10 Tarot Reading Apps 2018
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The world has gone digital, there’s no doubt about that. There’s an app for everything right now, and Tarot Reading has leaped on the bandwagon.  Well known Tarot websites such as and Lotus Tarot are have a wide subscription audience, with people getting readings straight into their inbox regularly. Lotus Tarot has an option in which one can do a daily electronic spread, with the meanings of each card thoroughly explored.

Gone are the days where we had to rely on a “Master” to take on apprentices to learn this ancient art; these days see those doors flung wide open to the masses, and Tarot has never been easier to access and learn. With the advent of the internet age, we don’t have to go out and buy your own decks anymore or wait for someone to give us one – all we need is a computer or a mobile phone, and divination is at our fingertips.

Some folks might miss the “good old days’ where the more traditional ways were followed, and some of us might prefer to actually hold the cards in our hands, feeling their tactility and imbuing our own imagery and that of our clients into the cards.

Best Tarot Reading Sites that Offer Apps:

October 2018

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But there are also many of us who take very well to the technology and find that an online or application based reading can be just as “real” as a face to face reading. More and more people are seeking readings online, and there are a plethora of readers available to us (scroll down a little further to see our most popular picks of psychic reading sites)

What’s more, we can explore a variety of different decks on the apps, which give us access to images that may appeal to us more than what we may be able to find physically. The fact that almost all of us have smartphones makes this way of getting an answer very easily and quickly. It works well for those of us who perhaps don’t have the time or the money to find a good reader or have not yet built up the inner confidence to do a reading with clarity. There are many free apps available, as well as paid apps which offer a little more. It really depends on our budget, and how much patience we have for ads – it can be rather distracting to try and focus on our dilemma when we are being bombarded with useless adverts, but once again, it really depends on you and your budget!

Looking for a Tarot Reader right now?
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  1. Go to our verified psychic site,
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  3. You’ll get 10 minutes for only $1.99 when you register for the first time.
  4. You can then start chatting right away!


It is still very important to focus on your questions, just as with a “normal” reading. Developing a clear question is the most important part of the reading – if we don’t have a clear questions, we certainly won’t get a clear answer! The Universe has a clever way of tricking us and giving us exactly what we have asked for, and if our questions are fuzzy, the  answers will be too. Be sure to frame your question properly and give it a little bit of time before you compulsively press the button to get your reading.

And with that said, let us explore the top Tarot apps available right now, from highest to lowest:

Number One :

1. The Golden Thread Tarot Deck App

Available for iOs & Android

Thus user friendly, stylish and smart app is instantly visually appealing. The deck itself is sleek, minimalist and can be purchased outside of the app itself. How lovely to be able to have the companion deck to the app – this app shows how innovative, modern and millennial friendly it is, without seeming cheap or fake.

What’s more, it’s free – isn’t that a treat! The app has been designed to be fun, whilst still giving you in depth readings, and can be an excellent tool for learning as well. It has built in features such as a Log, which allows you to take notes, and write what your impressions are of each card. This approach ensures a unique style of learning the Tarot, helping us, the user, to become more confident with our readings and our intuition. The App is designed to blend the old and the new, which will appeal to more traditional readers as well as to newbies. Here are the best features we took from the app :

  • The ability to blend the physical and the technological is an absolute winner
  • The finesse if the app, the minimalism of the design is very striking visually, making the entire experience more pleasurable
  • It’s free!
  • The ability to save your readings and look back at patterns, building a database of your feelings and emotions over a particular time – just like an online diary!
  • The Guided Readings option is a great learning experience, which helps us to gain more confidence.
  • The developers are ready and willing to hear YOUR feedback, and have pledged themselves to continually growing their product.
  • There are rumours of opening am Academy, which will be a digital tarot learning experience, coming soon1
  • There is a rating scale for each card, so that you can log how it has made you feel.

All in all, this gets our top vote!

Number Two:

2. Galaxy Tarot App

Available for Android only

This impressive, FREE app opens with the words:


Connecting with your inner wisdom

and finding crystal clear answers,

a comforted heart,

and a calm mind.


Connecting with your inner wisdom

and finding crystal clear answers,

a comforted heart,

and a calm mind

Upon landing on the website, we are greeted with raving testimonials from users praising the app, urging us to take the leap and try it out – and why not? It is free after all (the “Lite version, so there is an option to upgrade). The paid app allows us to access more spreads and to be able to write and journal about our readings, which allows some kind of progress checking and patterns reflection. And of course, the paid version has no ads, which does help when we are trying to connect to spirit and avoid annoying distractions.

What’s really catchy about this app is the fact that you can share your readings on social media – which some of us love to do, and some of us may shy away from, but the millennials are here to stay and this is what appeals to this group the most. Getting affirmation and feedback on readings is how we best grow and learn, as proven by the smorgasbord of Facebook sites out there allowing users to post readings and get feedback on them. Everybody’s happy, really.

Galaxy Tarot has a variety of different apps which we shall explore further, and the creators seems to really know her stuff and is passionate about what she is putting out into the world! This is what we love most :

  • The ability to share our readings and get feedback from other users – the best way to learn!
  • – the fact that that app is designed by someone not looking to make a quick buck, but who is passionate about what Tarot can do
  • The reassuring testimonials from the users who love the app
  • The variety of spreads of the paid feature

Number Three:

3. Tarot & Numerology App

Available for iOs only

This is my personal favourite, an app that I have had on my phone ever since I can remember, It is a bit of a mish mash of Tarot and Numerology, what the developers call “A Tarot Eco System of Taro Decks, Spreads, Card Lookups, Tarot Readers & Tarot Artists”. Well, I couldn’t have said it better myself – Numerology is an integral part of Tarot and really, the two work hand in hand. And so, blending these two arts together is a brilliantly innovative idea and one that really works.

The app offers a variety of spreads – over thirty in fact, and decks to use. What’s more, is that we get to pic the cards, not the software, which gives it a bit more of a “real feel” to the experience rather than a computerized feel. There are so many benefits that we would write for days to list them all, but they include being able to upload your OWN deck to the app and use it (how wow is that??) or the ability to download another deck within the app.

The Numerology section is also packed with power, including Name numerology, any kind of predictive work and your Life Path & Destiny numbers, to name a few., You can save all of your readings to look back on, which is a great reflection tool. The app even includes a touch of Astrology, listing the Sun and Moon signs for the moment and the Moon phase. Here what we love most about this app:

  • Creating your own custom deck, using our camera or being able to upload our own artwork.
  • The thirty different spreads we can do – how fun is that!
  • The fact that this is all FREE.
  • There’s a reference guide for the Tarot Cards which links to online sources, helping those new to tarot to learn more easily.
  • The option to download decks and start our own collection, which is almost as fun as having a physical collection of cards.
  • The built in Numerology options
  • The option sot have a journal and save our spreads

Number Four:

4. Tarot Sampler: The Fool’s Dog, LLC App

Available for iOs and Android

This free app has an option to use ten decks, a fact that we are very happy about and helps us to explore some new options rather than just sticking to the norm. They state that each card has a fully written out meaning which is a great help to those of us still on the leaning path. Like other apps listed above, this app has the option to journal your readings, and like the Galaxy Tarot, offers the option to share your readings online and get some commentary and feedback. Once again, this built in feature is a great appeal to millennials and those who are just coming to know the Tarot.

This app offers the following gorgeous  decks to use :

  • Wildwood Tarot
  • Housewives Tarot
  • Tarot of Trees
  • Shadowscapes Tarot
  • Druidcraft tarot
  • Steampunk Tarot
  • Gaian Tarot
  • The Witches Tarot
  • The Bonefire Tarot
  • The Mystical Cats Tarot
  • The Chrysalis Tarot
  • The Fairy Tale Tarot
  • The Tarot of Dreams
  • The Linestrider Tarot
  • Tarot Mucha
  • Ostara Tarot
  • Legacy of the Divine Tarot
  • Urban Tarot

Our best features of this app for us would have to be :

  • The ten decks on offer
  • The Journal option
  • The ability to use your own “free form” spread, which allows you to create your own layout – how fun!
  • They have made a special effort to create high resolution artwork, which allows these gorgeous decks to leap out that much more.
  • You can enable to disable reversed cards, which is handy for those of us who don’t like using the reversal method.
  • You can even only use Major Arcana if you please, there is an option for that!

If these amazing apps aren’t enough for you, check out these apps below for some fun, free and lite exploration on iTunes:

Our verdict? We definitely think there is a great deal of value to get form learning or using Tarot Apps, and there seems to be more and more coming out, allowing the digital generation to become more Tarot savvy – it’s easy, it’s affordable and it’s a fun way to learn this amazing art.

Pros and Cons of a Using Tarot Apps

  • Most of them are free, so you save money – a real bonus when it comes to having top pay for a reading or when you don’t have enough money to buy your own deck.
  •  It’s very quick. You don’t have to spend much time deciphering your own reading or waiting for a reader to become available for you. The information is right at your fingertips.
  • It’s accessible – almost everyone has a smartphone these days, which makes it that much easier to access Divine Guidance.
  • It’s fun – you can really enjoy exploring the features of the app whilst learning and the array of different decks is a real pleasure here.
  • It’s trackable – almost all apps come with a journal options, which helps you to look back and reflect on your past readings and pic up patterns.
  • It’s a great way to learn – as most apps have very in depth meanings of the cards or links to sites that have card write ups.
  • As lovely as the options of decks are on the apps, they’re still not “real”, which can take away that tactile feeling of holding the cards in your hands.
  • Some apps can feel very gimmicky and “fake” (especially the iTunes ones)
  • Traditional Readers might not enjoy the technological aspects of the app.
  • The usability of some apps might take time to get used to.
  • Ads can be very distracting on the free apps.
  • Being so easily available, at one’s fingertips, can invite a sense of compulsion when it comes to the apps, and the easily access able meanings might not stretch the intuitive muscle as much as one would like.

Where can I get an Accurate Tarot or Psychic Reading online? 

Online readings are a lot like the apps, in which answers are easy to come by, and there are a variety of options to pick from. Many Psychic and Readers don’t need to be in your presence to be able to give you an accurate reading, making this very accessible and handy to have.

Here is a list of our top Psychic website and what they can offer :


Like the name promises, all you have to do is log on to this website and ask your question, as easy as 1-2-3! They have a fantastic option to ask a FREE question, which lets you “feel it out” if you are unsure or if this is your first time.


Keen boasts 14 million satisfied customers – how much more information do you need? Few websites can promise more than they can, and their stats are very impressive indeed. Their reviews are reassuring and convey confidence in the process.


Kasamba offers live chats, and they give you three free minutes with EACH new advisor to find the right fit for you.


This website offers a smorgasbord of options, form Love and Relationship advice to Tarot, Dream Interpretation and Astrology – and much more!


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