FREE Daily Tarot Spread Reading

FREE Daily Tarot Spread Reading
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The daily Tarot Spread is a great one to do any day of the week, ad even if you do it on the very first day of the week being a Monday. The Tarot functions as a tool to be able to uncover the unconscious mind, and can be an excellent guiding tool to be able to navigate your day, your week, your year, as well as subjects such as your relationships, career or money. This daily reading is a great one for beginners, as it gets you comfortable with the Tarot Cards and gets you to use them in a daily basis, which is just what you need to practice.

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This Five Card reading is also one you can practice on your friends and family, just for fun! A helpful tip is NOT to look up the meanings of the cards in a book, but to simply try and study the cards yourself, look at the symbols, the colours, the vibes and the feeling of the card, and then take it from there. You can also use this reading to do a weekly spread if you feel a little overwhelmed by doing a reading each and every day. Try and put this reading somewhere where you can look at it throughout the day, or look at it again when you get home to assess how the cards played out for you. You can even write about it when you get home, before you go to bed, and reflect on the different areas of your life in relation to the reading.

There are a few things to remember when it comes to doing your daily spread, which will make things that much easier to handle –

Tips for Your Daily Reading

There are few very handy tips to be able to navigate this reading and make it that much easier for you. To gain a “Bird’s Eye” view for your reading you will have to consider the following:

  1. How many Major Arcana appear: when there are many Major Arcana, this signifies that the day ahead might be quite an impactful one with a Spiritual lesson or two thrown in for good measure. Major Arcana cards are always “big” in some way and talk about Karma unfolding, so pay good attention to where these cards come up and if there are many of them!
  2. How many Minor Arcana appear: When there are more Minor Arcana Cards that Major Arcana Cards, then the day might be one more focused on the material, or mundane, aspects of life, things that aren’t necessarily a spiritual lesson and more of a worldly nature.
  3. Which suit of the Minor Arcana is more dominant : This can be a very important point, and having more or NONE of a particular suit can be very telling; for example, many swords (or a lack of) can mean a mentally focused day, Wands can indicate an energetic day at work or conflict, Cups can talk about a day focused on emotions and relationships and Pentacles are all about money and perhaps property, paperwork or physical issues.
  4. If Court Cards dominate: The Court cards are all about people in your life and if there are many Court cards in a reading, then you can expect a day around the important people in your life – for example, a King is an older man, a Queen an independent and powerful woman, Pages are young people or children, and Knights are impetuous, powerful energies. It also is important to see which suit dominates with each of these Court cards to see the general energies of the people. Wands is passionate, Cups are emotional and sensitive types, and Pentacles are grounded and materialist people whilst Swords are the more mental types.
  5. What Numbers Dominate the Reading : Below is a list of what the numbers mean, and if you get a lot of a certain number, then you can expect the energy of that number for the day :
  • Aces talk about beginnings, the start of something.
  • Twos talk about choices, decisions, options and balance.
  • Threes talk about the fruition or results of our choices as represented by the two.
  • Fours are about stability, the situation being stable or even stuck. Four is a foundational number.
  • Fives always represent change that comes from the stuckness of Four. Fives are often quite difficult and chaotic unless we are equipped and ready for change.
  • Sixes communicate moving on or resolution from the change thrown in by the fives.
  • Sevens also talk about change, like the five, they can be quite tricky. They are more about calculated risks and change rather than change thrust upon us.
  • Eights are double Four, so have a hint of that stability and certainty – they talk about new goals, structure that is more solid that the four and hard to change for better or for worse.
  • Nines are about endings, but unlike the tens, they don’t show new beginnings so much. They ask for things to be wrapped up.
  • Tens wrap it up, there is a finalization to the number ten, and the promise of a new dawn, a full circle.

Following these tips above will ensure that you are guided that much more easily for your day ahead!

Basic Layout

The Layout for this one is very straightforward. You begin with the “me” card and then place the rest of the four cards to each side, left and right and above and below you. To the right of the “Me” card is the “Relationships” card, to the left of the “Me” card is the “Family” card. Above the “me” card is your “Work” card, and below the “Me” card is the “Money” card.

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  • Ideally, try and create a space that you can go to every morning, whether it’s at work or at home, and preferably not in your bed (although you can use your bedside table!). Perhaps you just have a scarf or a material to lay your cards on – just create a ritual for it!
  • Pick a deck you feel you can work with on a daily basis, that is easy to understand and work with. Don’t us ea deck that you feel is too hard or challenging for you. The Rider Waite Deck is the easiest to use and the most accessible.
  • Meditate before doing the reading – even if just for a few moment, to clear your head and focus deeply.
  • Ask for guidance, if you need it, from your higher self, your angels or the Gods or Goddesses you believe in.
  • Try not to project anything onto your reading and remain as objective as possible.
  • Shuffle the cards however you like, then cut them into three decks. Pick the one that calls to you, and put the rest aside.
  • Either fan the cards out and pick them out one by one or simply choose from the top. Lay them all face down in the beginning, as you will turn them over one by one.

How to Interpret the Daily Tarot Reading

Card Number One: Me

This card shows where you will be at for the day what your energy will be like, what will inspire you, challenge you or teach you. Don’t be scared if this card is a “negative” card, as it will pass in a day, and you can get a new reading tomorrow. Do your best to learn the lessons it presents.

Card Number Two: My Relationship

This card talks about your love relationship – your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. If you are single, it can indicate where you are at in terms of dating, what kind of experiences to expect and what might be going on in your inner world when it comes to romance.

Card Number Three: My Family

This card shows the relationship between you and your family, either your family of origin or your family you have created, and what challenges and opportunities await you for the day ahead. This card can help you calm your triggers and keep a cool head if needed.

Card Number Four: My Career

This card shows what the day will hold for you in terms of your career; perhaps show you relations with your boss and whether it can be a more tough day or an easier day.

Card Number Five: My Finances

This card talks about your money for the day, where you could overspend or have to spend money on, what your financial status for the day will be – very handy if this is a day you have to pay bills or get an unexpected bill!

Example of how to do a Daily Tarot Reading

Eva is a hardworking mother of two who has a successful career in the digital world; she has been working with the Tarot on and off for a few years, and has a daily meditation and yoga practice when she has the time, and would like to incorporate a daily Tarot spread as well. Today is the first time she is trying out the daily reading.

Card Number One: Me

The card that Eva has pulled here is the Fool card which is a Major Arcana; and when there is a Major Arcana, it can manifest as a powerful and important lesson for the day ahead. The Fool is depicted at the beginning of his journey, trusting and lackadaisical, with light baggage and about to leap of a cliff into the unknown. Today, it is clear that Eva is about to embark on a new journey and needs to trust the path, yet not be completely foolish. The day might be very adventurous and herald a beginning in some area of life.

Card Number Two: My Relationship

The card that pulled for the day here is the Page of Swords, talking about her relationships. The Pages indicate children, or young people, and there has been a significant shift of focus from her relationship to her kids, to the intellectual connection with her children as shown by the Swords energy. Pages also talk about beginnings, and can show that here is the beginning of a thought process – again, swords – around her relationship. She has begun to think differently about her relationship, and like the Page shows, she might have one foot in the past, and one in the future as she glances over her shoulder, uncertainly.

Card Number Three: My Family

The card pulled for the day here is also a Page, this time the Page of Pentacles, which once again shows a focus on children in the family. This card shows in the family position for the day that there can be new beginnings or focus on children for the day, perhaps even beginnings around Pentacle like issues such as money or home when it comes to family.

Card Number Four: My Career

The card that has been pulled here is the Knight of Cups for the day. Eva has sent off a couple of proposal to overseas clients, as shown by the river running in the picture, signifying something abroad, and the Knight holding the Cup shows that there is an offering of some kind, perhaps creative as the Cups are also a creative suit. She has to be careful of any idealism as sometimes this suit can indicate a lack of looking at things realistically today.

Card Number Five: My Finances

The card that has been pulled here is the Ten of Pentacles; which talks about completion, endings and finances because it’s Pentacles. This is an excellent card in this position, as it can indicate for the day that there may be great financial support or rewards, perhaps a payment comes in to close a deal.

Pros and Cons of a Daily Tarot Reading

  • This type of reading can get you very comfortable with learning the Cards, as you do it day to day.
  • This reading can help you get prepared for the day ahead, in most important areas of life so that nothing takes you by surprise – it is like preparing for stormy weather by getting an umbrella.
  • You can do this reading for the week too, if the day to day is too much.
  • One may get a touch obsessive if this reading is done too much, and you have to be extra careful of not becoming wholly immersed and beholden to the reading – take it as guidance, and as a pinch of salt for the day ahead and try not to take it too seriously!
  • This reading is a little more shallow perhaps than the more in depth readings, a it changes day to day and can saturate you with too much information.

Where can I get a Daily Tarot Reading:

Where can I get an Accurate Tarot or Psychic Reading online? 

Online Readers often make use of the Tarot as their “trigger” or “entry” points to their psychic sessions – sometimes, a reader simply needs just one card to know the entire situation. Online Readings are quick, easy and very accessible and can offer great insight.

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Kasamba : Kasamba is unique in the way that you can get a few minutes FREE to get to know your own personal psychic – they encourage you to trust your instincts and go with the one that “pulls” you in.

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