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Dreams are tricky things. They play with our minds, and often leave many of us feeling rather confused and bewildered. We often write our dreams off to nonsense and fail to see what valuable   messages they might offer. Almost everyone, however, has had dreams in which there seems to be an important message that we just keep missing, or can’t fully grasp the meaning of. Dreams are the way in which our subconscious tries to communicate to us, and it’s very important to pay attention to the ones that linger with us, because there is great meaning in these.

It’s valuable to try and separate the dross from the gold, however, and the tip here to be able to discern is the feeling you are left with. If a dream is persistently nagging at you, if it keeps coming back or if there is a powerful emotional energy during and after the dream, then these are all signs to sit up and pay attention. And seeing as most of us are not expert dream interpreters, it can be wonderful to have a tool like the Tarot to help us unpack the dream and understand what the message is. Once we actively begin working with our dreams, we can begin to live life in a way that is “in flow” with what our subconscious is trying to communicate to us, and what the Universe is trying to tell us.

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One can do this dream at any time of day, although as our top tips say below, if you have some time in the morning to truly capture the dream, when it is fresh, then this can be a great ritual to get into.

This Tarot Spread is a highly intuitive one, so try not to over intellectualize here, as it can lead into some dead ends.

How  Dream Tarot Reading Works

This is a very easy spread to learn, and with just five cards, you will get going in just about no time! The middle card is the Dream itself. Below that is the card that represents what your subconscious is trying to communicate to you. Above the Dream card is the card that represents what you need bring into consciousness from your dream.  To the right of the Dream card, is the card that talks about what the dream actually means – its main message. And the right of that card is the card that tells you what you need to learn from your dream.

This layout should eventually resemble an arrow, with one card below the main Dream card, one above, and two to the right, in a forward movement.

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Preparation for your Reading

  • You can do this reading in bed if you like! Just makes sure you have a surface to lay the cards on, even if it is a scarf on your lap.
  • Have a journal nearby to record the cards.
  • Pick the deck to use for your dreams. Some people have multiple decks for different readings and perhaps there is a special deck you’d like to keep next to your bed for this purpose.
  • Meditate on your dream for a moment, recalling as much detail as you can. Perhaps even write down a few keywords before you begin to help guide your reading.
  • Ask for guidance, if you need it, from your higher self, your angels or the Gods or Goddesses you believe in.
  • Shuffle the cards however you like, and then cut them into three decks. Pick the one that calls to you, or let your client pick the one that they feel drawn to.
  • Either fan the cards out and pick them out one by one or simply choose from the top. Lay them all face down in the beginning, as you will turn them over one by one.

Interpreting the Spread, Card by Card

Card Number One: The Dream itself

This is the central card and probably the most important one to pay attention to. This card represents the actual dream, the flavour of it, the feeling, and the general “vibe”. Tarot is very well suited to Dream interpretation, as it makes use of visual imagery and doesn’t need too much intellectualization.

Card Number Two: What my Subconscious is trying to tell me

This card is also a very important one to pay attention to, as it is the card that is trying to tell you what hidden information your dream is trying to tell you. This card talks about information hidden and tucked away deep inside your subconscious mind, to be made conscious of.

Card Number Three: What I need to bring into consciousness

This card lies above the Dream card, and is linked to the Subconscious Card – it’s what you need to become aware of, using the message of the subconscious card as a guide. One might even call this card the “Conscious” card of the spread.

Card Number Four: Main message / Meaning of my dream

This card shows the development of the main Dream card, and is the “meat” of the message that you need to understand. It can show be a card to use as assistance in taking action, if any action needs to be taken.

Card Number Five: What I need to learn from my dream

This card is the Outcome card, or the card of the action you may need to take. This card represents the sum total of what you need to learn from the dream, and so is a very important, final card to read.

Top Tips for understanding Dream Tarot Reading:

There are some top tips for being able to read this spread correctly and with greater ease :

  1. Look at any symbolism in the dream and make a note of that before you do the reading. For example, notice if there is a book, which can represent learning, or the ocean, which talks about strong emotions. Perhaps you dream of snakes, which can talk about fear or someone untrustworthy.
  2. Download or but a book of symbols to help you with the point above if you get stuck, or simply use Google.
  3. Try not to overintellectualize the dream and the spread – simply use the images as a guide, as this can be very deep, subconscious work.
  4. Notice if the dream is recurring, and try and spend a bit more time on this tarot spread, as it will offer ongoing insight into the dream.
  5. Notice the people who are playing a part in your dream, and if there are any Court Cards in the spread which might represent these people and tell you a bit more about who they are – and usually, they are never the people that they seem to be. For example, dreaming about an ex can represent the person you are currently with, as your subconscious doesn’t discern between the two.
  6. Keep a Dream/Tarot Journal so that you can keep going back and pick up any patterns of your dreams.
  7. Try and do this first thing in the morning – you will generally be more able to capture the overall feeling and meaning of the dream better.
  8. And finally – if you are a woman, and happen to be menstruating, then your dreams tend to be more prophetic, powerful and even psychic – try and create this ritual around this time of the month, as your dreams can be even more insightful.

Example of a Dream Interpretation Tarot Reading

Sara has a recurring dream of moving house. She grew up in a very unstable home, and never really settled in one place for a very long time, and whenever she is unstable, she gets these dreams over and over again.

For this reading, the example deck used is the Osho Deck, which has a dreamlike feel to it, and nice, clear words at the bottom of each card that can act as triggers.

Card Number One: The Dream itself

This card is a Major Arcana card called Courage, or Strength in the Rider Waite deck. In the Osho Deck, the image shows a flower pushing out of concrete, and in the Rider Waite deck, it is a woman gazing into the jaws of a Lion tenderly. The meaning of this card is simple -= having courage, being strong, In this reading, in the Dream Itself place, it simply means that Sara is very strong for having overcome the challenges of her childhood, and the constant moving in the dream is illustrating how she has been able to handle it with bravery despite her fears. It is important to note that moving is one of the top stressors in life, and so Sara should be proud that she has come this far. This card also represents the feelings surrounding the dream, and the feelings perhaps poiint to Sara feeling as if she has had to be strong thus far.

Card Number Two: What my Subconscious is trying to tell me

The card that lies beneath the Courage card represents the subconscious mind. In this spread, the “Fighting” card has been pulled, which is the same the Knight of Swords in the Rider Waite deck. The visual of this card shows an angry man in armour with red eyes and pulled fists, ready to fight, and in the background, there are two misty figures arguing with each other. Sara’s subconscious is trying to tell her that she feels as if she is constantly in a battle, always in some kind of conflict in her homespace and that she doesn’t feel safe and comfortable. She might be subconsciously picking arguments because she feels unsettled.

Card Number Three: What I need to bring into consciousness

This card lies above the Dream card, and shows what Sara needs to become conscious of from her dream. The card pulled here is called “Possibilities” in the Osho deck, which parallels the Two of Wands in the Rider Waite Deck. This card shows an eagle soaring above a plain, with a sunset in the background and vast lands beneath. This card, in both decks, offers choice, adventure (Wands being the fire element, which is always rather spontaneous) and says to Sara that she needs to become aware of the possibilities in life, to perhaps broaden her viewpoint and become conscious that she has a choice – she can choose to settle, or to keep moving, and that the world is big enough for her to make that choice, She doesn’t have to stay in one place to feel happy and secure and that adventure is perhaps not such a bad thing, and that moving as an adult doesn’t have to be as stressful as when she was a child. The world is her oyster.

Card Number Four: Main message / meaning of my dream

This card is important, and points to what the dream means, rather than what it feels like as compared to the main Dream card that we started with. It represents the message of the dream. The card pulled her is the “Rebirth” card, which is the same as the sometimes scary ten of swords card in the Rider Waite deck. However, as with all number ten cards, this card represents some kind of new beginning even if there is a messy ending. This card shows a young boy emerging from a fierce lion on the back of a camel, playing the flute. One gets the feeling that the message of the dream means that Sara can rise above the fear and the stress, that even if she feels overcome by the feelings of the dream, and the constant moving, she can be reborn on a way, and move away from the past.

Card Number Five: What I need to learn from my dream

This is arguably the most interesting card of the reading as it talks about what one can actively do going forward, the card of action. In Sara’s reading, she got the card “the Creator” which is the same as the King of Wands card in the Rider Waite. Simply put, what Sara can learn from the dream is that she is the mistress of her own destiny, that SHE is the Creator of her future and that she doesn’t have to be helplessly trapped in the recurrence of feeling as if she has nowhere stable to be. She is the director of her fate, and she has a choice. Linking this card to the third card, the card in which one has to bring something into consciousness, is very useful here.

Pros and Cons of The Dream Interpretation Tarot Reading

  • Dreams and the Tarot work on the same level – they are deeply visual, which lets them work hand in hand together, developing your intuition strongly.
  • If you have very little knowledge of dream meanings, this spread can help you learn more and more about dreams in general and is the type of reading that gets better with more practice.
  • This can be a lovely ritual to do in the mornings, along with any other meditations you do and can help you tune into your subconscious messages, helping you overcome negative unconscious patterns.
  • Not everyone remembers their dreams, so this can be a lovely one to help you jog your memory.
  • This can be a tough reading to navigate in the beginning, especially if you are the type of person who likes to intellectualize things. This type of reading relies purely on intuition, which is a hard thing to trust in the beginning.
  • It can be hard to separate each cards’ meaning from the other as they might seem similar, so this reading might be a better one to do as you get more advanced in your Tarot knowledge.

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